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Word cloud created from the reflections of 45 members of the 119 Gallery community.

“I want to thank you once again for hosting what is surely the greatest night of my life. As I have said, I’ve done many things; been in a film that showed in Cannes, sung with an international rock band, interviewed famous underground rock stars and even hit the road with a Monkee. But nothing has come close to the emotional connection to this show and the year it came into fruition. To have David Amram tell me how proud Jack would have been and how much he would have loved both me and my work affected me profoundly. I cannot articulate how important this is and to have this be my first solo show stateside is the best.”
~ Cat de Leon

“So, I drove by the 119 gallery today and made sure to look at the “for-sale” sign, and sure enough tears rolled right down. 119 was a lot of things to a lot of people but for me it was a place for healing. It really was like a second home to me, if I wasn’t working at my other jobs I would be at the gallery. Yes, I can admit that I’m a workaholic. I know that it’s been almost 3 years since I sort of up and left. I apologize for never writing. I guess writing that letter would bring me to the realization that I wouldn’t be involved anymore and I really just couldn’t imagine that. I know that all of this sounds foolish, but I’ve always believed that the 119 would always be there and that I would have the energy I used to before marriage and kids to be involved. For those that don’t know, 119 was that place where if you wanted to showcase your music, art, or idea, they had their arms open willing to listen and help you make it happen. Before all those DIY house/venue started popping up and you had barely any play to put on a show you would always have the 119. I mean how many art receptions in Lowell have you been to where you might see belly dancers and other live performance art?”
~ Setheyny Pen

“I’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who came out to DITF (Doin’ It Together Fest) last night. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I can’t wait til next year! All the bands should record their songs so I can listen to them forever, ok thanks!”
~ Shay Rodrigues

“Yesterday was really fun. Thanks again DITF (Doin’ It Together Fest), you remain one of my favorite things about Lowell!”
~ Gilbert Gandia, Artist

“A big thank you to everybody who organized this, everybody who played and everybody who showed up to make the event a success!!! We Did It TOGETHER!!!”
~ Joe Brown, Artist and Musician

“What a truly wonderful day and night. Thank you to everyone who helped make it so jubilant and elating and jolly and fabulous and incredible!”
~ Vicky Belakhov, Band member, “Squiggy & Laverne,” DITF (Doin’ It Together Fest)

“Rick, thanks for your great work on the Sunday night event. It was super to have Steve rapping away with these really great musicians complementing his style, and Yuko was wonderful in reading her spiritual poems as well. We really enjoyed it, I just could not last through the longer encores that were starting, too exhausted. Steve was a huge hit for the whole weekend. He really is a great fit and honors Jack’s spirit. Thanks to Peter for providing lodging and it was great to see him there after long weekend in N.O. Thanks to the 119 gang, for sure, for hosting and making everyone feel at home, like you were in someone’s pad in the village in the sixties! Yes to more local talent as well.”
~ Mike Wurm, President LCK!

“We’re looking for combinations with other players, in what I’ve been calling the hottest area of the world for free improv right now (the northeast, in which I’d include Montreal). By hottest I mean: More players coming out of the woods, receptive new and not jaded or hohum listeners, everything relatively close, and led by XFest.”
~ Jack Wright, Easton PA

“Wow. So lucky to be able to play out and listen to such stupendous and unforgettable musicians. Insert your best superlative here! It applies! Thank you Michael F Dailey Jr, Peter Evans, Mike Funaiole, Morgan Evans- Weiler, David Miller, Andrew Neumann, David Rovin, Austin White, Walter Wright.”
~ Junko Fujiwara, Haverhill MA

“”Thanks to people like Walter Wright and Kate Lee, Frank Hurricayne and Chang Dhan-Ali who have been the biggest inspiration for an event like this. Never would have happened had I not met these wise dreamers!”
~ Arkm Foam, Whitehaus Family Record, Jamaica Plain MA

“Yesterday was a fulfilling time as well giving a graphic score & found sound Workshop at 119 Gallery in the afternoon and then a performance in the evening joined by bodydrama, Walter Wright and crew. Fabulously honest collaboration was had by all. What a joy!”
~ Benjamin Miller, Brooklyn NY

119 Gallery in Lowell fosters innovative cooperation between artists, musicians, dancers, performers, video artists and creative thinkers. As part of my current show, “Two Artists in Two Dimensions: Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein,” the gallery recently hosted several notable artists’ teams on a panel discussion on their experiences as collaborators. The panelists were Margot Stage and David Crane, Rick Breault and Elaine Wood, Tim Winn and Zehra Kahn, and Andy Moerlein and me. The moderator was Walter Wright, co-founder of 119 Gallery. The event host was Mary Ann Kearns, also a co-founder of the gallery.”

“The panel considered these and other questions: How does the team develop concepts? How do you negotiate aesthetic decisions? How do you manage work flow – responsibilities – labor? What is your team’s studio arrangement? What are the advantages of collaborating? What is the team’s story?”
~ Donna Dodson, Boston Globe, read the full article here.

“Walter Wright, an artist and co-founder of 119 Gallery in Lowell works to support music and especially the art of improv by providing a space for performance. ‘The lesson of improv is to listen to what the other players are playing and respond to it whereas the purpose of a concert or recording session is to listen to yourself to perfect your performance. ‘As an artist whose grandfather is nothing less than a national treasure in Canada, he believes in the civic duty of government to support the arts. Walter and his partner Mary Ann Kearns are dedicated to the arts as a lifestyle, supporting a true open door policy by canny use of volunteers, grant writing, and fundraising. The gallery is a community resource where anyone can see art, hear experimental music and witness their creative efforts to create alternative models of survival.”
~ Donna Dodson, Boston Globe, read the full article here.

“Best art house in Lowell, they entered 21 Century”
~ Noredin Morgan, Billerica MA

“Congratulations to the whole community that makes it happen! Mary Ann, you have shown that art history is NOW and Walter you have proven that architecture is about flesh and blood! Love you guys!”
~ Boyd Nutting (board member 1992-2002)

“YAYYY! My home away from home. Congratulations!”
~ Crank Sturgeon, Husolandia

“Thank you so much for inviting me to play at X-Fest this year. It is a great honor to be among those with such a high level of musicianship – I think that is something that was generally felt/appreciated all around, since so many people mentioned it to me. For me, it was a relatively unique experience to absolutely “know” before-hand that the audience was with you in body, heart and mind – urging, supporting, encouraging, enabling one to start at “fantastic” and move outward/inward to new territory. I wish that I could live in that molecular space. I am thankful for every taste.

The festival was wonderful and inspiring – plus what a great and special chance it was to hang with folks that I’ve known for awhile, but have never had the opportunity for extensive socializing. I loved the playing combinations that you slotted me into, and the time slot was great. I’m very happy about the whole thing. This will keep me fueled for quite awhile. And, as always, your hospitality was wonderful – thanks for letting me stay upstairs – it’s my favorite kind of touring – I can get there and then just focus on all aspects of the event. Thank you so much.”
~ Bonnie Kane, Brooklyn NY

“Walter, thank you times a billion for inviting me to be a part of XFest! I Had such a Time! It was a great Time. I feel like that single event propelled my musical ability forward by a thousand percent. I feel so lucky!!  Please convey my greatest gratitude and joy to Mary Ann as well !!!! See you soon maybe at the Nenakata / G CLAM show this Friday!!!!!”
~ Kate Lee, musician [Jamaica Plain MA]

She found ‘escape’ in Lowell arts scene – Lowell Sun Online an article by Lowell Sun reporter Jen Myers about local artist Stephanie Lak who was a co-creator of the 2011 119 Gallery mural, a frequent performer and artist at the gallery, and booking agent for many of the musical performances here. Stephanie is an amazing person and she gives some great props to the 119 Gallery, Walter Wright and Mary Ann Kearns for creating a space that welcomes and inspires.

Where Can I Find Good Art in Lowell?, a wonderful article in the UML Connector by Kristen Dubis, student UMass Lowell, Dept of Fine Arts.

“Thanks to 119 Gallery for a great time, your hospitality, and show last weekend. A very inspiring experience was had by all. BiRdOrGaN and Los Condenados created such an open and forward thinking environment that BPF was really able to expand into the sound. It started things off right and we played in top form the entire tour. Thank you for that!”
~ Bonnie Kane, Big Plastic Finger [Brooklyn NY]

“Also tonight if you’re in Lowell please go out and support 119 Gallery at the 119 Benefit Art Auction. Walter and co are a big part of the reason we started the whole UG scene.”
~ Umbrella Gallery, Fitchburg MA

“119 Gallery continues to garner real attention, make valuable connections and open up the local community to the greater art world. We had a great time seeing you all on Saturday, seeing Dan, and seeing his artworks in the gallery. You have made an impact with your gallery program and music events, although I know it is constant, hard work.”
~ Donna Dodson and Andy Moerlein, artists, Jamaica Plain MA and Concord NH

“Thanks to the thoughtful and enthusiastic audience in the beautifully resonant walls of 119 Gallery! Delicious Cambodian food and a good show..”
~Killick Hinds, musician

“I wish I had a job right now so I could afford to come to these again. All of you and the 119 Gallery are an inspiration!”
~ Bradford Rusick

“Thank you so much to Walter Wright and everybody at 119 Gallery for a great time last night. There’s always a great atmosphere of love and support there that we are hard pressed to find anywhere else in the country. Sorry we had to leave early…Justin had to be designated driver and I had to go puke my guts up and stay in bed all night/day…if I had known that, I would have drank a ton.”
~ Black Steel Peacock, Fitchburg MA

“He [Rocha] is thrilled to win the recognition at 119 Gallery, which he calls “a great catalyst and supporter of the local arts here.”  “We would not have the depth of visual and audio arts in Lowell  without 119 Gallery — it’s often compared to galleries in New York,”  said Rocha.
Lowell Sun

“we love 119
we gig there we are treated human
lowell sleeps and wakes with 119
and that great cambodian restaurant next door
kerouac whispers drunken praises
the merrimac gurgles its devotion
the recent exhibit tangles us in woods and cloth
of of the great YUM”
~ Steve Dalachinsky, poet, New York NY

“I do love 119 Gallery!!!”
Jaki Cunha, Lowell

119 Gallery posted my site on their status!!”
~ Isaiah Gandia, Lowell

“I love 119 Gallery and will be back asap!!! xoxo”
~ Adam Casey, musician, New Zealand

“In many ways the 119 is living this vision of our future arts leadership.”
~ Arts Blog

“Thank you for hosting Art Salon Boston today. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation and will definitely be back to see your shows!”
~ Jocelyn Almy-Testa, Boston MA

“Paul Marion posted a review of last night’s Lowell Poetry Network reading and included a very positive review of the Gallery. Yes, we are more than ‘just a gallery.’ …. Thanks Paul!”
~ Richard Howe’s Blog

“Hey 119 … FANTASTIC show last nite … you really brought da noise to Lowell once again … I had a blast as usual … don’t know why I don’t make the excuse to come up to The 119 more often.

Anyhow … hoo boy … that Crank Sturgeon sure can suck a bearClaw … Khazakstan … PCRV, The Sinbusters, Matjaz Galicic, and the amazing dadallamas … just phenomenal all around … wish’d i’d a known it was noise all nite, would a spread the word to some DMI folks that are about to take a ‘sound’ course startin’ up on Wednesday … as well as my good friend Chris Mascara { i know he would’ve loved it up … them there balloons + a laptop computer tricks + such … hoo dawg } …

Walter, you gotz ta inform me on this there Sacred + Profane festival up by Portland way … sounds like something i might not wanna miss …

Thanks again for keeping life wild + open … just what the doctor ordered ;] … don’t think i’ve laught that loud in a while { cranka cranka cranka ho ho ha! }”
~ Lou Susi, Boston MA

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