Saturday March 2 6pm


The Deltion Rabble in association with your neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and others of the populace, bring you “Rooted” – a night of good people, good food, showcasing the exceptional art and entertainment that lies just below the surface in your community. Keep the lifeblood of your culture pumping, nourish your soul, nourish your mind.

The goals of the event are:
*Provide an outlet for local musicians, poets, and artists to showcase their hard work.
*Make the audience feel as if there is no better place to be.
*To serenade, move feet, sway hips, and bob heads.
*For better or worse, to challenge perceptions.
*Maybe, just maybe, bring previously stated artists some cash flow.
*Create a convergence point for local grassroots culture.
*Stimulate networking.

There will be group art activities, giving all who attend a chance to collaborate in real time. These activities include, but are not limited to, a drum circle and live painting.

The art and entertainment will be eclectic. There will be acoustic music, singer-songwriters, beat boxing, hip-hop, poetry, and performances from two local bands. A range of art will be displayed, from paintings, to graphic design, to photography, and more. If you are fan of the different forms in which creativity manifests itself, then be at Gallery 119 in Lowell on March 2nd. All bookers, event photographers, local craftsman, artists looking for clients, indie record labels, micro-publishers, take note – this will be a great place to make connections.

Food for the event is being made by the talented Tim Spinney, a cook at the Gibbet Hill Grill in Groton.

“Rooted” will have a reception 6:30pm-7:00pm, after which, the performances will run until 11.

For questions, email Christian at

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