COMOROS + Crank Sturgeon + Human Adult Band + ParrhesiA + Chill City Icon + Flash Gordon’s Ape

Saturday April 13 8pm, donations welcomed


COMOROS: [Philadelphia PA]
Adam & Jen – guitar, synthesizer, and a chain of effects
Crank Sturgeon – husophone, electron eeks [Williamstown MA]
Human Adult Band [New Brunswick NJ]
Trevor Pennsylvania – bass, voice
Jim Schmidt – guitar
Justin Mank – drums, voice
ParrhesiA – solo guitar, voice [Boston]
Chill City Icon: [Lowell]
Kevin Dacey – electronics
Travis Hagan – electronics, percussion
Brett Mason – live art
Flash Gordon’s Ape: [Manchester NH, Lowell]
Marc Bisson – guitar, objects
Walter Wright – drums, electroneeks

  8:15pm Flash Gordon’s Ape
  9:00pm Chill City Icon
  9:45pm Crank Sturgeon
10:30pm ParrhesiA
11:15pm Human Adult Band
12:00am Comoros

COMOROS have been playing shows in Philly for years. We don’t have a car. It’s about time we got out and introduced ourselves to the rest of the nation. We have released five albums on three labels, and shared bills with Bardo Pond, Expo 70, Birds of Maya, Duane Pitre, Barn Owl and MV & EE. A 2 piece band, guitar and synthesizer, man and wife; both instruments get plugged into the same chain of delays and effects so our noises mush together into a cloud of sound without a trace of ego.

THE HUMAN ADULT et al make FLIPPER sound like OASIS and most rock music in general sound like Patti Labelle.” ~ Empty J Speaks Blog

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