Ellen Band + Mysterybear + brood

Saturday November 17 8pm, donations always appreciated

Ellen Band – laptop
Dave Seidel – electronics
Greg Kowalski – live video
Richard Breault – laptop, guitar
Elaine Wood – video

Ellen Band is a sound artist and composer. Her CD, 90% Post Consumer Sound receives worldwide airplay and numerous reviews in publications such as WIRE and Playboy Magazine. Her piece Portal Of Prayer, commissioned by The Institute for Contemporary Art, was installed at Boston’s Logan International Airport in 2004. She performs in numerous venues in the USA, Canada, Europe and most recently Tel Aviv and has presented sound installations at festivals such as the Sound Symposium and SoundCulture 96. She taught sound art at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (1994-1997 and 2002.)

Dave Seidel is a composer and performer. His performs improvised electronic music mostly made with non-modular analog gear. He also makes computer-based music using Csound, Audacity, and other tools.

Elaine Wood is a visual artist. Her media includes painting, drawing, and video. Rick Breault is a sound artist and musician. He performs in solo and group improvisations using processed field recordings, electric guitar, electronics, and voice.

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