RELOCATED :: Math the Band + Cult Fluorescent + Congress of the Sloth + Eli Whitney

Saturday December 29 8pm donations always welcome

Math The Band: [Providence RI]
Math the Band is a electro-punk spazz duo from Providence, RI. Kevin and Justine use a combination of old video game systems, analog synthesizers and energy drinks to make the fastest, loudest, most party-est music they can imagine.
Cult Fluorescent: [Bennington VT]
Bradley DeMatteo – things and dreams
Akari Uchiyama – magic
Martin Zimmermann – drum
Congress of the Sloth: [Andover MA]
Ryan Baker-Sloth and stupid face noises
Bucky Waters-Sloth and stupid face noises
Snaggletooth the gameboy
Eli Whitney And The Sound Machine: [Brooklyn NY]
Mike Vizzi: vocals, guitar
Craig Shay: vocals, bass
CJ Dunaieff: drums
Ben Hennessy: alto sax, vocals
Samson Flancbaum: trombone
Frank Ferro: tenor sax

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