100 Second Film Festival

Saturday January 24 8pm, $8 at the door.

The 100 Second Film Festival is non-commercial, non-competitive, collaborative. Our objective is to stimulate people to create, watch and share videos that are 100 seconds long.

At its simplest, the 100 Second Film Festival is a collection of short videos presented to an audience in person or through the medium of cable television or the Internet. The videos are collected via the Internet and snail mail after being promoted through a high energy low budget ‘call for entries’.

Each screening contains several works produced by the local audience. This is up to the individual or group curating the festival screening. The curator(s) can put together the works in any fashion that they see fit.

The 100 Second shows are put together from works collected through these ‘call for entries’ and the existing pool of videos that exist online with a tag of ‘100seconds’. Every show can be different, addressing a variety of themes and audiences. The only constant is the pace of 100 seconds.

The project is fueled by the Creative Commons. 100seconds.org/

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One Response to 100 Second Film Festival

  1. 119 Gallery says:

    We had a big crowd! Fifty 110 second ‘films’ were on the program, here’s the list –

    Brooklyn Xmas – Joe Licek
    Stone Grind You – Michelle Ettlin
    Shoot at the Moviebuff – Mahdy Saa’eby
    Deconstruction – Freddie Wiss
    Drive My Car – Harald Rettich
    Mattancherry Shave – Memo Salazar
    Clouds and Industry – Mitchel K Ahern
    All Hell Breaks Loose Part 1 – Matt Marchesi
    Everything Will Be All Right – Darius Ilgevicius
    Black Six – Tom Konieczny
    Red Carpet – Quen Le
    Adventure of Towelman – John Akre
    Mizuka and Joi Married – Joi Ito
    Fanfare for Dahlias – Carol Burns
    100 Seconds of Entertainment – +eyeformation+
    Walrus – Jane-Sarah MacFarlane
    Blizzard – Laki Vazakas
    Routin – David Matos
    Twins – Isabella & Sophia DePasquale
    Wint – Bonnie Duncan
    All Hell Breaks Loose Part 2- Matt Marchesi
    Bitmaps – Wreck and Salvage
    What Will Eat Us – Jay Dedman
    Another Boys Christmas – Travis LaBella
    Lullaby – Gigi Chkeidze

    Leave No Trace – Michelle Ettlin
    Untitled – Pepa Garcia
    Father – Kenzee Bates
    Norml PSA – Robert Kam
    Sleepskit – Kurt Gilbert Wahlstrom
    The Mystery of the Missing Matron – Chelsea Spear
    Next to Heaven – Rob Parrish
    The Pronto Project – Steve Albert
    Bombay Shave 2 – Memo Salazar
    Sled Ride – J Evan Fuchs
    Cambridge Light and Color - Mark Jacquith
    Movie Intro – Josh DeFlippo
    We Are All In Vacation – Lia Iancu
    Sleepwalking – Xavier Simon
    Gravity’s Shackles – Wreck and Salvage
    The Rosebud – Carpe Videre Productions
    Weir May 9 – Andrew Payne
    Hallway Experiment 01 – Don Radcliff
    Access Archive – Pete Kenny, Dan Schneider, Max Furst, Jason Daniels
    I Like Rice – Jane-Sarah MacFarlane
    All Hell Breaks Loose Part 5 – Matt Marchesi
    Bombay Shave 3 - Memo Salazar
    Twilight and Industry – Mitchel K Ahern
    Travis – Echolot Films
    Beachin’ – Joe Licek

    Produced by Jason Daniels. Thanks to Mira Allen, Tom Konieczny, Max Furst, Medfield TV.