“Vote! Vote! Vote! 2012″ 8th Annual Juried Exhibition

The Vote! is in Jeffu Warmouth wins!
Second place goes to Jeffrey Lilly, and Third to Jessica Tawczynski, congratulations!
The other Artists in the Top 10: Ellen Wetmore, Lori DeMartin, Adam Norton, Denise Manseau, Jim Jeffers, Samnang Riebe, and Stephen J. Kinney.

Tuesday November 6 (election day!)- Saturday December 1 12noon-5pm

Theme: “Demartifacts” tell it or sell it to the people! Juried directly by popular vote of 119 Gallery members.

Closing Reception: Saturday December 1, 3-6pm (all votes tallied, and winners announced!)

An election on the eve of the ‘end of days’ should be cause to celebrate art connecting us to our world.  At 119 Gallery we want to see it!  Bring us your work about: the tired, the poor, the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, the wretched refuse of a teeming shore… and make sell to the viewer! All work accepted for members to jury.

Grand Prize: Solo Exhibition at 119 Gallery, 2013 date to be determined. Other awards to be announced.

Juried by direct vote of 119 Gallery members, one ballet per member (no repeat voting).

Participating Artists: Lori DeMartin, Duy Hoang, Linda Hoffman, Jim Jeffers, Victoria Valente, Brenda Van der Beek, Jeffu Warmouth, Stephen J. Kinney, Alyshia Lien, Jeffrey Lilley, Denise Manseau, Lieby Miedema, Jeremy Nash, Adam Norton, Coleman Rodgers, Dan Rocha, Denise Warren, Ellen Wetmore, Jessica Tawczynski, Jan Johnson, Samnang Riebe, Michael F. Dailey, Emile (Doctor T) Tobenheld, and Mitch Ahern.


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