artists, 2008

Artists who have shown work and/or performed at 119 Gallery
January 1 – December 31, 2008

During the year we had a total of 160 artists in the gallery. We had traditional and new media artists showing work in our exhibit program. We had musicians performing weekly; everything from art punk to free improvisation and noise. We had film and video makers screening their work. We had workshops and classes in everything from circuit building to yoga and movement. Of these artists 40 were local, that is from Lowell; 80 were from the region (most of them from the Boston area); and 40 were from outside the region or from outside the country. We had artists from Canada, Germany, and Scandinavia. Here’s a summary –

40   local artists
80   regional artists
40   national and international artists
160 artists total

Dan Adam, zine, music/DJ, Brookline
Mitchel K Ahern, music/improv, performance, printmaker, Swampscott
Steve Albert, video, Lowell
Alchemy, music/DJ, Carlilse
Crank Sturgeon aka Matt Anderson, music/noise, performance, Portland ME
Armor For The Broken, music/rock, Rollinsford NH
Mike Arthur, poetry, Boston
Astronomer, music/rock, Boston
Lee Aulson, painting, Lowell
Giovanna Aviles, photography, Lowell
Albey Balgochian, music/free jazz, New York NY
The Barracks of Afghanistan, music/noise, Salem OR
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, movement, Asheville NC
Bebe Beard, video, sculpture, performance, Boston
Dereck Beckvold, music/free jazz, improv, Boston
Bereft, /music/noise, West Kingston RI
Tim Bergeron, /music/rock, Lowell
Big Big Bucks, music/rock, Allston
Marc Bisson, music/improv, Manchester NH
Michael Bloom, music/improv, Cambridge
Jon Brandi, yoga class, Lowell
Gil Bristol, music/improv, Boston
Joe Brown, music/improv, photography, Lowell
Wes Brown, music/improv, Providence RI
Lou Bunk, music/improv, Boston
Joe Burgio, movement improv and workshop, Somerville
Kathleen Camarata, prints, Lowell
Cathode Terror Secretion, music/noise, Brooklyn NY
Chapter 50, music/rock, Nashua NH
Neige Christenson, movement workshop, Boston
Olivia Close, painting and music/art rock, Lowell
Jane Von Letkemann Coder, painting, Lowell
Lou Cohen, music/improv, video, Cambridge
Mike Conners, music/free jazz, Boston
Eric Crawley, music/improv, Boston
Currency, skateboard art, video, Lowell
Mike Dailey, music/improv, comics, painting, Lowell
Lola Danza, music/improv, Brooklyn NY
DeiX, music/improv, video, Manchester NH
Marco Depaolis, painter, Beverly
Glenn Dickson, music, Boston
Donna Dodson, video & sculpture, Boston
Adam Dotson, music/improv, Boston
Annie Zean Dunbar, poetry, Lowell
Andrew Duncan, painter, music/DJ, Lowell
Ralph Eaton, sculptor, Roanoke VA
Eugene Vining Elementary School, painting and sculpture, Billerica
Mark Eshbaugh, photography, Lowell
Lewis Essington, photography, Lowell
eyeformation, live painting, graphics, skateboard art, Lowell
Falling Over Failure, music/rock, Allentown PA
Jay Fauvel, music/rock, Lowell
Fire In The Head, music/noise, Wellfleet
Fiske, skateboard art, painting, Nashua NH
Andy Fordyce, music/improv, video, Lowell
Forever The Fallen, music/rock, Lowell
Kevin Frenette, music/free jazz, Boston
Fun Dogs, music/rock, Philadelphia PA
Mike Funiaole, music/improv, Nashua NH
Croix Galipault, music/improv, Boston
Charles Gallagher, sculpture, ME
Gasmask, music/noise, NH
Megan Gibes, shadow puppets, Philadelphia PA
Jon Glancy, music/rock, Boston
Forbes Graham, music/free jazz and improv, Boston
Lillie Harden, sculpture, video, Northampton
The Have Mercys, music/rock, Washington DC
Chehalis Hegner, photography, Lowell
Mark Henderson, zine, Medord
Katt Hernandez, music/improv, Philadelphia PA
Jim Hobbs, music/free jazz, Jamaica Plain
Anne Hopkins, photography, Lowell
Dian Hosmer, painting, Lowell
Id m Theftable aka Skott Speare, music/noise, performance, Portland ME
Illusion Of Safety, music/noise, Chicago IL
Insects With Tits, music/noise, Richmond VA
Jim Jeffers, prints, painting, performance, Lowell
JollyBoring, skateboard art, painting, Nashua NH
Gina Kamentsky, comics, sculpture, Somerville
Karlheinz, music/noise, Allston
Hyun Ju Kim, video, sculpture, Lowell
David Kirkdorffer, music/jazz and rock, Boston
Ebenezer Archer Kling, prints, Northhampton
Mike Klinger, movement class, Concord
Kakerlak, music/noise, MD
Stephanie Lak, music/rock, Lowell
Philip Lampe, music and video, Providence RI
Karen Langlie, music/improv, Lowell
Alyshia Del Lien, interactive video and sound installation, Lowell
Lions Lions, music/rock, Boston
Joe Livolsi, music/free jazz, Lawrence
Glynnis Loman, music/improv, Cambridge
Megan Lewis, photography, Lowell
Jane-Sarah MacFarlane, painting, Lowell
Machine Language, music/rock, Nashua NH
Christian Marien, music/improv, Berlin Germany
Alex Matusiak, music/rock, Lowell
Brendan McCauley, painting, Beverly
Hally McGehean, photography, New York NY
Ryan McGuire, music/improv, Medford
Katherine Merrill, photography, Lowell
Joe Moffett, music/improv, Boston
Noredin Morgan, painting, Billerica
Ras Moshe, music/free jazz, Brooklyn NY
Matthias Mueller, music/improv, Berlin Germany
Nat Mugavero, music/improv, Lawrence
Tim Mungenast, music/jazz and rock, Watertown
Mystic OutBop Review, music/free jazz, Portland ME
Curt Newton, music/free jazz, Boston
Heather Noecker, comics, Nashua NH
Tim O’Donnell, painting, Springfield
OMEI, music/noise, CA
Oscillating Innards, music/noise, Portland OR
OUtlET, comics, zine, poetry, Lowell
Panther Modern, music/noise, NJ
Paraffin Section, music/rock, Cambridge
Bobbie Parent, graphic design and new music/rock, Lowell
Setheyny Pen, painting and music/rock, Lowell
Bernie Petruzziello, painting, Lowell
Andy Phelps, music/noise, produced NYNE Noise Fest, Lowell
Pira Reis, music/rock, Kingston NH
Vic Rawlings, music/improv, masters class, Boston MA
Alicia Renadette, sculpture, Providence RI
Reviver, music/noise, CT
Brian Richard, painting, Beverly
Bryant Richards, photography, Lowell
Hans Rickheit, comics, Philadelphia PA
The Rita, music/noise, Vancouver BC
Debra Bretton Robinson, collage, Chelmsford
Dan Rocha, painting, Lowell
James Rohr, music/free jazz, Boston
Dave Ross, music/free jazz, poetry, Brooklyn NY
Matt Rouseau, music/free jazz, New Haven CT
Erik Ruin, shadow puppets, Philadelphia PA
Mike Ryan, music/rock, Lowell
Jessica Rylan, circuit building class, Boston
Jerry Sabatini, music/improv, Boston
Eric Sack, live video, Lowell
Phil Sargent, music/free jazz, Boston
Scare Don’t Fear, music/rock, Providence RI
Sewer Election, music/noise, Västra Götalands län Sweden
Abbey Heaton Schnieder, photography, Lowell
Elaine Seidel, photography, Lowell
Sharpwaist, music/noise, Boston
Patrick Shaughnessey, poetry, Lowell
Sakai Shin, music/noise, Tokyo Japan
Sickness, music/noise, New Haven CT
Skagen, music/noise, Oslo Norway
David Sleininger, music/improv, Jamaica Plain
sam smiley, video, performance,new music/rock, Somerville
Grant Smith, music, Watertown
A Snake In The Garden, music/noise, Burlington VT
SR Sopha, painting, Manchester NH
Spies Like Us, music/rock, Salem NH
Stillbirth, music/noise, Iceland
Matt Studivan, poetry, music/rock, Medford
Sudden Infant, music/noise, Berlin Germany
Dey Summer, contact improv workshop, Somerville
Heather Szafran, photography, Lowell
Abram Taber, music/rock, Medford
Telecult Powers, music/noise, Brooklyn NY
Josh Thomas, music/electronica, Lowell
Emile Tobenfeld, live video, photography, Framingham
Michal Truelsen, prints, Lowell
Chris Veilleux, music/free jazz, Boston
Dy Yeung Veth, fashion design, Lowell
John Voigt, music and poetry, Boston
Jane Wang, music/free jazz, Watertown
Waterdog, music/noise, Skåne Sweden
Kellie Weeks, painting, Fitchburg
Jacob William, music/free jazz, Boston
Jason Woodward, music/DJ, Lowell
Work/Death, music/noise, Providence RI
Walter Wright, music/improv, interactive video and sound installation, Lowell
Andy Zimmermann, video & sculpture, Lexington

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