KARL2K + Hi-Speed Coeds + EAAE + Dailey Wright Duo

Friday November 30 8pm, always free donations appreciated

KARL2K: [Kuskaya Oblast’ Russia]
Komrade Rovinskii – saxophone
Komrade Mil’nic – drums
Komrade Pol – upright bass
Hi-Speed Coeds: [Boston, Haverhill MA]
Andrew Neumann – laptop, electronics
Junko Fujiwara – electric 5-string cello
EAAE: [Boston]
Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin, sax, laptop
Peter J Evans – laptop, electronics
Dailey Wright Duo: [Lowell]
Michael F Dailey Jr – drums
Walter Wright – drums, percussion

“Karl 2000 is a saxophone trio that plays whatever Karl wants whenever Karl wants it. Listen to some tracks or come check out a show near you. All Music … say free jazz again …”
~ Komrade Karl

“Hi-Speed Coeds” is Andrew Neumann’s “revolving door” electro-acoustic improv ensemble. Sparks fly, buildings crash, geese honk (in no particular order …)
~ AdN

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