Arrington de Dionyso’s 24hr Drawing Marathon

Drawing: Friday – Saturday January 11-12 12noon-12midnight
Concert: Saturday January 12 8pm, donations welcomed
Exhibit: Tuesday-Saturday January 15-February 2 12noon-5pm

The 24 Hour Drawing Performance is a site-specific nomadic installation that lays bare naked the entire alchemical and artistic process of holistically embodied five-dimensional creative inspiration. As the gallery space is open to the public over two days, Arrington de Dionyso draws and paints continuously throughout two 12 hour shifts of uninterrupted engagement with ink, brush, and paper.

The audience is welcome to come and go throughout the two days, viewing every step in the gradual “completion” of this temporary installation.

Please view samples of the artwork, including photos from past editions of the “24 Hour Drawing Performance” here
listen to a wide variety of Arrington’s music utilizing throat singing, invented instruments, and unique recording techniques here.

The exhibit is up. All the drawings are for sale, the small drawings for $25 each, the large drawings as noted, and discounts for groups of drawings. See below, click for larger image …

Group 1: two small b&w drawings and a snake.

Group 2: four small drawings.

Group 3: six small drawings.

Group 4: six small drawings.

Group 5: ten small drawings.

Group 6: six small drawings.

Group 7: five small drawings.

Large drawing 1.

Large drawing 2.

Large drawing 3.

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