Jacobs + Kurdi + Gay Shapes + Lash + Germaine Wright

Thursday October 30 8pm, donations welcomed!


“Your hand opens and closes, opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralysed. Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as birds’ wings.”
~ Rumi

Rob Jacobs – solo guitar, voice (maybe electronics) [Chicago IL]
Sound here.
Muyassar Kurdi – solo autoharp, voice, electronics [Chicago IL]
Sounds here.
Muyassar Kurdi & Rob Jacobs Tour info here.
Gay Shapes: [Worcester MA]
Mickey, Joe & Abdul – electronics
Sound here and video here.
Gaby Lash – solo guitar, voice [Lowell MA]
Germaine Wright: [Lowell MA]
Stephanie – electronics, voice, cassettes
Walter – amplified drumkit
Sounds here.

Produced by Walter.

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LMNo + Germaine Wright

Saturday October 25 8pm, donations appreciated!


LMNo: [New York NY, Medford MA]
Lucio Menegon – guitar
Steve Norton – reeds, electronics, percussion
Sound here.
Germaine Wright Duo: [Lowell MA]
Stephanie Marie Germaine – voice, electronics, cassettes
Walter Wright – electronics, drums
Sound here.

Lucio Menegon is a composer, improviser and sonic artist that freely mingles angular riffs, subtle sounds and sheer noise with fucking awesome in-free-fall after jumping out of a balloon capsule at the edge of space guitar work.

His dynamic style is rooted in old blues, punk rock, surf and spaghetti western soundtracks with forays into ambient textural spaces informing a fusion of modern improvisation and traditional song structure. This gigantic mess is brought to life through various projects, performance personas and sideman work that range from avant garde improvisation to melodic based song composition.

“You owe it to yourself to go check out this amazing and truly unique guitarist. He has chops, he has wicked control over his timbre, he’s innovative, he’s edgy, he’s humorous…really, one of the more impressive experimental sets I’ve heard in a long while, and I play experimental festivals A LOT!!!”
~ Rick Walker, Santa Cruz CA

“Morricone composing surf music on Laudnum…performed at a secret opium den in the basement of CBGB’s”
~ Craig Clevenger, cyber-punk author

Produced by Walter.

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Thollem Electric w/ Jill Burton + Andrea Pensado + Las Pollas

Wednesday October 21 8pm, donations appreciated


Thollem Electric – electric piano [NM]
Video here.
Jill Burton – voice [FL]
Andrea Pensado – solo noise piano [Salem MA]
Las Pollas: [Holyoke, Salem, Lowell MA]
Jenifer Gelineau – violin
Stephanie Marie Germaine – voice, electronics
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop

Another exceptional evening featuring nationally recognized sound artists and local improvisers. Thollem began studying piano at the age of 5. At 14, he began teaching and authoring his own compositions. Shortly after he graduated with degrees in piano performance and composition from San Jose State University, the Gulf War began. He abandoned the academy in his 20s to pursue direct political action. Eventually he merged these concerns, using music and performance at protests to draw attention to pertinent issues. Eventually he resumed his professional music career on [his] own terms, integrating his … political ideologies into his compositions and performances. He is constantly in motion, playing solo concerts, concerts with various groups—both established and ad hoc—and leading workshops and clinics.

“Thollem dives headlong into fascinating unforeseen and bold musical adventures that make him one of the most interesting pianists of the current improvised music genre…the result is the natural consequence of being intrinsically eclectic at heart.”?
~ Eduardo Chagas, TomaJazz, Portugal

“Thollem welds elements of jazz, blues and classical music into a mighty tower of song, then shatters his construct with the breathless bull-rush of a mystic improviser.”
~ The River Front Times, St Louis

Jill Burton is an American improviser, extended vocalist, dancer, performance artist and energy worker. Noted as one of the great foundation improvisors of America, she is also known for incorporating spiritual healing with improvised performance. Active in the American improv scene since the early 1970s, she has lived and worked all over the country, including a ten-year stint in the 1980s as part of the downtown East Village experimental arts community, and six years in Sitka, Alaska, where she worked with Tlingit storytellers providing musical accompaniment for their healing stories. Burton is unusual for a musician in that her work is ephemeral, in-the-moment, and therefore recordings of her work are rare.

“Jill Burton brings her voice and physical form as the two main tools of her trade. Her bio includes training in ballet and classical music at an early age, while having quickly developed an affinity for improvising in performance. Ms. Burton was a witness and participant in the profound cultural and interdisciplinary possibilities of the 1980?s arts renaissance that blossomed out of the then near-apocalyptic urban collapse and wholly non-commercial NYC/Lower East Side scene.”
~Matt Gorney, Avant Music News

Produced by Stephanie Marie Germaine.

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everyone except Me + Judy Chong + Gaby Lash + Joan Smith + Coven

Tuesday October 14 8pm, donations welcome!


everyone except Me: [Philadelphia PA]
Michelle Antisocial – guitar, vocals
Sound here.
Judy Chong: [Lowell MA]
guitar, ukelele, vocals
Sound here.
Gaby Lash: [Lowell MA]
guitar, vocals
Joan Smith: [Boston MA]
guitar, vocals
Sound here.
Coven: [Lowell MA]
Drew- bass
Mike- guitar, vocals
Faye- guitar, vocals
Gel- vocals
Zach- drums
Sound here.

Produced by Vicky.

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killer BOB + Couches + Durt Dog + Dailey Wright Duo

Sunday, October 12 8pm


killer BOB [NYC]
Sound here.
Durt Dog [Lowell MA]
Sound http://durtdogtheband.bandcamp.com/.
Dailey Wright Duo: [Lowell]
Michael F Dailey Jr & Walter Wright – drums & attitude

1pm – COBRA Open Rehearsal at 119 Gallery
4pm – BBQ at Wilder Zangcraft
8pm – Bands at Wilder Zangcraft

Produced by Travis, Olivia and Walter

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Arma Agharta + Matt Weston + Bromp Treb + Collins Germaine Duo

Saturday October 11 8pm


Arma Agharta – performance [Vilnius Lithuania]
Arma is one of the most active sound-performance artist and promoter of experimental and adventurous music in Lithuania.
Matt Weston – solo percussion [Albany NY]
Matt plays percussion and electronics, and has performed throughout the US and in Europe.
Bromp Treb – solo percussion ??? [Turner’s Falls MA]
Bromp is the onomatopoeic flailings of Neil Young Cloaca.
Collins Germaine Duo: [Jamaica Plain, Lowell MA]
Jesse Kenas Collins – trumpet, plastic, speakers
Stephanie Marie Germaine – steph stuph, voice

Arma Agharta is one of the most active sound-performance artist and promoter of experimental and adventurous music in Lithuania. He has a versatile, distinct performing style which focuses on exploring the boundaries of sound and body, and his live shows mixes these two elements. Electroacoustic sound experiments are embroidered with noise, synth music and heavy usage of vocals, all that becomes a part of ritualistic, weird performance show, in which the artist embodies otherworldly creatures. Unpredictable madness together with meditative passages. Lo-fi aesthetics, drone mystique, outsider noise.

Since 2007, under different conceptual solo projects (Bruzgynai, Aram Anam) he did over 100 shows in Russia, Ukraine, Germany, UK, Norway, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Serbia, Slovakia, Hungary, Czech republic and Baltic states. Participated in the festivals Cocart (Poland), Sonic (Denmark), Sound Around (Russia), SOTU (Netherlands), Porin Juhlaviikot (Finland), and in all the main Lithuanian festivals: Speigas, Supynes, Menuo Juodaragis, STRcamp, Centras, Dezintegracija, Creature. His music has been released exclusively on cassettes on Russian and Lithuanian labels. Currently Arma collaborates with a well known Lithuanian sound artist Arturas Bumsteinas aka Refusenik, previously he worked with Ramunas Jaras, Stefano Ferrian and Simone Quatrana (Italy), the band Laisva Struktura.

Music here and video here and here.

Produced by Walter

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Nothing Saves You More

Thursday September 17 – Sunday October 4
Part of Lowell Open Studios
Reception: Saturday October 4 3pm

Justin Campaniello's Here To Stay Justin Campaniello, “Here To Stay”


Olivia Stanislas "Bedside Tourism Olivia Stanislas, “Bedside Tourism”

Nothing Saves You More is an installation of new prints and paintings by home-grown artists Justin Campaniello and Olivia Stanislas, curated by Victoria Belakhov. Exploring ideas about transience and experience, the artists express the paradox of trying to capture a moment in time, while being acutely aware of its ephemeral nature. Both the artists and received their training in art at UMass Lowell, and have exhibited at 119 Gallery. Campaniello and Belakhov both completed internships with with us. Meet the artists at their reception during Lowell Open Studios on Oct. 4th.

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Bennett Manouach Wright Trio & friends

Tuesday September 30 8pm, donations welcome!


Bennett Manouach Wright Trio: [OH, Greece, PA]
Ben Bennett – percussion
Ilan Manouach – sax
Jack Wright – sax
Marc Bisson – prepared guitar
Kevin Dacey – percussion
Jenifer Gelineau – violin
Stephanie Marie Germaine – steph stuph
Christos Koulendros – electronics
Walter Wright – electron eeks

An evening of improvised music and sound, duos, trios and maybe a free for all 8^)

Produced by Walter.

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The Umbrella Situation + Clara Berry & Wooldog

Saturday September 27 7pm, donations appreciated


The Umbrella Situation: [Lowell MA]
Pam Craven –
Joe Dobrowolski –
Chris Florio –
Zack Root – bass

Clara Berry & Wooldog: [Portsmouth NH]
Clara Berry – guitar, voice
Joe O’Neill –
More info here.

Clara Berry and Wooldog strike a delicate balance of intricate melodies, precise punctuation, and feather-like vocals.

“Sparkling and dark, intriguing and entrancing”
~ Portland Magazine.

Vicky and Walter producing.

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Help 119 Gallery “Get things in order”

Saturday September 27 1-4pm


Help organize the basement and office at the 119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford Street Lowell, MA

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