Nothing Saves You More

Thursday September 17 – Sunday October 4
Part of Lowell Open Studios
Reception: Saturday October 4 3pm

Justin Campaniello's Here To Stay Justin Campaniello, “Here To Stay”


Olivia Stanislas "Bedside Tourism Olivia Stanislas, “Bedside Tourism”

Nothing Saves You More is an installation of new prints and paintings by home-grown artists Justin Campaniello and Olivia Stanislas, curated by Victoria Belakhov. Exploring ideas about transience and experience, the artists express the paradox of trying to capture a moment in time, while being acutely aware of its ephemeral nature. Both the artists and received their training in art at UMass Lowell, and have exhibited at 119 Gallery. Campaniello and Belakhov both completed internships with with us. Meet the artists at their reception during Lowell Open Studios on Oct. 4th.

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Bennett Manouach Wright Trio & friends

Tuesday September 30 8pm, donations welcome!


Bennett Manouach Wright Trio: [OH, Greece, PA]
Ben Bennett – percussion
Ilan Manouach – sax
Jack Wright – sax
Marc Bisson – prepared guitar
Kevin Dacey – percussion
Jenifer Gelineau – violin
Stephanie Marie Germaine – steph stuph
Christos Koulendros – electronics
Walter Wright – electron eeks

An evening of improvised music and sound, duos, trios and maybe a free for all 8^)

Produced by Walter.

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The Umbrella Situation + Clara Berry & Wooldog

Saturday September 27 7pm, donations appreciated


The Umbrella Situation: [Lowell MA]
Pam Craven –
Joe Dobrowolski -
Chris Florio -
Zack Root – bass

Clara Berry & Wooldog: [Portsmouth NH]
Clara Berry – guitar, voice
Joe O’Neill -
More info here.

Clara Berry and Wooldog strike a delicate balance of intricate melodies, precise punctuation, and feather-like vocals.

“Sparkling and dark, intriguing and entrancing”
~ Portland Magazine.

Vicky and Walter producing.

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Help 119 Gallery “Get things in order”

Saturday September 27 1-4pm


Help organize the basement and office at the 119 Gallery, 119 Chelmsford Street Lowell, MA

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Hold Ups “Living” EP Release Show

Friday September 26, 7:30pm

Hold Ups
Come celebrate our first release in over two years with some rad bands, brews, and art. FOR FREE! Free copy of the “Living” EP will be available to everyone. RESPECT THE FUCKIN’ ART AND DON’T BE A CONE!

Coven (Kinda Sad, Kinda Twinkly, Overall Great)

Settler (Super Duper Rad Happy Emo Rock)

Dead Ocean (Hardcore that will make you poop)

Landing Feet First (Melodramatic Ambient Radness)

The Dirty Looks (Fuckin’ Rad Kinda Poppy Rock)

Hold Ups (Sloppy Melodic Hardcore Pop Punk)

Produced by Vicky

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Jon Kohen + Ghost Guest + Shiloh + Gaby Lash

Saturday September 20 8pm, donation always welcome!


Jon Kohen – solo guitar, vocals [Lowell MA]
Ghost Guest: [Worcester MA]
Caitlin Indermaur – guitar, banjo, vocals
Heru Black – vocals
Jasper Boyd – bass
Scott Canavan – guitar
Gaby Lash - solo voice, guitar [Lowell MA]
Shiloh: [??? MA]

Produced by Vicky

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Rothenbeck Galuppo + Spooky Future + Thoughts About the Pyramids + Inspector 34

Sunday September 14 8pm, donations welcome!


Sunday night trillz for you all!

Rothenbeck Galuppo: [NYC]
Joe Galuppo – voice, guitar
Brian Rothenbeck – harmonica ???
Spooky Future: [Lowell MA]
Antonio -
Miguel –
Diego -
Sound here.
Thoughts About the Pyramids: [Lowell MA]
Colin Murphy – guitar
Paul Poremski – bass
Ryan Gauley – drums
Sound here.
Inspector 34 – solo words & music [Lowell MA]

Produced by Big Vick & Jonnnnnnny

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XBOP + Tatsuya Nakatani + Kobold + Duo Tyto Alba

Saturday September 13 8pm, $5 suggested donation


XBOP: [New York NY]
Will Arvo – piano
Daniel Carter – sax, trumpet & more
Jon Roberds – bass
Brandon Miller – drums
Sound here.
Tatsuya Nakatani – solo percussion [Easton PA]
Video here.
Kobold: [Boston MA]
Tom Plsek, trombone
Steve Norton, reeds
Laurence Cook, percussion
Duo Tyto Alba: [Boston MA] (TBC)
Matt Samolis – flute
Thadd Comstock – 7-string, microtonal guitar
Sound here.

“I am a musician and visual artist. Each of these disciplines for me helps articulate and inform the other. I am not particularly interested in creating some conceptual ideal, but rather a music/art that reflects and captures a truthful human experience and life. I try to create a balance between form and the awareness of the sensual, spiritual, and the ordinary.”
~ Will Arvo, XBOP

“I have been playing a drumset since I was a teenager. Over the past decade, my sound has evolved by viewing and reforming music from different angles. I have gradually developed my own way of constructing sound; my sound is the story teller of my life. I make sound by controlling MA, at the appropriate moment. MA is a Japanese word meaning space, distance or silence. I have found that MA compliments sound itself. I am an acoustic sound artist using the above method to create my sound.”
~ Tatsuya Nakatani

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August 2014, 119 Gallery Update

119 Gallery is not the place. It’s the community.

lifeasartLife is Art is Life is … 2009, Patrick Pierce &  Claire Elizabeth Barratt.

Dear 119 Gallery members, friends, and fans:

119 Gallery is excited to embrace… Change. As an innovative organization that promotes emerging art and artists, we have always had our eye on the future. Like individuals, organizations grow and change. 119 Gallery has moved before. We continue to EVOLVE– 911 Gallery > 119 Gallery > Indy > Boston > Lowell… What’s next?— 119 Gallery will be leaving its Chelmsford Street location. Continue reading

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our members look good together!

Members’ Exhibition, 2014
Tuesday-Saturday July 16-August 9
Reception: Friday August 1, 6pm


Left to right: Dan Rocha/Steve Kinney, Dian Hosmer/Mary W. Hart

See a sampling of old and new members — in new combinations!

Reed Altemus, Kristen Angelos, Ellen Band, Marc Bisson, Rick Breault, Alexandria Drouin, Mary W. Hart, Tom Hart, Brian Hogue, Dian Hosmer, Steve Kinney, Stephanie Lak, Brett Mason, Ben Miller, Bethany Peck, Dan Rocha, Coleman Rogers, Darcy Schultz, Shawna  Spady, Emile Tobenfeld, Jeffu Warmouth, Denise Warren, Ellen Wetmore, Elaine Wood, Walter Wright, Dei Xhrist

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