Firework Pants [::] A Mighty Blow-out FEST

Saturday July 7 8am-11pm ALL DAY FUN FOR EVERYONE !!!


  8:00am - Flea Market (outside)
12:00pm – Triple Grill BBQ (alley way)

Performances (mostly inside)
  5:00pm – Jasper Som, solo guitar, vocals
  5:45pm – BiRdOrGaN, post DADA, postmodern, postage due performance art running amok.
  6:30pm – Disembodied Poetics, bigband poetry, last show evveerr !!!
  7:15pm – Aber Taber, multi-instrumentalist, one-man band hootenanny
  8:00pm – bodydrama, butoh inspired movement with sound reinforcement!
  8:45pm – O-AM [One-Armed Mist], iconoclastic plastic inedible, last show evvaahh ???
  9:30pm – Rabbit Rabbit, German pop / Surf / Zouk ???
10:15pm – Id m Theft Able, “so funky he makes you cranky.”
11:00pm – Home Body, Haley & Eric enjoy fireworks, lightning, and pom-poms.

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