Building Contact Mics with Crank Sturgeon

Sunday January 18 11am – 4pm, $30/50 member/non-member, includes lunch.

Ever wonder about the science behind building sturdy contact microphones? Noisemaker and performance weirdo, Crank Sturgeon, brings his knowledge to the table at this workshop! Known for employing tough-as-nails microphone mischief in his sound, Crank will share his secret recipes (soldering, which epoxies & silicon glues to use, etc) and, by journey’s end, attendees will have their VERY OWN mic to amplify everything from body parts to household objects, even musical instruments!

Submitted by Ryan from Calgary on NoiseGuide:
“I got this from RRR and it works amazingly well. I have purchased other contact mics off Ebay, and built my own , but none of those can hold a candle to this badboy. The disc is 1.5 inch’s which is half an inch bigger than your typical mic. Very well built with quality components. All i can do is recommend these to any and every noise head. Excellent contact mic!”

I am a cardboard sturgeon every day of my life!

To register contact artguy(at)119gallery(dot)org or call 978 452 8138.

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