XFest 2009

Improvised music, visuals and movement.
Friday – Saturday February 27 – 28, FREE

Fewer and fewer local musicians are included in the Lowell Folk Festival. I thought, “How about an alternative festival celebrating the work of today’s real ‘folk artists?'” From this thought, a simple plan evolved; invite 10 artists from outside our region to Lowell to play with 40 local artists at 119 Gallery, Lowell’s alternate venue.
— Walter Wright, 119 Gallery Director

Friday February 27
Evening (10 1/2hr sets)
08:00p Shayna Dulberger, Derek Beckvold
08:30p Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Olivia Close, Degan Clinton
09:00p Chris Welcome, Lou Cohen, Andrew Eisenberg
09:30p Evan Lipson, Marc Bisson, Andrea Blesso
10:00p Ras Moshe, Jon Glancy, Andy Fordyce
video for sets 1- 5 by MassMediaMan aka Eric Sack

10:30p Dave Ross, Karen Langlie
11:00p Nicole Bindler, Crank Sturgeon, DeiX
11:30p Matt Plummer, Lou Bunk, Kit Demos
12:00a Audrey Chen, Mitchel K Ahern, Teresa Czepiel
12:30a Mark Dwinell, Mike Dailey
video for sets 6- 10 by RAT [Random Access Theater]

Saturday February 28

Afternoon (4 1hr sets featuring dancers and artists from outside New England)
02:00p Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Audrey Chen, Shayna Dulberger
03:00p Nicole Bindler, Mark Dwinell, Vic Rawlings
04:00p Andrea Blesso, Evan Lipson, Matt Plummer, Dave Ross
05:00p Joe Burgio, Teresa Czepiel, John Voigt, Chris Welcome, Ras Moshe

Evening (10 1/2hr sets)
08:00p Audrey Chen, Andrea Pensado, Vic Rawlings
08:30p Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Kevin Frenette, Mike Fun
09:00p Shayna Dulberger, Ethan Costello, Seth Bailin
09:30p Nicole Bindler, Josh Jefferson, Phil Reese
10:00p Evan Lipson, Bobbie Parent, Abe Taber
video for sets 1- 5 by Dr T aka Emile Tobenfeld

10:30p Joe Moffet, John Voigt, Ras Moshe
11:00p Seth Bailin, Mark Dwinell, Forbes Graham
11:30p Joe Burgio, Brandon Downs, Dave Ross
12:00a Stephanie Lak, Matt Plummer, Id m Theftable
12:30a Gabriel Cruser, Ryan McGuire, Frank Turek, Chris Welcome
video for sets 6- 10 by Greg Kowalski

Sunday March 1
11:00a Sound Improv Workshop with Andrea Pensado

Afternoon (4 1hr sets featuring 119 Gallery “regulars”)
02:00p Marc Bisson, Lou Bunk, DeiX, Karen Langlie, Vic Rawlings
03:00p Olivia Close, Mike Dailey, Brandon Downs, Josh Jefferson, Bobbie Parent
04:00p Lou Cohen, Mike Fun, Stephanie Lak, Andrea Pensado
05:00p Mitchel K Ahern, Crank Sturgeon, Id m Theftable, Andy Fordyce

06:00p Movement Improv Workshop with Claire Elizabeth Barratt

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2 Responses to XFest 2009

  1. 119 Gallery says:

    Artists from outside our region:
    Claire Elizabeth Barratt – movement [Asheville, NC]
    Nicole Bindler – movement [Philadelphia, PA]
    Audrey Chen – cello, voice [Baltimore, MD]
    Shayna Dulberger – double bass [Brooklyn, NY]
    Mark Dwinell – guitar, sax, keyboards [Brooklyn, NY]
    Evan Lipson – double bass [Philadelphia, PA]
    Ras Moshe – saxophone, flute [Brooklyn, NY]
    Matt Plummer – trombone [Brooklyn, NY]
    Dave Ross – guitar [Brooklyn, NY]
    Chris Welcome – guitar [Brooklyn, NY]

    Local artists:
    Mitchel K Ahern – homebrew instruments
    Steve Albert – video
    Seth Bailin – sax
    Derek Beckvold – saxophone
    Marc Bisson – tabletop guitar, objects
    Andrea Blesso – movement
    Lou Bunk – electraphernalia
    Joe Burgio – movement
    Lou Cohen – laptop
    Degan Clinton – guitar
    Olivia Close – bass
    Ethan Costello – guitar
    Gabriel Cruser – drums
    Teresa Czepiel – movement
    DeiX – voice, objects
    Mike Dailey – drums
    Kit Demos – double bass
    Brandon Downs – bass
    Andrew Eisenberg – percussion
    Andy Fordyce – drums
    Kevin Frenette – guitar
    Mike Fun – analog synthesizer
    Jon Glancy – drums
    Forbes Graham – trumpet
    Josh Jefferson – saxophone
    Greg Kowalski – video
    Stephanie Lak – voice
    Karen Langlie – cello
    Ryan McGuire - double bass
    Joe Moffet – trumpet
    Bobbie Parent – guitar
    Andrea Pensado – laptop
    Vic Rawlings – cello
    Phil Reese – keyboards
    Eric Sack – video
    Crank Sturgeon – noise
    Abe Taber – bass
    Id m Theftable – voice, objects
    Emile Tobenfeld – video
    Frank Turek - saxophone
    John Voigt – bass

  2. Abe says:

    Pictures (and a couple of videos) I took throughout this amazing 3 day festival can be found at the following address: