Merrimack Valley Time Exchange

Friday April 19 8pm


Merrimack Valley Time Exchange is a pilot program hosted by the Coalition for a Better Acre to start a community time bank in Lowell, MA.

Ever really wanted something you just couldn’t afford? Ever helped a friend or neighbor just because it was the right thing to do, not knowing when the favor might come back around to you? Ever thought it would be nice to track all those little ways in which we each “pay it forward” every day?

The Merrimack Valley Time Exchange seeks to answer all these questions and more. The Merrimack Valley Time Exchange is part of a larger movement focused on community based methods for building value and leveraging assets in a cash poor economic environment. The time exchange is a community driven method for mobilizing people and resources in a way that rewards members who engage in a “neighbors-helping-neighbors” style of building community and social connections.

Come and learn more about the Merrimack Valley Time Exchange.

Contact: Joy Mosenfelder, Coalition for a Better Acre

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