Ben Miller and John McLellan

Thursday April 11 8pm, donations always welcome


Ben Miller – baritone guitar, voice, MG1, tapes
John McLellan – drums

Ben Miller is an American rock and avant garde guitarist born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and now based in the NYC-metro area. He has formerly been a member of such Detroit/Ann Arbor bands as Sproton Layer, Destroy All Monsters, M3 and Nonfiction. Destroy All Monsters, in particular, still a cult favorite, was a big part of the proto-punk, punk, and post-punk Detroit rock scene, featuring such bands as the MC5, the Stooges, Sonic’s Rendezvous Band, and Up.

Miller comes from an interesting family background where all of his family members were either musicians or scientists. He is the younger brother of Roger Miller, a founding and current member of the Boston-based Mission of Burma, and an identical twin brother to Laurence B. (Larry) Miller, also a former member of Destroy All Monsters.

Currently Miller conducts and composers for NYC’s first full-on saxophone orchestra ( He also tours with The Glenn Branca Ensemble. Miller’s solo performances are based on his self-deconstructed multiphonic guitar or alto saxophone, tape deck and external/internal feedback.

Miller grew up in Ann Arbor, attended public schools, and graduated from Pioneer High School. He studied music at the School of Contemporary Music in Boston and more recently obtained a BFA at Columbia College Chicago.

Ben’s website

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