Wish for Skin + File Cabinet + Tape Face + Shoshone Man With A Claw For A Hand

Friday March 21 8pm, donations appreciated!


Wish For Skin: [Western MA]
Erik Brown – electronics, vocals
Will Henriksen – violin
Sound here.
File Cabinet: [Fitchburg MA]
Bryan Culkins – bass
Jeffrey Gallagher – keyboard loops
Tape Face aka Jake, solo electronics [Fitchburg MA]
Sound here.
Shoshone Man With A Claw For A Hand [Lowell MA]
Charlie Gregson (Oh Wow) – electronics, vocals
Jim Warren (Inspector 34) – electronics, vocals

Produced by 119 Gallery and Jeffrey Gallagher.

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Cold Rots + Brian Dickens + Kismet + Coveleski

Wednesday March 19 8pm, donations appreciated!


Cold Rots aka Kevin Boardman – guitar, vocals [Townsend, MA]
Brian Dickens – guitar, vocals [Winchendon, MA]
Kismet: [Lowell, MA]
Ellie Perez – vocals, piano/keys
Jon Kohen – vocals, guitar
Roman Soto – vocals, cello
Nathaniel Sabat – vocals, upright bass
Coveleski aka Taylor Goodman – guitar, vocals [Worcester MA]

Cold Rots and Brian Dickens Tour info here.

Produced by Vicky.

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Lowell Celebrates Kerouac! Poetry & Jazz

Sunday March 9 7pm, donations appreciated!


Steve Dalachinsky – poet [NYC]
More info here and video here.
Yuko Otomo – poet [NYC]
More info here and video here.
Peter Eliopolis – poet, mc [Lowell]
Jenifer Gelineau – violin
Kit Demos – bass
John McLellan – drums
Walter Wright – electronics
Tabula Rasa: [Lowell]
Jeff Lipsky – live art
Zachary – guitar

Steve Dalachinsky will be Mike Flynn’s guest on Almost Acoustic on 91.5FM WUML Lowell this Saturday to talk about his upcoming appearance at 119 Gallery.

Steve Dalachinsky is a New York downtown poet. He is active in the poetry, music, art and music- Free jazz scene.cDalachinsky was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1946. He has been writing poetry for many years and has worked with such musicians as William Parker, Susie Ibarra, Matthew Shipp, Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter, Sabir Mateen, Mat Maneri, Federico Ughi, Loren Mazzacane Connors, Rob Brown, Tim Barnes and Jim O’Rourke. He has appeared at most of the Vision Festivals, an Avant-jazz festival involving many of these musicians. He also appears often at the Knitting Factory. Dalachinsky’s books include “A Superintendent’s Eyes” (Hozomeen Press 2000), his PEN Award Winning book The Final Nite & Other Poems: Complete Notes From A Charles Gayle Notebook 1987-2006 (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2006), a compendium of poetry written while watching saxophonist Charles Gayle perform throughout New York City in that time period, and “Logos and Language”, co-authored with pianist Matthew Shipp (RogueArt 2008) and Reaching Into The Unknown, a collaboration with French photographer Jacques Bisceglia (RogueArt 2009). Dalachinsky’s other publications include Trial and Error in Paris from Loudmouth Collective Press and Quicksand from Isis Press. His spoken word albums include Incomplete Directions, I thought it was the end of the world then the end of the world happened again with Federico Ughi, and Phenomena of Interference with Matthew Shipp. Dalachinsky’s work has appeared in the following journals on & off line: Big Bridge, Milk, Unlikely Stories, Sensitive Skin, Xpressed, Ratapallax, Evergreen Review, Long Shot, Alpha Beat Soup, Xtant, Blue Beat Jacket, N.Y. Arts Magazine, Tribes, The Helix, 6×6, Cannot Exist, Home Planet News, Polisz, Unarmed, The GW Review, Gare Maritime, Alternating Current, Bathtub Gin, 88, The Wandering Hermit Review, Mima’amakim, Lost and Found Times and many others. Dalachinsky has written extensively for the Brooklyn Rail.

Yuko Otomo is a visual artist & a bilingual poet (poetry & haiku). She also writes art criticism, essays & does translation. Her work has been shown in various gallery spaces such as Tribes Gallery, Anthology Film Archives Courthouse Gallery, ABC No Rio, Brecht Forum, Gallery 128 & Vision Festival. She has read her poetic works in Poetry Project at St. Mark’s, PS1, Queens Museum, Bowery Poetry Club, Tribes Gallery, CUNY Graduate Ctr., Lowell Celebrates Kerouac Festival, Jazz @ Home (Paris), Stone Temple (Germany), A-Bomb Memorial Reading (Japan) and more.

Produced by Rick Breault, LCK! and 119 Gallery. Collage by Steve Dalachinsky.

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Yoshiko Ohara + Joint Raker + Nashoba + Bisson/Wright Duo

Saturday March 8 8pm, donations welcome!


Yoshiko Ohara – solo voice, electronics [Brooklyn NY]
Sound here and video here.
Joint Raker: [Montreal QC, CT]
Chris Cretella – guitar
Nooge Nugent – trumpet
Nashoba: [Framingham MA]
Evan Kelly – guitar loops
Nick Lawler – drums
Sound here.
Bisson/Wright Duo: [Manchester NH, Lowell MA]
Marc Bisson – guitar
Walter Wright – drums

Yoshiko Ohara, Japanese vocalist and established visual artist is releasing her first solo album, Ringing In Our Wrists. Best known for her mesmerizing performances as lead singer for the now-defunct NYC experimental doom BLOODY PANDA and collaborations with OCEAN and KAYO DOT, Yoshiko is expanding her repertoire ever further into the outer reaches of strange, unearthly music. The New York Times has praised her band’s “nightmarish, rubato art-songs,”and the Village Voice lauded “the ashen throat of singer Yoshiko Ohara, whose dynamic range covers the ground between Diamanda and PJ Harvey in drones, squeals, and screeches.” Decibel Magazine hailed her as the driving force behind the band;s “haunting, evil, beautiful music,” CMJ wrote of how “Yoshiko Ohara wails and howls as though she’s in a perpetual state of mourning, and it’s the perfect complement to the doom and gloom riffs,” and MTV applauded their ““dense, despairing songs that tumble, clatter and drone through the ether.”

Produced by Walter.

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Lowell Women’s Week Public Art


Join us on
Tue Mar. 2 @ 6for an Interactive Event: “Creating Recipes in Wellness” with InterPlay

Thu Mar 6@ 5:30 for Lowell Women’s Week Public Art Reception

Visit our Facebook Page





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*Shining Wizard* + KISS Concert + Bats From Pogo

Friday February 28 8pm, donations appreciated


*Shining Wizard*: [Montreal QC]
Alex – guitar
Farley – batterie
Sound here.
KISS Concert: [Worcester MA]
Zack Pecham – guitar
Anthony Richerdz – bass
Gio Coviello – drums
Bats From Pogo: [Salem Lowell MA]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Walter Wright – electronics

Produced by Walter Wright.

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XFest 2014

Fri-Sun Feb 21-23 at Gateway City Arts, Holyoke MA

XFest 2014: Improvised music, visuals, movement, and poetry. FREE
Updated and corrected program here.

XFest2014_smSimeon from Silver Apples.

119 Gallery and Open Field Initiative present XFest 2014, a festival of improvised music, visuals and movement. The format of the festival is simple and challenging: on Friday and Saturday nights 20+ visiting artists and 60 local artists perform in 20 half-hour sets, 10 sets per night. On Saturday afternoon visiting groups perform and on Sunday afternoon local groups’ perform. Throughout the festival there will be an exhibit of collages and videos by Stephanie Lak.

This year the festival will be held at Gateway City Arts, 92 Race Street, Holyoke MA.

“Improvisation can give us the skills to deal with many social and aesthetic issues of the twenty-first century. Although we have become adept at talking about aesthetic hybridity, cultural alerity, crossing borders (both earthly and cyber), and global fusion; few of us have really studied what physical and intellectual practice will make our bodies and minds ready for this brave new world … Improvisation can lead us out of our habitual responses by opening up alternative experiences – new physical sensations and appetites … Although this practice begins with attentiveness to corporeal experience it also develops a mental flexibility that can provide an intellectual map with which to chart new pathways for negotiating awkward and difficult crossings.” ~ Ann Cooper Albright, Taken By Surprise

Friday February 21

8:00pm – TJ Borden, Ryan Baker, Marc Bisson
8:20pm – Jill Burton, Stephanie Lak, Jane Boxall, Dei Xhrist, Shorty Mc
8:40pm – Patrick Cain, Al Margolis, Steve Norton, Christos Koulendros
9:00pm – Jeff Carey, Dave Seidel, Jen Gelineau
9:20pm – David Dugas Dion, Chris Welcome, Andy Kivela, Matt Samolis
9:40pm – flandrew fleisenberg, Alex Pelchat, Andrea Pensado
10:00pm – Bonnie Kane, Shayna Dulberger, Steve Norton, David Russell
10:20pm – Martin Freeman, Erik Brown, Walter Wright
10:40pm – Dave Grollman, Jack Wright, Karen Langlie, Tom Crean
11:00pm – Ras Moshe, Dave Miller, Ramon Castillo, Gabby Fluke-Mogul
11:20pm – Jane Boxall, Robert Pepper, Andrew Newman, Ted Lee
11:40pm – Doug Van Nort, Brendan Landis, Andy Crespo, Michael F Dailey Jr

DJ – Robo Rob
Movement – Claire Elizabeth Barratt
Video – Katherine Liberovskaya

Saturday February 22

2:00pm – CRUNCH: Andrea Pensado, Jack Wright, Walter Wright
2:45pm – CrankGUTS: Crank Sturgeon, GUTS Diagram-A
3:30pm – HOT DATE: Shayna Dulberger, Chris Welcome
4:15pm – Leftovers Diable: David Dugas Dion, Alex Pelchat
5:00pm – Gelineau VanNort Liberovskaya Margolis


8:00pm – Ras Moshe, Abram Taber, Frank Turek, Mitch Ahern
8:20pm – David Dugas-Dion, Joey Molinaro, Paul Conant, James Ham
8:40pm – Alex Pelchat, Chris Welcome, Conrad Benjamin, Forbes Graham
9:00pm – Patrick Cain, Jeff Carey, Crank Sturgeon, Arkm Foam
9:20pm – Jill Burton, Brendan Landis, Adam Bosse, i’d m Theft Able
9:40pm – TJ Borden, Jack Wright, Shayna Dulberger, Kevin Dacey, Todd Brunel
10:00pm – Doug Van Nort, Robert Pepper, Andy Goulet, Neil Young Cloaca
10:20pm – Stephanie Lak, Laurie Amat, Brett Renaud, Andy Allan
10:40pm – Dave Grollman, Bonnie Kane, Dave Miller, Zack Root
11:00pm – Martin Freeman, Rick Breault, Mike Funaiole, Sita Magnuson
11:20pm – Al Margolis, Kate Lee, Jim Magnuson
11:40pm – Jimmy Hughes, Miss Olivia Kennett, Steve Norton

Movement – Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio
Video – Patrick Cain, Katherine Liberovskaya

Sunday February 23

2:00pm – Laurie Amat, Dave Seidel Duo
2:30pm – EMU: Joe Burgio, Paul Kafka-Gibbons
3:00pm – Ben Hersey
3:30pm – Chill City Icon: Kevin Dacey, Travis Hagan, Brett Mason
4:15pm – Tough Day Tubing: Crank Sturgeon, Stephanie Lak, Al Margolis, Steve Norton, Walter Wright
5:00pm – Egg, Eggs!: Jen Gelineau, Ted Lee, Shorty Mc, Brett Renaud, David Russell

Supported by the artists, Holyoke LCC and the MCC.



Local press coverage: CBS 3 Springfield

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Demos Frenette McLellan Wright 4tet + Baker Wright 2tet

Thursday February 20 8pm, absolutely free jazz!


Demos Frenette McLellan Wright 4tet: [PA MA FL]
Jack Wright – saxes
Kevin Frenette – guitar
Kit Demos – bass
John McLellan – drums
Jill Burton – voice
Baker Wright 2tet: [Andover, Lowell MA]
Ryan Baker – bass
Walter Wright – drums
surprise guest (can u say Steph Lak) !!!

Jack Wright has been a full-time saxophonist of improvisation since 1979, though he began playing as a ten-year-old in 1952. He quit, basically because he couldn’t play chord-change jazz. In the long hiatus that followed he studied and reflected on history, philosophy, culture, which he continues to do. He taught and quit that, engaged in radical politics and quit that when the left lost its revolutionary edge, began playing again as a free improviser. He has been regularly discouraged but has not stopped. Now he is known to a few people and seeks to keep the low profile, which is the easy way to go, business-wise. He used to rage and stomp around like a Dionysian; now he can make soft and squeaky sounds, mixed with occasional lion roars and dog barkings. He wears shorts, a beard, long hair, and a hat. He mostly sits crouched down, with the bell of his horn pressed against his bare thigh and muted sometimes into silence. He plays in public only with people who interest him musically and personally, but that’s still a lot of people, since he plays a lot of different ways, from free jazz to nothing recognizable as saxophone music. He may be obscure but he comes close to doing exactly what he wants in his life, and that is no simple matter for any of us.

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Show us the love at our Benefit & Auction

Sunday February 16
Warm Heart <-> Hot Art

heartBenefit Auction. Make that warm glow of Valentine’s Day last the whole weekend! All proceeds go towards continued operating costs of the gallfacebook_logoery. Please visit our Facebook page and sign up.

CALL FOR ARTISTS: Deadline 2/8 (stay tuned for snow date!) Email email@119gallery.org with questions.
Small works (6″x6″x6″ maximum) will be raffled for $10 tickets
Large works (12″x 12″ plus) will be silent auctioned with starting bid of $50. Donating artists receive 1 year individual membership.

CALL FOR BIDDERS: Mixer at 6pm, bidding begins at 7pm. Our last auction got pretty silly (“pig in a bag!”) with flattering bidding wars. This is a chance to build your collection of contemporary art by both established and upcoming artists with a (shhhh!) affordable donation. Both artists and bidders can remember all this at tax time.

If you are interested in sponsoring the gallery, an artist, a show or event, come meet the peeps or contact artgal@119gallery.org.

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Spiceventure Food Sampling Party

Saturday February 15 6pm


Spiceventure and YSok Woodward host a food sampling party, $10 dollar cover.

On the Spiceventure menu will be
- Laotian Tiger Balls (Saku Yut Sai)
- Nam Kao
- Indian Vegetarian Biryani
- Cuban Black Bean over Rice
- dessert

YSok will feature
- Salabao (steamed buns)
- Lemongrass Beef dish

Come join us and have your taste buds teased!

Spiceventure Food Truck Kickstarter campaign here.
SamPan & YSok

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