artists, 2012

Artists who have shown work and/or performed at 119 Gallery
January 1 – November 30, 2012

This year we welcomed 400+ artists and musicians.

Sean Ali – upright bass [Brooklyn NY]
Andy Allen – reeds [Boston]
Jason Allen – visual artist [Lowell]
Alto Jeffro – band [Fitchburg MA]
Laurie Amat – voice [San Francisco CA]
Eric Amerman – drums [San Francisco CA]
David Amram = musician [New York NY]
Stephen Anstey – poet [Lowell MA]
Apocalypso – band [Brooklyn NY, Somerville MA, Lowell]
Arthur (The Band) – band [Lowell]
Cassandra Ashley – poet [Lowell]
Pat Auclair – musician [Lowell]
Avesone – graf artist [Lowell]

Ryan Baker – musician [Andover MA]
Bill Bacon – drums [Newburyport MA]
Brian Bailey – musician [Chelmsford MA]
Ellen Band – laptop [Boston]
Claire Elizabeth Barratt – movement, cello [Asheville NC]
Joe Bastardo – musician [Worcester MA]
Derek Beckvold – reeds [Boston]
Sara Benson – visual artist [Beverly MA]
Mallory Biggins – visual artist [Boston MA]
Bella Birds – band [Lowell]
Sarah Bernstein – violin, voice, text [Brooklyn NY]
Bicameral Research Sound & Projection [Brooklyn NY]
Big Mess – band [Lowell]
BiRdOrGaN – band [Manchester NH, Lowell MA]
BIG & little – band [Boston]
Marc Bisson – guitar, collage artist [Manchester NH]
Black Steel Peacock – band [Fitchburg MA]
Justin Blanchard- visual artist [Lowell]
Michael Bloom – table guitar [Cambridge MA]
Blue Sausage Infant aka Chester Hawkins – electronics, noise [Washington DC]
bodydrama – improvised music and movement [Boston, Lowell]
BOLT – band [Boston, Haverhill MA]
Corey Boykins – poet [Lowell]
Jane Boxall – drums [Burlington [VT]
Adam Brandt – graf artist [Lowell]
Dave Bryant – keyboards [Boston MA]
Rick Breault – laptop [Lowell]
Patrick Breiner – tenor saxophone, clarinet, voice [Brooklyn NY]
Amelie Brodeur – flute, piano [Montreal QC]
Brood – band [Lowell]
Erik Brown – guitar, electronics, vocals [Amherst MA]
Gaetana Brown – vocals, guitar [Cambridge MA]
Joe Brown – bass [Lowell]
Todd Brunel – bass clarinet [Boston]
Jenn Brunelle – musician, organic farmer [Lowell]
Linda Aubry Bullock – analog synth [Boston]
Mike Bullock – bass, electronics, analog synth [Boston]
Lou Bunk – audio flimflamerie [Boston]
Joe Burgio – movement [Somerville MA]
Jill Burton – voice [Boston]
Zayde Buti – rap, performance [Boston]

Ashley Cantrell – photography [Lowell]
Ashley Capachione – electronics [Boston MA]
Ashley Carey – photography, painting [Lowell]
Rena Carillo- visual artist [Lowell]
Dustin Carlson – guitar [Brooklyn NY]
Maggie Cavallo – electronics [Boston MA] 
Steve Cerio – filmmaker [Sperryville NY]
Princess Chan – poet [Lowell]
Britini Chandler- visual artist [Lowell]
Audrey Chen – voice, cello [Berlin DE]
Brian Chillemi – filmmaker [Brooklyn NY]
Davy Chou – filmmaker [France, Cambodia]
Maxwell Citron – keys [Belfast ME]
Olivia Close – bass [Lowell]
Lou Cohen – laptop [Cambridge MA]
Martha Colburn – films, video, puppets, real-time animation [Queens NY, Amsterdam Netherlands]
Jodi Colella – fabric artists [Somerville MA]
Nick Colella – guitar [Lowell]
Aisling Colleary – visual artist [Lowell]
Shana Cortez- visual artist
Carlo Costa – drums [Brooklyn NY]
Cottontail – band [AZ]
Crank Sturgeon – himself [Portland ME]
Crabe – band [Montreal QC]
Pam Craven – voice, guitar [Lowell]
Eric Crawley – analog synths [Boston]
Aisha Cruse – movement [Jamaica Plain MA]
Lizzie Curran – visual artist [Boston MA]
Teresa Czepiel – movement [Somerville MA]

Kevin Dacey – musician [Lowell]
Michael F Dailey Jr – voice, guitar, drums, visual artist [Lowell]
Joseph Darensbourg – keyboard, strings, percussion [Lowell MA]
Aaron Darrell – bass, voice [Brooklyn NY]
Steve Davis – electronics [Santa Susana CA]
Sally DeAngelis – movement [Lowell]
Lori DeMartin – visual artists [Lowell]
Kit Demos – double bass, electronics [North Parsonsfield ME]
deiX – voice, electronics, visual artist [Manchester NH]
Alexandra Derderian- visual artist
Joshua DeSherer – double bass, electronics [Augusta ME]
Ben Dick – musician [Lowell]
Ben Dickinson – musician [Lowell]
Arrington de Dionyso – bass clarinet [Olympia WA]
Dionyso McDonas Duo – band [Olympia WA, NM]
Disembodied Poetics – band [Lowell]
Ditch Mimes – band [Fitchburg MA]
Donna Dodson – sculptor [Jamaica Plain MA]
Kim Donahue- visual artist [Lowell]
Noell Dorsey – voice, keyboard [Boston]
Downtown Boys – band [Providence RI]
Dr T – video mix [Framingham MA]
Devin Drobka – drums [Brooklyn NY]
Duck That! – band [Jamaica Plain MA]
Shayna Dulberger- upright bass [Brooklyn NY]
Matt Dunn -visual artist [Lowell]
Jorrit Dijkstra – alto saxophone, lyricon, analog synth [Boston MA]

EAAE – band [Boston]
Nick Egersheim – drums [Lowell]
Kristen Elisabeth – bass [Lowell]
Peter Eliopoulos – poet [Lowell]
Emily-Jayne – bass, drums, vocals [Montreal QC]
Elwood Epps – trumpet [Montreal QC]
Andrea Evans – visual artist [Boston MA]
Peter J Evans – laptop, electronics [Boston MA]
Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin, electronics [Somerville MA]
Every Other Country – band [Fitchburg MA]

Pat Falco – visual artists [Boston MA]
Sambo Fancypants – trombone, guitar [Somerville MA]
Faux Ox – band [Boston]
Anthony Febo – poet [Lowell]
Derek Fenner – poet [Lowell]
Patrick Flaherty – guitar, vocals [Lowell]
Flandrew Fleisenberg – drums, percussion [Boston]
Gabby Fluke-Mogul – vocals, violin [Amherst MA]
Friendship – band [Lowell]
Arkm Foam – cassettes [Jamaica Plain MA]
Kristen Ford – guitar, vocals [Boston]
Chris Forgione – drums [Lowell]
Jay Forsythe – graf artist [Lowell]
Ben Frassa – keys, guitar [Lowell]
Kevin Frenette – guitar [Boston]
Frenette Lipson Nystrom Wright Quartet – band [Boston, Philadelphia PA]
Junko Fujiwara – electric cello [Haverhill MA]
Mike Funaiole – analog synth [Lowell]

Ryan Gallagher – poet [Lowell]
Peter Gamaskas – analog synth [Jamaica Plain MA]
Gilbert Gandia – vocals, visual artist [Lowell]
Gay Shapes – band [Worcester MA]
Alexander Giavis – painter [Lowell]
Charles Githrie – painter [Lowell]
Alanna Gilbert- visual artist [Lowell]
Gingerbred Kids – band [Amherst MA]
Glowfriends – band [Kalamazoo MI]
Iris Goldfarb – painting, collage [Lowell]
John C Gonzalez – visual artist [Dorchester MA]
Rebecca Gordon- visual artist [Lowell]
Forbes Graham – trumpet, electronics [Weston MA]
Grau Garten – band [Manchester NH, Newburyport MA, Boston MA]
Luther Gray – drums [Boston]
Joan Green – movement [Boston]
Pat Greer – electronics [Lowell]
David Grollman – snare drum [Brooklyn NY]

Travis Hagan – musician [Lowell]
James Ham – keys [Fitchburg MA]
Tom Hamilton – electronics [New York City NY]
Keiichi Hashimoto – brass [Allston MA]
Brian Hart – visual artist [Somerville MA]
Brad Henkel – trumpet [Brooklyn NY]
Jake Henry – trumpet [Brooklyn NY]
HEXbeam – video [Boston]
Christopher Hickman – musician [Lowell]
Hi-Speed Coeds – band [Boston, Haverhill MA]
Eric Hnatow – keyboards [Northampton MA]
Duy Hoang- visual artist [Lowell]
Michael Hoerman – poet [Lowell]
Eric Hofbauer – guitar [Boston MA]
Linda Hoffman – sculptor [Stowe MA]
Brian Hogue – bass [Lowell]
Jared Holaday – sax [Lowell]
Jerry Holmes – sculptor [Lowell]
Home Body – band [Northampton MA]
Dian Hosmer – painter [Lowell]
Hot Boy Hert – graf artist [Lowell]
Melanie Howell-Brooks – saxes, reeds [Boston MA]

Id m Theftable – voice, acoustic table [Portland ME]
Idle Wounds – band [Lowell]
Anna Isaak-Ross – photographer, sculptor [Lowell]

Max Jaffe – drums [Brooklyn NY]
Taylor Jamison – bass guitar [Philadelphia PA]
Jim Jeffers – visual artist, performance, guitar [Lowell]
Joshua Jefferson – saxes, bass clarinet [Jamaica Plain MA]
Jan Johnson – visual artist [Lowell]

Paul Kafka-Gibbons – movement [Somerville MA]
Bonnie Kane – reeds, electronics [Brooklyn NY]
KARL2K – band [Brooklyn NY, Kuskaya Oblast’ Russia]
Zachary Katz – musician, electronics [Cambridge MA]
Taylor Keefe – musician [Lowell]
Matt Keller – visual artists [Boston MA]
Jackson Kelsey – graf artist [Lowell]
/k??nekt/ – band [Amherst MA]
Jordan Knecht – vocals, guitar [Amherst MA]
Valerie Keuhne- cello [Brooklyn NY]
Killer BOB – band [Brooklyn]
Steve Kinney- visual artist [Lowell]
Kevin Frenette Trio- band [Boston]
Ben Klein – tuba [New Haven CT]
Christos Koulendros – electronics [Lowell MA]
Rebecca Kopycinski – vocals, guitar, loops [Burlington VT]
Paula Korng- visual artist [Lowell]
Greg Kowalski – video, visual artist [Newburyport MA]
Kristen Ford Band – band [Boston]
Cara Kuball – visual artist [Boston MA]

Stephanie Lak – voice, guitar, electronics, collage, muralista [Lowell]
Lak Wright Duo – band [Lowell]
Christopher Lamere – musician [Lowell]
Violette Lanace – poet [Lowell]
Karen Langlie – cello, electronics [Lowell MA]
Dung Le- visual artist [Lowell]
Leamers – band [Montreal QC]
Chris Leblanc – musician [Lowell]
Kate Lee – guitar, bass, collage [Jamaica Plain MA]
Matt Lee – guitar, vocals [Montreal QC]
Courtney Lemay- visual artist [Lowell]
Tony Leva – double bass [Boston]
Katherine Liberovskaya – video [New York City NY]
Aylshia Lien – visual artist, poet, movement [Lowell]
Jeffrey Lilley – assemblage, visual artist [Lowell]
David Linton – video [Brooklyn NY]
Jeffrey Lipsky – painter [Lowell]
Evan Lipson – double bass [Philadelphia PA]
Lipstick Homicide – band [? Iowa]
Little War Twins – band [Boston]
LMNo – band [Medford MA, Brooklyn NY]
Glynis Lomon – cello, voice [Boston]
Frantz Loriot – viola [Brooklyn NY]
Los Bungalitos – band [Lowell]
Los Condenados – band [Boston, Salem, Lowell MA]
Loup-Garou – band [Lowell]
Steven Lugerner – saxophones [Brooklyn NY]
Rob Lundberg – bass [Brooklyn NY]
Midge Lyons – vocals, objects [Salem MA]

M31 – graf artist [Lowell]
Frank Mabee – guitar, vocals [Worcester MA]
Brandi MacDonald – poet [Lowell]
Denise Manseau – painter, printmaker [Billerica MA]
Adam H Marchand – filmmaker [Lowell MA]
Al Margolis – laptop [Chester NY]
Ryan Marino – filmmaker [Brooklyn NY]
Paul Marion – poet [Lowell]
Glenn Martin – musician [Lowell]
Lee Martin – musician [Lowell]
Shawn Massak – guitar, banjo, vocals [Brighton MA]
MAST – graf artist [Los Angeles CA]
Miki Matsuki – drums, etc [Boston MA]
Patrick McConnell – drums [Lowell]
Thollem McDonas – keyboard, vocals [? NM]
Joe McFazden – bass, vocals, photograher [Lowell]
Johnny McLellan – drums [Northboro MA]
Taylor McVay – visual artist [Boston MA]
Lucio Megenon – guitar [Brooklyn NY]
James Muratha Michugu – painter [Lowell]
Lieby Miedema – painter, printmaker [Lowell]
Ryan Mihaly – vocals, guitar, bass clarinet, saxophone [Amherst MA]
Ben Miller – sax, prepared guitar, tapes [Brooklyn NY]
Dave Miller – drums [Brooklyn NY]
Lars-Erik Miller- visual artist [Lowell]
Mimi Rabson Trio – band [Boston MA]
Andy Moerlein – sculptor [Bow NH]
Monk – graf artist [Lowell]
Michael Monroe – poet [Lowell]
Jeremy Miranda – visual artist [Beverly MA]
Maria Molteni – visual artist [Boston MA]
Haley Morgan – voice [Northampton MA]
Noredin Morgan – painter [Billerica MA]
Ras Moshe – reeds [New York City NY]
Krista Mosca – poet [Lowell]
Emilie Mouchous – electronics [Montreal QC]

Joe Nardoni – poet [Lowell]
Jeremy Nash – painter [Lowell]
Natura Morta – band [Brooklyn NY]
Peter Negroponte – percussion [Boston]
Jessie Nelson – drums [New York NY]
Andrew Neumann – laptop, electronics [Boston]
Nenakata – band [Boston, Lowell]
Curt Newton – drums [Boston]
Heather Noecker – keys, guitar, vocals [Nashua NH]
Adam Norton – visual artist, drums, vocals [Lowell]
Steve Norton – reeds, toy piano, celesta, electronics [Medford MA]
Johan Nystrom – drums [Philadelphia PA]

Mickey O’Hara – sax, electronics [Worcester MA]
Old Grey – band [Lowell]
On The Water – band [Philadelphia PA]
One-Armed Mist – band [Lowell, Jamaica Plain MA]
ONSLO – band [Worcester MA]

Bobby Parent – guitar, vocals [Lowell]
Lindsey Parker – visual artist [Lowell]
PAS Music – band [Brooklyn NY]
Andrea Pensado – voice, laptop [Salem MA]
Pet Bottle Ningen – band [Brooklyn NY]
Philippe Petit – voice, electronics [France]
Andy Phelps – electronics, voice [Lowell]
Patrick Pierce- visual artist, poet [Lowell]
Channate Phauk- visual artist [Lowell]
Ethan Plante – musician [Lowell]
Nico Poisson – multi-intrumentalist [Lyon FR]
Richard Poole – vibraphone [Quincy MA]
Jensen Poutre- visual artist [Lowell]
James Powow – graf artist [Lowell]
Pure Fun Magic – band [?]


Mimi Rabson – 5-stringg violin [Boston MA]
Nikola Ragusa – flute, multi-instrumentalist [Montreal QC]
Matthew Richards – poet [Lowell]
Anthony Richerdz – bass, drums, ‘zine [Lowell, Worcester MA]
Samnang Riebe – painter [Lowell]
Dave Robinson – poet, visual artist [Lowell]
Dan Rocha – painter, sculptor, muralist [Lowell]
Coleman Rodgers – photographer [Lowell]
James Rohr – Fender Rhodes [Boston]
Zack Root – voice, bass guitar [Lowell]
Eric Rosenthal – drums [Boston MA]
KC Russel – graf artist [Lowell]
Bradford Rusick – painter, muralist [Beverly MA]
Eileen Ryan – drawing, painting, printmaking [Lowell]

Matt Samolis – flute [Boston]
Jason Sanford – sculptor, musician [Cambridge MA]
Alex Sargent – guitar [Lowell]
Angela Sawyer – suitcase of acoustic delights [Cambridge MA]
David Scanlon – guitar [Brooklyn]
Ryan Scott – keyboards [Fitchburg MA]
Jessica Schumann – musician, video, grassroots organizer [Lowell]
S’eance – band [Lowell]
Dave Seidel – electronics [Peterborough NH]
Shahman – band [Ottawa ON]
Andee Shalz – bass [Lowell]
Patrick Shaughnessy – poet [Lowell]
Helen Sherrah-Davies – 5-string violin [Boston MA]
Abdul Shezai – musician [Worcester MA]
Sinbusters – band [Lowell]
John Sinclair – poet [New Orleans LA, Amsterdam Netherlands]
Skinny EMU – band [Boston]
Sontag Shogun – band [Brooklyn NY]
Jasper Som – voice, guitar [lowell]
Sons of Daughters – band [Brooklyn NY]
Snap-Drag Drum Duo – band [Burlington VT, New York NY]
Speaker for the Dead – band [Worcester MA]
Jed Speare – laptop [Boston]
Margot Stage – fabric artist [Lowell]
Eric Stewart – guitar [Somerville MA]
Stop Touching The Corner – band [Lowell]
Streight Angular – band [Boston]
Annie Struna- visual artist
Sushi Police – band [Boston, Haverhill MA]
Skippy Sund – author [Lowell]
Sunshine Soldier – band [Brooklyn NY]
Surfing – band [Boston]
Surprise Party – band [Lowell]
Sweet Talk – band [Brooklyn NY]

Abram Taber – bass, electronics [Medford MA]
Frank Tadley – photographer [Lowell]
Satoshi Takeishi – drums [Brooklyn NY] 
Jessica Tawczynski- visual artist [Lowell]
Jimmy Teague – guitar [Lowell]
The Big Sway – band [Lowell]
The Doctors Fox – band [Boston]
Calvin Thomas- visual artist [Lowell]
Daniel Timlin – electronics, guitar, drums, percussion [Philadelphia PA]
Emile Tobenfeld – video [Framingham MA]
Trevor Wilson & Vocal Ensemble – vocal quintet [Brooklyn NY]
Frank Turek – reeds [Portland ME]
28 Degrees Taurus – band [Allston MA]

UNEARTHISH – band [Brooklyn NY]

Victoria Valente- visual artist [Lowell]
Brenda van der Beek – painter [North Andover MA]
Fletcher T VanVliet – guitar, harmonica, vocals [Philadelphia PA]
Jules Vasylenko– bamboozle, saxobone [Boston]
Alicia Puck Vickery – musician [Lowell]
Violet aka Jeff Surak – electro-acoustic soundscapes [Washington DC]

Betty Wang – movement [Boston]
Jeffu Warmouth – visual artist, performance, drums, vocals [Fitchburg MA]
Denise Warren – painter [Billerica MA]
Jimm Warren – musician, producer [Lowell]
Bucky Waters – vocal-sloth face noises [Andover MA]
Chris Welcome – guitar [Brooklyn MA]
Matt Weston – percussion, electronics [Albany NY]
Nick Wiedeman – guitar [Lowell]
Trevor Wilson – voice [Brooklyn NY]
Jack Wright – reeds [Philadelphia PA]
Walter Wright – interdisciplinary artist [Lowell]

Dei Xhrist – assemblage, collage, voice, electronics [Manchester NH]

Nonoko Yoshida – sax [Brooklyn NY]
Jeff Young – violin [Brooklyn NY]
Dan Younger – photography [St Louis, MO]

Lineu Zaderski – painter [Lowell]
Zanois – band [? NH]
Rachel Zelinka- visual artist [Lowell]

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