Doctor T

Tuesday March 19-April 13 12noon-5pm
Reception Sunday March 24 3pm


Light and Motion, Photography and Video

“I think of myself as an artist (photographer, electronic musician, videographer, VJ, etc). Since I left graduate school (PhD, in Physics) in 1970, I have (like most artists) supported myself with day jobs. Since 1984, these jobs have involved making tools for artists – first as the founder and chief engineer of Doctor T’s Music Software, a pioneering MIDI software company, and, more recently, with Boris FX. I’ve been a software engineer and visual effects designer with Boris since 1997.

My goal is to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary using framing, extended techniques, and effects software. I treat my visual materials as sources for improvisation, much as a jazz musician uses melody and chord changes. I’ve been creating this work since 1970. My influences include free jazz, the light shows and experimental films of the late ’60s, the photography of Minor White, the paintings of Kandinsky, the music of John Coltrane and the Grateful Dead, and my education as a physicist.

As a photographer and video artist I explore the interaction between visuals and music. I work live with improvising musicians and, in the studio, I use a variety of tactics to unify imagery and music. My video is derived from photographic and video sources, sometimes computer-processed beyond recognition.”

~ Doctor T aka Emile Tobenfeld

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