D.I.T.F. 6

Friday-Saturday December 14-15, see schedule below

All DITF participants are encouraged to attend part or all of this evening!

7pm Meet & greet: shake your booty, shake some else’s booty, play scrabble, see what band your in, meet your band mates, get the location of your rehearsal space, start sharing ideas for your performances and eat all the food we make for you or you make for us!
9pm Open mic: for all the musicians participating in D.I.T.F. Showcase your music, play covers, juggle, recite poetry.
11pm Go home, get some rest for the BIG DAY!

Olivia and Jimm will be here to answer all your questions and solve your worldly and other worldly problems. Is guava a donut?

This is the day of REHEARSALS then the SHOWCASE!

* You have all day to meet with your band at predetermined practices spaces.
* You may need to bring to your practices, not all spaces will have a PA, drums, amps, etc, etc. Check!
* Write 2-3 songs or 20 minutes worth of music.
* Please no covers, we encourage new material, new thoughts, new new new … mew mew mew …

7pm Loadin: please be PROMPT. When you arrive you will be given the lineup.
8pm Showcase: ALL AGES, donations appreciated!

Participating so far…… (if your name is not on this and you want it to be get in touch) (or if i put you on here and you don’t wanna be lemme know) –

Pat Auclair, Ryan Baker, Brian Bailey, Joe Brown, Jenn Brunelle, Olivia Close, Corey “the corey” corey, Michael F Dailey Jr, Kev Dace, Ben Dick,Nick Egersheim, Kristen Elizabeth, Gilbert Gandia, Travis Hagan, Christopher Hickman, Taylor Keefe, Christopher Lamere, Chris Leblanc, Glenn Martin, Lee Martin, Midge, Packy, Bobby Parent, Ethan Plante, Anthony Richerdz, Alex Sargent, Jessica Schuman, “Scott”, Jasper Som, Eric Stewart, Abram Taber, Jimmy Teague, Alicia Puck Vickery, Jimm Warren, Bucky Waters

WE ARE LOOKING FOR A BACKLINE for the evening and also a few Lowell area practice spaces for bands … more confusion? If questionable message Jimm or The Sock Hop


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