artists, 2010

Artists who have shown work and/or performed at 119 Gallery
January 1 – December 31, 2010

This year 119 Gallery welcomed 515+ artists! Most of them local, from Greater Lowell; and the rest regional, from Boston, NE, and beyond.

A Bit Much, band [Boston]
A Dying Breed, local band [Lowell]
Id m Theft Able, collage, voice & homemade instruments [Portland ME]
Action Park, local band [Lowell]
Dan Adam, DJ [Lowell]
ADAM Project, dance [Lowell]
Mitchel K Ahern, homebrew instruments, narrative, wood block prints [Swampscott MA]
Ajda the Turkish Queen, new music [Cambridge MA]
Steve Albert, video [Lowell]
Andy Allen, saxophone [Boston]
Gordon Allen, trumpet [Montreal QC]
Angkor Dance Troupe, Cambodian traditional dance [Lowell]
Stephan Anstey – poet [Dracut MA]
Apocalypso Trio, new music, video & movement [Lowell, Boston, Brooklyn NY]
Ashley Argerake, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Giovanna Aviles, photography [Lowell]

Baby Driver, local band [Jamaica Plain MA]
Seth Bailin, sax, drums [Lowell]
Josh Baker, bicycle wheel [Kittery ME]
Ryan Baker, guitar & voice [North Andover]
Joey Banh, computer music [Lowell]
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, movement, performance art [Asheville NC]
Barn Owl, new music [Holyoke MA]
Andy Bass, computer music [Lowell]
Amanda Bastos, drawing [Lowell]
Yael Bat-Shimon, violin [Providence RI]
Derek Beckvold, alto sax [Boston]
Beehive Design Collective, collaborative anti-copyright images as educational & organizing tools [Machias, ME]
Bella Birds, local bands [Lowell]
Ben and Bill Family Fun Hour, local band [Lowell]
Matt Berlin, double bass [Lowell]
Clara Berry, piano, vocals [Portland ME]
Emoh Betta, DJ [Dorchester]
Arin Betul, painting [North Andover MA]
Big Wilson River, new music [NJ]
Kevin Bilapka-Arbelaez, guitar, vocals [Lowell]
Donovan Bilgewater, music [Lowell]
Jade Bishop, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Marc Bisson, prepared guitar, electroacoustic music, collectibles, collages [Manchester NH]
Tyler Bisson, guitar, vocals [Lowell]
BiRdOrGaN, new music [Lowell, Nashua & Manchester NH]
Black Fortress of Opium, local band [Cambridge]
Black Steel Peacock, local band [Fitchburg]
Reg Bloor, guitar [New York NY]
Amy Boger, ceramics [Lowell]
Shan Shan Bonifanti, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Alexei Borisov, guitar, electronics [Moscow Russia]
Boy Without God, new music [NY]
Box Lunch, local band, new music [Boston]
Rick Breault, laptop, photography and phonography [Lowell]
Anne Brown, assemblage [Georgetown MA]
Dayna Brown, computer music [Lowell]
Danielle Brown, DJ [Lowell]
David Brown, didgeridoo, percussion [Boston]
Eric Brown, guitar, drums [Leominster]
Gaetana Brown, guitar & vocals [Boston]
Joe Brown, bass, photography, Best-in-Show 2010 Members’ Exhibit [Lowell]
Brown Bird, new music [RI]
Todd Brunel, bass clarinet [Boston]
Jennifer Brunelle, voice, tamborine, noise violin [Lowell]
Kenneth Budka, computer music [Lowell]
Jean-Paul Buisson, piano soundboard [Le Havre France]
Lou Bunk, objects, electroacoustic music [Somerville]
Joe Burgio, movement [Somerville]
Alyssa Burgos, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Melissa Burke, movement [NYC]
Busy Arms, local band [MA]
Rob Byrd, ambient guitar, electronics, live soundtracks [Somerville MA]

Cabinet of Natural Curiosities, new music [CT NY]
Risa Caires, painting [Lowell]
Dustin Carlson, guitar [NYC]
Kathleen Cammarata, drawing, painting, printmaking [Lowell]
Ashley Cantrell, painting [Lowell]
Taylor Carreiro, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Rena Carrillo, painting [Lowell]
Steven Carvalho, painting [Billerica]
Patrick Cassidy, drums [Boston]
Cave Bears, new music [Easthampton]
Ceschi, band [NH]
Audrey Chen, cello, electronics, voice [Baltimore MD]
Brian Clark, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Olivia Close, bass [Lowell]
Jennifer Cloutier, live art, painting [Lowell]
Lou Cohen, laptop [Cambridge]
James Coleman, Theremin [Somerville]
Nick Colella, guitar [Lowell]
Comma, local band [Boston]
Paul Conant, guitar, drums [Fitchburg MA]
Frances Conrad, painting [Lowell]
Chris Cooper, guitar [Holyoke MA]
Dave Cordes, bass [Boston]
Barbara Craig, lighting & set design [Worcester]
David Crane, sculptor [Lowell]
Hannah Cranton, guitar, vocals [Salem MA]
Eric Crawley, synthesizers [Boston]
Andy Crespo, bass [Holyoke MA]
Matteo Cugno, drawing, painting [Lowell]
Sam Cunha, actor [Tyngsboro]
Currency, skateboard video [Lowell]
Teresa Czepiel, movement [Somerville]

Eric Dahlman, cornet, trumpet [Medford]
Michael F Dailey Jr, painting, mural, local bands [Lowell]
Shawn Dailey, keyboards, drums [Devon NH]
Steve Dalachinsky, poetry [NYC]
Tom Daley, poet [Concord MA]
Meghan Dalton, actor [Tyngsboro]
Mekim Dang, painting [Lowell]
Darker Hues, local band [Boston]
Jackie Davis, actor [Tyngsboro]
Arrington De Dionyso’s Malaikat Dan Singa, new music [Olympia WA]
Degan, guitar [Boston]
Ivy Demos, painting, mixed media [Parsonsfield ME]
Kit Demos, double bass, electronics {Parsonsfield ME]
Sara DeRoeck, painting [Lowell]
Devil Eyes, band [Montreal Canada]
Savitha Devisetti, painting [Lowell]
Dig Safe, local band [Lowell]
Bethany Dinsick, vocals [Baltimore MD]
Donna Dodson, sculptor [Jamaica Plain MA]
DOOMSTAR!, local band [Cambridge MA]
Polina Dorosinskaya, painting [Lowell]
Rich Douglas, DJ [Lowell]
Brandon Downs, musician [Lowell]
Daniel Francis Doyle, musician [Austin, TX]
Shayna Dulberger, jazz [Brooklyn NY]
Ben Dube, guitar [Lowell]
Dubious Duo, new music [Boston, Sacremento CA]
Darwin Dubon, computer music [Lowell]
Mark Dwinell, monochord [Brooklyn NY]
Nicole Dwyer, computer music [Lowell]

Ecco Fatto, electroacoustic sound [Le Havre France]
Andrew Eisenberg, percussion [Boston]
Nick Egersheim, drums [Lowell]
EMU, improvised narrative, music, movement [Boston]
Nicole Ratos Enerson, photography, video [Winchester]
Mark Eshbaugh, photography [Westford MA]
eyeformation, grafitti art [Lowell]
Eyes For Volume, new music [Philadelphia]

Libby Fab, drums [New York NY]
Ben Farley, guitar & voice [Lowell]
Anthony Febo, poet [Lowell]
Corey Felt, live paint [Salem NH]
Tim Feeney, percussion [Ithaca NY]
Posie Ferrell, drawing, painting [Lowell]
Rich Ferrell, guitar, drums [Lowell]
Fishing The Sky, local bands [Boston]
Brian Fiske, painting
Patrick Flaherty, guitar, vocals [Lowell]
Matt Flynn, guitar, vocals [Lowell]
FOB Clothing – contemporary fashion [Lowell]
Andy Fordyce, drums [Boston]
Matt Fox, guitar voice [MA]
From Sky to Sea [MA]
Flying Orb Productions, film production [Lowell]
Matt Flynn, guitar [Lowell]
Kristen Ford, guitar, vocals [Boston]
Chris Forgione, drums [Lowell]
Ben Frassa – guitar, ambient electronics [Lowell]
FreeVerse: Lowell Youth Slam Team, poetry [Lowell]
Kevin Frenette, guitar [Boston]
Kevin Frenette Trio – jazz [Boston]
Frkse, new music, performance [Jamaica Plain]
Mike Funaiole, analog synth [Nashua NH]

Lisa Gagne, photography [Lowell]
Taila Galloway, robotic sculpture [Lowell]
Gilbert Gandia, live art, painting, mural outside gallery [Lowell]
GAN-e-meed Theatre Project [Tyngsboro MA]
Alex Gentile, guitar, bass, vocals [Lowell]
Alex Giavis, painting [Lowell]
Jon Glancy, drums [Boston]
Ellen Godena, movement [Boston]
Linda Goetz, actor [Tyngsboro]
Gracious Calamity, band [Jamaica Plain]
Forbes Graham, trumpet [Weston MA]
Lillian Helen Graham, photography [Weston MA]
Marcus Griep, photography [Billerica MA]

Joanna Hall, painting [Lowell]
Tom Hamilton, electronics [NYC]
Simon Hanes, bass [Boston]
Daniel Harris, guitar loops [Boston]
Jeff Havens, drawing, painting [Northampton MA]
Lillian Harden, sculptor, installation, violin, cello, banjo, clarinet, voice [Northampton MA]
Chehalis Hegner, photography [Lowell]
Hello Shark, new music [GA]
Brad Henkel, trumpet [NYC]
Hermit Thrushes, new music [Philadelphia PA]
Katt Hernandez, violin [Philadelphia PA, Malmo Sweden]
Hetfield & Hetfield, local band [Lowell]
Jim Higgins, photography, film [Lowell]
Derek Hoffend, electronics, soundscapes [Boston]
Jessica Hosman, photography [Lowell]
Dian Hosmer, painting [Lowell]
Hott Tubb, band [Philadelphia PA]
Eric Howes, guitar [Lowell]
Jenna Hoy, computer music [Lowell]
Bob Hubbard, drums [Utica NY]
Stuart Huntington, computer music [Lowell]

Ichabod, local band [Boston]
ii nub, local band [Worcester]
Alyssa Ironhorse, drawing, painting [Lowell]
Anna Isaak-Ross, photography, sculpture [Lowell]
Goran Ivanovic, guitarist [Chicago IL]

Avi Jacob, new music [RI]
Jake and the Infernal Machine, new music [MA]
Jim Jeffers, painting, installation, performance [Lowell]
Joshua Jefferson, collage, saxophone, bass clarinet [Boston]
Angie Jepson, choreographer [Tyngsboro]
Jan M Johnson, fabric art [Lowell]
JollyBoring, painting & graphic design [Nashua NH]
Masada Jones, poetry [Lowell]

Dave Kaczorowski, bass [NJ]
Paul Kafka-Gibbons, movement, voice [Somerville]
Bonnie Kane, sax/flute/electronics [Rockaway NY]
Andreas Kapsalis, guitarist [Chicago IL]
Karlheinz, electronics [Allston MA]
Kyeong Kim, sculpture, photography [Montvale NH]
Morgan Kisiel, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Ebenezar Archer Kling, painting & drawing [Northampton MA]
Kaye Kling, computer music [Lowell]
Adam Kology, drawing, printmaking [Northampton]
Nick Koptiew, painting [Lowell]
Greg Kowalski, live video [Newburyport MA]

Lace Helmet, artists’ collective, installations [Northampton MA]
Ladderlegs, local band [Lowell Boston]
Stephanie Lak, voice, objects, keyboard [Lowell]
Emmanuel Lalande, electronics [Le Havre France]
Nathan Landis, drawing, painting [Lowell]
Forrest Larson, electronic music [CT]
Jenna Lemieux, painting [Lowell]
Sophy Leng, dance [Lowell]
Danielle Leone, drawing, painting [Lowell]
Ruth Lepson, poetry [Boston]
Katherine Liberovskaya, video [NYC]
Alyshia Lien, drawing, painting, sculpture, poet, model [Lowell]
Justin Lindahl, computer music [Lowell]
Lion Cub, band [Northhampton MA]
Live Footage, new music [Brooklyn NY]
Living Things, new music, performance [NYC]
Joe Livolsi, drums [Lawrence]
Lonesome Lake, new music [NH]
Lonesome Republic, local band [Lowell]
Max Lord, analog synth [Boston]
Loup-Garou, new music, video [Lowell]
Whit Love, guitar, DJ [Lowell]
Luau, local band [Dover NH]
Midge Lyons, voice [Salem MA]

Brandi MacDonald, poet [Greenville NH]
Joe MacFadzen, photography, music [Lowell]
Mambo Mantis, free jazz [Rockaway Park NY]
Denise Manseau, drawing, painting, encaustic [Billerica]
Al Margolis, laptop [Chester NY]
Mike Marlin, prepared banjo [Sacramento CA]
Ed Marshall, poet [Lowell]
Nicole Mason, fabric art [Dracut]
Matahari, local band [Lowell]
Math The Band, local band [Providence RI]
T-Max performs songs from “Why Do We Go to War?” [Amesbury MA]
William Patrick McCann, guitar, prints, drawings [Lowell]
Hally McGehean, photography [Westport CT]
John McKusick, video [Fitchburg]
Johnny McLellan, drums [Northboro MA]
Dan McNeil, webart [Lowell]
Andrew Mello, guitar & voice [Boston]
Peter Mendola, computer music [Lowell]
Midi and The Modern Dance, band [CT]
Ben Miller, prepared guitar, electronics [Brooklyn NY]
Dave Miller, drums [Brooklyn NY]
Aung Khine Min, robotic sculpture [Lowell]
Stephen Mishol, drawing, painting, sculpture [Lowell]
Mobius Artists Group Quartet, new music [Boston]
Andy Moerlein, sculptor [Bow NH ]
Rady Mom, flute [Lowell]
Alyssa Moore, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Noredin Morgan, painting [Billerica]
Nick Morrison, guitar [Boston]
Ras Moshe, sax, flute, bass clarinet [Brooklyn NY]
Sarah Morkunas, painting [Lowell]
Holly Moss, painting [Lowell]
Emilie Mouchous, electronics [Montreal QC]
Mountain Man, local band [Manchester NH]
Mudflap Junior Jones, local band [MA NH]
Jim Murray, computer music [Lowell]
Jeremy Murray, computer music [Lowell]

Tatsuya Nakatani, solo percussion [Easton PA]
Jeremy Nash, painting [Lowell]
NE Phonographers Union, soundscapes [Boston]
Pete Negroponte, drums [Boston]
New Highway Hymnal, band [Haverhill]
Thomas Nola and The Black Hole, band [Worcester MA]
Dug North, automata, sculptor [Lowell]
Steve Norton, bass clarinet [Medford]
Olga Nosova, bass, drums [Moscow Russia]
Not The Wind, Not The Flag, new music [Toronto ON]
Erik Nugent, handmade instruments [Boston]
Viljam Nybacka, bass [Finland]

Alex Obert, double bass [NYC]
Donald O’Finn, video [NYC]
Dorothy Oja, photography [Cambridge MA]
Older than Hours, performance [Brattleboro VT]
Yuko Otomo, poetry [NYC]

Packrat, local band [Lowell]
Dylan Palme, sound art, performance [ME]
Kelianna Panos, robotic sculpture [Lowell]
Priya Patel, robotic sculpture [Lowell]
Rutva Patel, robotic sculpture [Lowell]
Setheyny Pen, curator, painting, drums & percussion [Lowell]
Andrea Pensado, laptop & voice [Salem MA]
Bill Perrault, poet [Lowell]
Patrick Pierce, poet, sculptor [Lowell]
Pile, local band [Boston]
Joshua Pimentel, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Christian Pinero, robotic sculpture [Lowell]
Pinsky, band [Portland ME]
Pleasure to Burn, local band [Lowell]
Tom Plsek, trombone [Windham]
Matt Plummer, trombone [NYC]
Elisabetta Polito, costume design [Tyngsboro]
Marie Polizzano, actor [Tyngsboro]
Al Polk, guitar & vocals [Boston]
President Soup, local band [Lowell]
Phyllis Proctor, painting [Lowell]
Thavaleak Prum, robotic sculpture [Lowell]

Qfwfq Duo, new music & video [Salem MA]
Sam Quaintance, stage manager [Boston]
Quixote, local band [Lowell]

Radio Control, band [Medford MA]
Radioactive Prostitute, band [Easthampton MA]
Josh Ragucci, computer music [Lowell]
Nikola Ragusa, flute [Windsor Ontario]
Rat Salad, local band [Boston]
Redwing Blackbird, new music [NH]
Reverend Reacharound, guitar, vocals [Worcester MA]
John Riedell, photography, music [Worcester MA]
Andrew Renault-Caragianes, guitar, bass, drums [Cambridge]
Jeanette Maureen Renault-Caragianes, drawing, painting, cell-phone-photography [Lowell]
Return to Nibiru, new music [Brooklyn NY]
Sam Riebe, painting [Lowell]
Craig Robertson, computer music [Lowell]
Herb Robertson Trio, jazz [NJ]
Herb Robertson, trumpet [NJ]
Dave Robinson, author, poet, drawing [Lowell]
RobotMonkeyArm, local band [North Andover]
Dan Rocha, painting, collage, exterior mural, winner 6th Annual Juried Exhibit [Lowell]
James Rohr, Fender Rhodes [Boston]
Zack Root, guitar, voice [Lowell]
Dave Ross, guitar, voice [Brooklyn NY]
SerahRose Roth, actor [Tyngsboro]
Emma Rugg, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Michelle Ruszczyk, painting [Lowell]

Eric Sack, live video [Lowell]
Nick Sackos, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Ashkelon Sain, musician [Thorn City OR]
Daniel Sagner, computer music [Lowell]
Matt Samolis, flute [Boston]
Chelsea Sams, painting, printmaking, sculptor [Beverly MA]
Linda Saphan, prints, collage [NYC Cambodia]
Dan Sardella, musician [Boston]
Timothy Sargent, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Tony Savarino, guitar [Boston]
Angela Sawyer, objects, voice [Boston]
Araceli Schmalz, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Elaine Seidel, photography [Billerica]
Parth Shah, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Patrick Shaughnessy, keyboard, poetry [Cambridge]
Elizabeth Sheehan, painting [Boston]
Fausto Sierakowski, alto sax [Boston]
Joel Simches, bass [Boston]
Sinbusters, local band [Lowell]
Blaise Siwula, sax [Brooklyn NY]
Skinny Vinny, new music [Jamaica Plain]
Son Cats, new music [CT]
Soriah, throat singer, performance artist [Portland OR]
Jed Speare, new music, soundscapes [Boston]
Speet Silex, electronics, toys [Le Havre France]
Small Houses, band [MI]
Spirit and Dust, new music [Philadelphia]
St Claire, local band [MA]
Margot Stage, fabric art [Westford]
Stage Fright, music [Portland ME]
Rick Stec, live paint, drawings, drums [Lowell]
Giselle Sterling, painting [Lowell]
Janet Stevenson, poetry [North Chelmsford MA]
Eric Stewart, guitar [Boston]
Stoploss, local band [Lowell]
Lauren Strobel, trumpet [Jamaica Plain]
Strotter Inst, turntables[Switzerland]
Matt Studivan, music [Medford]
Crank Sturgeon, noise, disruption [Portland ME]
Anna Struna, painting [Lowell]
Kait Sturtevant, painting [Lowell]
Felicia Sullivan, web art [Lowell]
Summer Blondes, band [Oakland CA]
Natalie Surette, drawing, painting [Billerica]
Bonnie Surowiec, computer music [Lowell]
Adria Sutter, drawing,painting [Northampton MA]
Swapping Spit, local band [Dracut]
Sway, new music [Northampton]
Sweat Pant Symphony, local band [Lowell]
Steve Syverson, sculptor [Lowell]
Kristina Szilagyi, actor [Tyngsboro]

Abram Taber, guitar, bass, drums [Medford]
Tallahassee, new music [PA RI MA]
Tartufi, new music [San Francisco CA]
Melvern Taylor, ukulele [Lowell]
Tell Stories, new music [NH]
Asher Thal-Nir, electronics, soundscapes [Somerville]
The Accident That Led Me To The World, new music [MA]
The Big Big Bucks, local band [Allston]
The Bill Murray Experience, new music [NY]
The Brave Little Abacus, local band [NH]
The Crop Circles, new music [CA]
The Devil and a Penny, local band [Lowell]
The Doctors Fox, local band [Boston]
The Dope Girls, new music [CT]
The Eeries, band [Philadelphia]
The Horror, The Horror, band [Asheville NC]
The Mirror Neurons, local band [Everett MA]
The Points North, local band [Boston]
The Paranoid Critical Revolution, band [New York]
The Sharpest, local band [MA]
The Thin Heir, local band [MA]
The Turkeys, new music [Covington KY]
The Universes, band [Providence RI]
The Woodrow Wilsons, local band [Jamaica Plain MA]
Thunder Pants Johnson, local band [Lowell]
Emile Tobenfeld aka Dr T, live video [Framingham]
Ali Torrice, painting [Lowell]
Trachypithecene Entity, electroacoustic sound [Portland ME]
Michal Truelsen, printmaking [Lowell]
Amelia Tucker, painting [Boston]
Jessica Turcotte, painting [Lowell]
Frank Turek, collage, saxophone & keyboards [Portland ME]
Tyler Bisson, guitar, vocals [Lowell CT]

Uncle Naked and the Mystery Priests, local band [Fitchburg]
Univox, band [PA]
UNUNI, local band [Fitchburg MA]

Victoria Valente, painting [Lowell]
Adrian Valosin, drums [NJ]
Brenda van der Beek, painting [North Andover MA]
Jules Vasylenko, alto sax, bamboo sax
Katherine Vetne, painting [Boston]
Victory Lapse, local band [Lowell]
Vika Vann, guitar, vocals [Lowell]
Nick Ven, robotic sculpture [Lowell]
Venezuela, local band [Lowell]
Monica Veth, dance, fashion, acting [Lowell]
VIVA VIVA, local band [Boston]
John Voigt, bass [Cambridge

Jasmine Dreame Wagner, poet, artist, musician [CT]
Bucky Waters, voice & keyboards [North Andover]
Christopher James Webb, theater director [Boston]
Jessica Webb, actor [Tyngsboro]
Kevin Webb, computer music [Lowell]
Rebecca Webber, actor [Tyngsboro]
Wednesday Night Militia, local band [Chelmsford]
Kellie Weeks, painting, encaustic [Fitchburg MA]
Chris Welcome, guitar [Brooklyn NY]
Mat Weston, drums, electronics [Holyoke MA]
Carolyn Wilkins, voice [Cambridge MA]
Bethy Williams, painting [Wilton NH]
Jessie Williams and the Boozehounds, new music [CA]
Jean Winslow, prints [Lowell]
Wisteriax, cello & electronics, raises pigeons [Lowell]
Wendy Wollaeger, painting [Rowley MA]
Elaine Wood, video, drawing [Lowell]
Wooden Dinosaur, new music [VT]
Word For Word, local band [Manchester NH]
Walter Wright, painting, electronics, video [Lowell]
James Wylie, alto sax [Boston]
Falicia Wyman, computer music [Lowell]

Rana Xavier, photographer [Lowell]
dei Xhrist aka Deidre Christiansen, voice, electronics, performance, painting, sculpture [Manchester NH]

Dan Younger, photography [St Louis MO]
Jennifer Yuenger, photography [Lowell]

Yuri Zbitnoff, drums [Boston]

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