Long Summer Daze Music Marathon

Saturday August 2 3-10pm, donations for visiting bands!


BBQ, lemonade making contest, ALL DAY ACTIVITIES! Will we get Mike Dailey into a dunk tank for real this year?


5:00 Cave Cricket: [Bronx NY]
Kira Sassano – 6-string tenor ukulele, Shruti Box, voice, percussion
Kevin Yankou – glockenspiel, percussion
Steve Yankou – cello, piano, percussion
Natasha Jacobs – guitar, voice, harmonium, percussion
Sound here.
5:30 Bats from Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA]
Bewitched aka Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Bothered aka Walter Wright – electron eeks, purr cushion
Bemildred aka Stephanie Lak – all manner ‘o Steph Stuph
6:00 Ted Nyugent: [Philadelphia PA]
Mike McGilloway – either drums or bass or guitar
Travis Arterburn – either drums or bass or guitar
Kian Sorouri – either drums or bass or guitar
Sound here.
6:30 John Glancy [Boston MA] – solo samples, percussion, vocals
7:00 Humminbird aka Muyassar Kurdi [Chicago IL]
7:30pm Patrick Shaughnessy [Boston MA] – poetry
“Patrick S. is a poet and a former member of Lowell punk band The Sinbusters. He recently released the Sinbusters video game, Punk Pilot. He will be presenting poetry from his recent book, Her Name Was Not Brighton.”
8:00 Morning Arms: [Chicago IL]
Chris Cortez – vocals, bass
Grant Kettering – vocals, guitar
Victoria Ross – vocals
Gregory Michael “Pong” Szczotka – drums
Ian Young – guitar, percussion
Claire Watkins – violin
8:30 No One And The Somebodies: [Westchester NY]
Brian, Steve, Kevin, and Bobby Yankou
Sounds here.
9:00 FISTinc. Presents::Schedule the Spirit in Your Heart:: Summer Solstice Streamlining. Anthony Richards, Ali Reid
9:30 Egg, Eggs!: [Western MA ]
D.B. Russell – lead vocals, sinful synths, metal sled
Brett Robinson – bass, guitar, electronics, backup archivist
Sound here.
10:00 Angela Sawyer? [Cambridge MA]
Could get Weirdo!
Video here.
10:30 Lak Richardz Sherzai: [Worcester, Lowell MA]
Stephanie Lak – drum ‘n bass ‘n electronics
Anthony Richardz – vocals
Abdul H Sherzai – electronics
“The subtle usurper is dapperly draped in a resilient vermilion”
Sounds here and here.

Produced by Stephanie Lak.

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Lowell Folk Festival Weekend at 119 Gallery

Friday-Saturday July 25-26 8pm, donations welcomed!



KBD Trio: [Toledo OH]
Michael Kimaid – drums, electronics
Gabriel Beam – modular synthesizer, lap steel guitar
Ryan Dohm – horns, circuit bent electronics
Sound here.
Lacks Swafford – words & music [Portland ME]
Video here.
Demos Fujiwara Duo: [Wells ME, Haverhill MA]
Kit Demos – upright bass, electronics
Junko Fujiwara – cello
Bats From Pogo: [Salem, Lowell MA]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Walter Wright – drums
Stephanie Lak – audio paraphernalia

Luczak Bers Morelli Trio: [Hudson Valley NY]
Matt Luczak – drums
Jonas Bers – electronics, analog video
Andrew Morelli – modular synth
Braman Gray Hobbs Rabson Quartet: [Boston MA]
Winston Braman – electric bass
Luther Gray – drums
Jim Hobbs – alto sax
Mimi Rabson – cello
Dave Seidel – electronics
Walter Wight – drums
i’d m Theftable – guest beard
Ryan Scott – many, many keyboards [Fitchburg MA]
Eric Treehouse – guitar, vocals
Harmoos aka Will Hendrickson – guitar, vocals
The Michael Character – guitar, vocals
Video here.

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Ry Ry From Tokyo + Ablutions + Alto Jeffro + Robotmonkeyarm

Saturday July 19 8pm, donations welcome


Ry Ry From Tokyo
is Ryan Scott – so many keyboards [Fitchburg MA]
Sounds here.
Ablutions – harsh noise duo from [Amherst MA]
Alto Jeffro aka Jeffrey Gallagher – solo whatever [Leominster MA]
Video here ???
Robotmonkeyarm aka Ryan Baker – audio iconoclasty [Andover MA]
Sounds here.

lineup -
  7:30pm – doors
  8:30pm – Alto Jefro
  9:15pm – Ablutions
10:00pm – Ry Ry From Tokyo
10:45pm – Robotmonkeyarm

Produced by 119 Gallery

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BIG MESS + Arlen + Gelineau Lak Pensado + Gaius & Cenobia + Resonate Stone

Friday July 18 8pm, donations much appreciated!


BIG MESS: [Lowell MA]
Nick, Olivia & another Nick – guitar, bass & drums
Sounds here.
Arlen: [Lowell MA]
Paul Kenney – guitar, vocals
Breton Lefebvre – guitar, vocals |
Justin Shariat – bass |
Andy Bechtol – drums
Sounds here.
Gelineau Lak Pensado: [Holyoke, Salem & Lowell MA]
Jenifer Gelineau – violin
Stephanie Lak – audio paraphrenalia
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop
Gaius & Cenobia: [Beverly MA]
Liam Beaudoin & Alex “Todd” D’alfonso – bass & drums
Video here.
Resonate Stone – soundscapes [Jamaica Plain MA]

  7:30pm – doors
  8:30pm – Gaius & Cenobia
  9:00pm – Resonate Stone
  9:30pm – BIG MESS
10:00pm – Gelineau Lak Pensado
10:30pm – Arlen

Produced by 119 Gallery.

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Call for Entries: Member’s Exhibition, 2014



Deadline:   Deliver to 119 Gallery July 8-12 12noon-5pm
Exhibition: Tuesday-Saturday July 16-August 9 12noon-5pm
Reception: Friday August 1 6pm

Eligibility:  Open to 119 Gallery members only. Free for current members!

Like last year’s “Double Your Fun” exhibition, we will give a 1/2-off discount if you join the gallery or renew your membership with a friend. Please identify your partner on submission form to receive discount.

Submission Requirements:
  New work. (your discretion).
  All media accepted. Limit 2 pieces, space allowing.
  Wall pieces must be neatly framed, wired, and ready to hang.
  Work should not exceed 36″ x 36″.
  Each piece should be labeled with artist’s name, title, medium, date, and price.   Unless otherwise specified, all art in the exhibit is for sale.

Questions? Contact email at 119gallery dot org

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Apocalyso + mysterybear + DGLW

Saturday July 12 8pm


Apocalypso: [NY, MA]
Joe Burgio – movement
Shayna Dulberger – upright bass, electronics
Chris Welcome – guitar, electronics
Walter Wright – electronics (video)
mysterybear aka Dave Seidel – solo electronics [Peterbrough NH]
Demos Gelineau Robidoux Wright: [Wells ME, Holyoke, Lowell MA]
Kit Demos – bass
Jen Gelineau – violin
Stephanie Lak – audio paraphernalia
Walter Wright – drums

Unfortunately, KARL2K’s were unable to make it, their van broke down.

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First Thursday: Independent Joy

Thursday July 3 5-11pm, donations welcome!!!


Solids (food), liquids (dranks), visuals (stimulating things to gaze upon) & ear twinklings (sounds from the shed).

LAK – solo performance using trays of objects, boxes of things. Business casual.

Travis Hagan – the bread
Steph Lak – the salad
In corporation we trust that there will always be free salad and bread. Sounds from under the dinner table.

Case of the Sillies:
Ben Frassa – instrumentation of some kind
Steph Lak – as if we didn’t already know !!!
Back from Kim and Kanye’s wedding and just out of reach for the notes your future hover craft surfing grandmother may have chosen to hit if handed a few thrift store keyboards. It’s also like rolling in an ocean wave. Or driving by a Junior High prom while listening to Nintendo music, a little bit of bass and a little bit of ocarina. A few films, clips and videos with live sound and commentary. Hilarious with five stars!

DJ Boof – Lowell Boott Mill Specter

Produced by Steph Lak.

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Drøm Før Du Dør + LAK + Dailey Wright

Tuesday July 1 8pm, donations appreciated!


Drøm Før Du Dør: [Montreal QC]
Alex – guitar
Grace – voice
LAK aka Stephanie Lak – solo audio paraphernalia [Lowell MA]
Dailey Wright Duo: [Lowell MA]
Michael F Dailey Jr & Walter Wright – drums

Produced by Walter.

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42° 38’ 9.313” N 71° 19’ 1.581” W :: Duy Hoang

6.09 > 6.28
R: 6.13 > 5:00p

1/ Acknowledging the given space [119 Gallery]
1a/ Find landmarks
1ai/ Marks/holes/labels from previous exhibition [Perspectives VI]
1aii/ Scars of the given space
1aiii/ The given space
1b/ Marking the given space with indicators
1bi/ See [2],[3]
2/ Setting up rules and increments
2a/ Using Metric and U.S. Standard unit measurements
2b/ Using relative/body/object measurements
2bi/ Measure to the length of an object
2bii/ Repeat process to create increments
2biii/ Relate process for each set of indicators
2c/ Using colors
2ci/ Relate color for each set of indicators
2cii/ Repeat shape for each color
2d/ Using the given space
2di/ See [1a], [1b]
2dii/ Walls/floor/ceiling/floating wall/light fixtures/windows
2diii/ Given objects from given space
2diiii/ Given objects from basement of given space
2e/ Repurpose materials as indicators
2ei/ Indicators, see [3a]
2eii/ Materials from studio
2eiii/ Materials from given space
3/ Responding/intervening the given space with rules
3a/ Indicators
3ai/ Tape/paper/pins, etc. see [2e]
3aii/ Color relations, see [2c]
3aiii/ Increment relations, see [2a],[2b]
3b/ Placing indicators into the given space
3bi/ In relations to landmarks found in the given space, see [1a]
3bii/ Images from given space
3c/ Responding to the given space
3ci/ Apply indicators in the given space
3cii/ Let the given space shape the indicators’ expansion
3ciii/ Let the indicators build in the given space
3ciiii/ Let more rules/space be discovered beyond this initial process
3ciiiii/ Acknowledge/aware of the given space, see [1]



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Aimee Norwich + Thumbknuckle + Gaius & Cenobia

Saturday June 28 8pm, donations welcomed!


Aimee Norwich Duo: [Brooklyn NY]
Aimee Norwich – bass
Ian Cook – drums
Sound here.
Thumbknuckle: [Westfield MA]
Tim Jennings – guitar
Robert Edge – bass
Scott Faranello – drums
Sounds here.
Gaius & Cenobia: [Beverly MA]
Liam Beaudoin & Alex “Todd” D’alfonso – bass & drums
Video here.

Produced by Walter.

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