artists, 2009

Artists who have shown work and/or performed at 119 Gallery
January 1 – December 31, 2009

During the year 119 Gallery welcomed a total of 369 artists. Because the list below includes both individual artists and groups, we probably served closer to 400 individual artists including traditional and new media artists showing work in our exhibit program; musicians performing weekly, everything from art punk to free improvisation, noise and soundscapes; film and video makers screening their work; workshops and classes on everything from circuit building to yoga and movement. Of these artists 113 were local, that is from Lowell; 201 were from the region (most of them from the Boston area); and 55 were from outside the region or from outside the country. We had artists from Canada, France, Germany, Scandinavia and Slovenia. Here’s a summary –

113 [ 30%] local artists
201 [ 54%] regional artists
  55 [ 15%] national and international artists
369 [100%] total

Travis Abbot, music/rock, Lowell
Adja the Turkish Queen, voice, Allston
Mitchel K Ahern, music/improv, performance, printmaker, Swampscott
Caroline Sutton Akins, poetry, NH
Steve Albert, video, Lowell
Alchemi, music/DJ, Carlilse
Matt Anderson aka Crank Sturgeon, music/noise, performance, Portland ME
Andrew Mello, music/rock, Leominster
Betul Arin, painting, North Andover
Che Arraj, live painting, Lowell
Astronomer, music/rock, Boston
Seth Bailen, music/improv/rock, Lowell
Josh Baker, new music, Kittery Point ME
Bar Sinister, music/rock, Lowell
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, movement, Asheville NC
Basta Ya!, new music/rock, Cambridge
Amanda Bastos, live painting, Lowell
Bebe Beard, video, sculpture, performance, Boston
Jerry Beck, poetry, Lowell
Derek Beckvold, new music/improv, Boston
Soo Bee, live painting, Lowell
Josh Beetler, music/rock, Lowell
Tim Bergeron, /music/rock, Lowell
Bella Birds, music/rock, Lowell
Belltone Suicide, new music/noise, Easthampton MA
Sarah Bennett, sculpture, Swampscott MA
Benny, music/DJ, Boston
Martin Berinstein, video, Boston
Emoh Betta, music/DJ, Boston
Bethany D, music/rock, Lowell
birdorgan, new music/rock/noise, Lowell and Southern NH
Big Big Bucks, music/rock, Allston
Marc Bisson, music/improv, Manchester NH
Nicole Bindler, dance, Philadelphia PA
Black Fortress of Opium, music/rock, Allston
Black Steel Peacock, new music/noise, Fitchburg MA
Michael Bloom, music/improv, Cambridge
Jean-Pierre Bobillot, sound poetry, France
bodydrama, music/dance/performance, Lowell Boston
Al Bouchard, poetry, NH
the boy who spoke clouds, music/rock, Australia
Jon Brandi, yoga class, Lowell
The Brave Little Abacus, new music/rock, Southern NH
Rick Breault, new music/electronic, Arlington
Deborah Brown, painting, Lowell
Gaetana Brown, music/rock, Leominster
Joe Brown, music/improv, photography, Lowell
Linda Leslie Brown, sculpture, Boston
Angie Bruce, theater director, Lowell
Todd Brunel, new music/improv, Boston
Jennifer Brunelle, new music/rock, photography, Lowell
Lou Bunk, music/improv, Boston
Joe Burgio, movement improv and workshop, Somerville
Risa Caires, live painting, Lowell
Carolyn Callahan, drawing & painting, Boston
Kathleen Cammarata, prints, Lowell
Daniel Carter, new music/improv, Brooklyn NY
Patrick Cassidy, music/rock, Lowell
Anne Cavanaugh, painting, Lowell
Cave Bears, new music/rock and performance, Easthampton MA
Audrey Chen, music/improv, Baltimore MD
David Chirlin, poetry, NH
Dylan Clark, music/rock, Boston
Degan Clinton, new music/improv/rock, Boston
Olivia Close, painting and music/art rock, Lowell
Jennifer Cloutier, live painting, Lowell
Coalmine Canary, new music/rock, Allston
James Coates, sculpture, Lowell and NH
Lou Cohen, music/improv, video, Cambridge
Nick Collela, new music/rock, Lowell
Anna Comella, mixed media, Boston
Maggie Connors, sculptor, Boston
Ethan Costello, new music/improv.rock, Boston
Eric Crawley, music/improv, Boston
Gabriel Cruser, new music/improv/rock, Lowell
Currency, skateboard art, video, Lowell
Teresa Czepiel, dance, Springfield & Boston
dadallamas, music/video/dance/performance, Lowell Boston NH
Eric Dahlman, new music/improv, Medford MA
Michael F Dailey Jr, music/improv, comics, mural, Lowell
Jason Daniels, video, Medfield MA
Lola Danza, music/improv, Brooklyn NY
Dear Dallas, music/rock, NJ
Laura Davidson, book art, Boston
Mark DeCarteret, poetry, Portsmouth NH
Deck Demons, music/DJs, Boston
DELAG HAEMORRHAGE, new music/noise and performance, UK Spain
DeiX, music/improv, video, Manchester NH
Kit Demos, music/new music, ME
Anthony Devine, live painting, Lowell
Sayitha Devisetti, painting, Lowell
Diagram A, new music/noise and performance, Greenfield MA
Glenn Dickson, music, Boston
The Doctors Fox, music/rock, Boston
Donna Dodson, sculpture, Boston
Brandon Downs, new music/improv/rock, Lowell
Drop Antenna, music/rock, Newburyport MA
Duck That!, new music/improv, Jamaica Plain
Shayna Dulberger, music/improv, Brooklyn NY
Denise Dumas, sculpture and video, NH
Annie Zean Dunbar, poetry, Lowell Boston
Andrew Duncan, painter, music/DJ, Lowell
Mark Dwinell, new music, Brooklyn NY
Rebecca Leviss Dwyer, painting, Boston
Samantha Eastman, live painting, Lowell
Christopher Eastwood, painting, Provincetown MA
Claire Eder, painting and drawing, Boston
Andy Eisenberg, new music/improv, Boston
Eugene Vining Elementary School students, painting and sculpture, Billerica
Empire SNAFU Restoration Project, sculpture and performance, Ashburnham MA
Nicole Ratos Enerson, drawing, painting and video, Lowell and Boston
Jon Eriksen, new music/noise, New Haven CT and Norway
eyeformation, live painting, graphics, skateboard art, Lowell
Don Eyles, photography, Boston
Factors of Four, new music/rock, Philadelphia PA
Rachel Farese, painting, Lowell
Ben Farley, music/rock, Lowell
Forever The Fallen, music/rock, Lowell
Corey Felt, live painting, Salem NH
Fiske, skateboard art, painting, Nashua NH
Stephanie Flynn, painting, Lowell
Andy Fordyce, music/improv, video, Lowell
Kevin Frenette, music/free jazz, Boston
Full Motion Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble, music/jazz funk, Jamaica Plain
Mike Funiaole, music/improv, Nashua NH
The Fury Coast, music/rock, Boston
Matjez Galicic, new music/noise, Northern Ireland
Charles Gallagher, sculpture, Lowell
Amy Geise, photography, Boston
Sarah Getty, poetry, Boston
Alexander Giavis, painting, Lowell
Todd Gieg, photography, Boston
Jon Glancy, music/rock, Boston
Gnome Revolt, music/rock, Lowell, NH and ME
Ellen Godena, movement, Boston
Timothy Goguen, painting and illustration, Lowell
Forbes Graham, music/free jazz and improv, Weston MA
Grasshopper, music/rock, Brooklyn NY
Allan Greene, sound poetry and photography, Cambridge
Greg & Ted’s Satisfaction Factory, music and video, Northampton MA
Gritty, live painting, Lowell
Megam Gropper, painting, Lowell
Mike Hammecker, painting and video, Boston
Lillie Harden, sculpture, video, Northampton
Daniel Harris, music/rock, Lowell
Peter Harris, photography, Boston
Hayburner, music/rock, Boston
Mark Henderson, music/rock, Medford
Hermit Thrushes, music/rock, Philadelphia PA
Katt Hernandez, music/improv, Philadelphia PA, Malmo Sweden
Jane Fox Hipple, painting, Somerville
Amy Hoehn, painting, Lowell
Eric Hofbauer, new music/improv, Somerville
Holly D, music/DJ, Northampton MA
Ali Horeanopoulis, sculpture, Lowell
Dian Hosmer, painting, Lowell
Nicole Hovey, Music/rock, Portland OR
Ichorous, new music/noise, Lowell
Id m Theftable aka Skott Speare, music/noise, performance, Portland ME
James Ilgenfritz, new music/improv, Brooklyn NY
In the Audience, music/rock, Portland ME
Interplay, dance, Concord MA
Anna Isaac-Ross, photography, Lowell
I the Eye, music/rock, Worcester
Jamesamoeba, new music/noise, Brooklyn NY
Jim Jeffers, prints, painting, performance, Lowell
JollyBoring, skateboard art, painting, Nashua NH
Jan Johnson, fabric arts, Lowell
Joshua Jefferson, new music/improv, Jamaica Plain
Paul Kafka-Gibbons, dance, Somerville
Jim Kalambokis, photography, Boston
Joanne Kaliontzis, curator, Boston
Andreas Kapsalis Trio, new music, Chicago IL
Mary Ann Kearns, curator and sculpture, Lowell
Keep It Tight, music/rock, NYC
Hyun Ju Kim, video, sculpture, Lowell
Kyeong Kim, sculpture, Mt Vernon NH
Joan Kimball, poetry, Concord MA
David Kirkdorffer, music/jazz and rock, Boston
Ebenezer Archer Kling, prints, Northhampton MA
Lisa Knox, painting, Boston
Kominas, music/rock, Boston
Greg Kowalski, video and performance, Salem MA
Rozann Kraus & Company, poetry and dance, Cambridge MA
Ladder Legs, music/rock, Lowell
Lagoon, music/rock, Boston
Stephanie Lak, music/rock, Lowell
Philip Lampe, music and video, Providence RI
Karen Langlie, music/improv, Lowell
Matt Lavelle, new music/improv, NYC
Peter Lee, music/DJ, Providence RI
Neil Leonard, new music/improv, Brookline MA
Danielle Leone, live painting, Lowell
Joey Lessard, live painting, Lowell
Jennifer Lewis, painting and illustration, Boston
Lions Lions, music/rock, Boston
Evan Lipson, music/improv, NYC
Live Footage, music/rock, Brooklyn NY
Little Mystery, new music, Somerville MA
Joe Livolsi, music/free jazz, Lawrence
Glynnis Loman, music/improv, Cambridge
Lonesome Republic, music/rock, Lowell
Loop 2.4.3, new music, Brooklyn NY
Max Lord, new music/electronica, Boston
Luau, music/rock, Dover NH
Craig Lupien, mixed media, Lowell
Magna Mater, music/rock, NH
Denise Manseau, painting, Lowell
Ed Marshall, poetry, Lowell
Mast, music/rock, Providence RI
Math the Band, new music/rock, Providence RI
Roseanne Mattheson, painting, Lowell
Tom Mattos, music/rock, Cambridge MA
Donnie McHale, music/rock, Lowell
John McLellan, new music, Northborough
Ryan McGuire, music/improv, Medford MA
Megitza Quartet, new music, Chicago IL
Andrew Mello, music/rock, Leominster
Todd Merrell, new music/soundscapes, Hartford CT
Stephen Mishol, curator, painting and sculpture, Lowell
Miss Pretty Stitches, performance, Lowell
Andy Moerlein, sculpture, Manchester NH
Joe Moffett, music/improv, Boston
Jonathan Moritz, new music/improv, Brooklyn NY
Sarah Morkunas, painting, Lowell
Cecile Morvan, poetry, Boston
Noredin Morgan, painting, Billerica MA
Jennifer Moses, painting, Boston
Ras Moshe, music/improv, Brooklyn NY
Motel Matches, music/rock, Hardwick Barre MA
Nat Mugavero, music/improv, Lawrence MA
John Mulrooney, live poetry, Cambridge
Tim Murdoch, sculpture, Boston
The Musical Theater, music/rock, Boston
Jeremy Nash, painting, Lowell
Arielle Natale, music/rock, Lowell
Andrew Neumann, sculpture and video, Boston
Jessica Newman, dance, Boston
New Language Collaborative, new music, Boston
The New Year, music/rock, Allentown PA
nickname: Rebel, new music/noise, Cupertino CA
Heather Noecker, music/rock/comics, Nashua, NH
Teaadora Nikolova, music/rock, nomadic
Steve Norton, new music/improv, Jamaica Plain MA
Sean O’Brien, sculpture, Boston
Omnivore, music/rock, Cambridge MA
ONSLO, music/rock, Boston
Packrat, music/rock, Lowell
Pathos, music/rock, NH
Bobbie Parent, graphic design and music/rock, Lowell
Antony Palocci Jr, painting, Provincetown MA
PCRV, new music/noise, Billings MT
Dave Peck, new music/improv, Boston
Setheyny Pen, painting and music/rock, Lowell
Andrea Pensado, new music, Salem MA
Mutita Pholy, live painting, Lowell
Patrick Pierce, sculpture, Lowell
Jeff Platz, music/new music, RI
Matt Plummer, new music/improv, NYC
Qfwfq Duo, new music/performance, Salem MA
Leo Racicot, poetry, Lowell
Nikola Ragusa, new music, Windsor Canada
Ralph Eats Dynamite, music/rock. Lowell
RAM, music/rock, Leominster MA
Vic Rawlings, music/improv, masters class, Boston MA
Red In Reverse, music/rock, Medford Woburn MA
Phil Reese, new music/improv, Lowell
Alicia Renadette, sculpture, Northampton MA
Residents of Mortville, music/rock, Leominster MA
Susan Edward Richmond, poetry, Concord MA
Sampang Riebe, painting, Lowell
Yulanda Rios, painting, Long Beach CA
Dan Rocha, painting, Lowell
James Rohr, music/free jazz, Boston
Eric Rosenthal, new music/improv, Boston
Dave Ross, music/free jazz, poetry, Brooklyn NY
Matt Rouseau, music/free jazz, New Haven CT
Erik Ruin, shadow puppets, Philadelphia PA
Runaway Red Wagon, music/rock, Lowell
Runny, music/rock, Brooklyn NY
Mike Ryan, music/rock, Lowell
Jessica Rylan, circuit building class, Boston
Eric Sack, live video, Lowell
Angela Sawyer, new music/improv, Cambridge MA
Scare Don’t Fear, music/rock, Providence RI
Dennis Schafer, new music/improv, Boston MA
Linda Schlosberg, painting and mixed media, Cambridge MA
Ann Scott, painting, Boston MA
Rick Scott, new music, Boston MA
Noam Sender, new music/improv, Roslindale MA
7 Ton Hand, music/rock, Brooklyn NY
Patrick Shaughnessey, poetry, Lowell
Short Fuse Burning, music/rock, Lowell
Sikhara, new music/noise, France an USA
Ken Silverman, new music/improv, Brooklyn NY
Laurie Simko, painting and mixed media, Lowell
Sinbusters, new music/rock, Lowell
Blaise Siwula, new music/improv, Brooklyn NY
16 Lips, music/rock, Gardner MA
Skate Free or Die Roller Derby Girls, performance, NH
Slasher Risk, music/rock, Brooklyn NY
Slippery Dixon, music/rock, Leominster MA
Syd Smart, new music, Cambridge MA
sam smiley, video, performance,new music/rock, Somerville MA
Grant Smith, music, Watertown MA
Jeff Smith, sculpture, Boston MA
A Snake In The Garden, music/noise, Burlington VT
Speakermute, music/rock, Lowell
Sylvia Stagg-Giuliano, photograhy, Boston MA
Stale Fish, music/rock, Chelmsford
Stay, music/rock, Worcester
Rick Stec, live painting, Lowell
Eric Stewart, music/rock, Lowell
Janet Stevenson, poetry, Lowell
Stilrize, music/rock, Boston
Streight Angular, music/rock, Boston
James Stronoha, music/rock, Lowell
Sylphid, new music/electronica, Northampton MA
Jaqueline Szmyt, painting, Lowell
Abram Taber, music/rock, Medford
Teamwork, music/rock, Worcester
Lenore Tenenblatt, sculpture, painting, printmaking and photography, Boston
Brandon Terzakis, new music/noise, Boston
Gigi Thibodeau, poetry, Lowell
1000 Paper Cranes, music/rock, Boston
3 Dub Mice, music/jazz funk, Lowell
Emile Tobenfeld, live video, photography, Framingham
Sten Ove Toft, new music/noise, Norway
Trachipithecene Entity, new music, Portland ME
Tracing The Corpse, music/band, NJ
Tragwag, music/rock, Lowell
Kim Triedma, poetry, Concord
True Story Theater, poetry and theater, Arlington
Michal Truelsen, prints, Lowell
Christine Tuccelli, photograhy, Lowell
Frank Turek, new music/improv, Portland ME
Under Bright Lights, music/rock, UK
UNIUNI, music/rock, Leominster
Douglas Urbank, film, Boston
Ursonate Orchestra, sound poetry and theater, Williamsport MA
Brenda van der Beek, painting, Andover
Jules Vasylenko, new music/improv, Boston
Katherine Veine, drawing, Cambridge
Dy Yeung Veth, fashion design, Lowell
Victor Bravo, music/rock, Brooklyn NY
Hali Vik, painting, Lowell
John Voigt, music and poetry, Boston
Voyager, music/rock, Boston
Jane Wang, music/free jazz, Watertown
Kellie Weeks, painting, Fitchburg
Wednesday Night Militia, music/rock, Chelmsford
Chris Welcome, music/improv, Brooklyn NY
White Tree, music/rock, Andover
Dr Kelly White, poetry, NH
The Whores, music/rock, Brooklyn NY
Wicked Bad Scumbag, music/rock, Medford
Wild May, new music, Boston
Charles Win, sculpture, Lowell
Elaine Wood, video, Arlington
Andrew Woodward, painting, Boston
Jason Woodward, music/DJ, Lowell
Y Sok Woodward, cooking classes, Lowell
Work/Death, music/noise, Providence RI
Jack Wright, new music/improv, Easton PA
Walter Wright, music & video/improv, Lowell
Xiphoid Dementia, new music/noise, Providence RI
xQuicksilverx, music/electronica, Lowell
Jingjing Zhou, new music/improv, Lowell
Eric Zinman, new music, Cambridge

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