Ben Miller’s Graphic Score Workshop

Sunday June 17 2-10:30pm

2:00pm – Workshop, the workshop is approx 2hr long
5:00pm – DINNER
7:00pm – Performance with Benjamin Miller & participants + bodydrama + Lak Wright Duo

Suggested fee $5-10 sliding scale (donation to cover Ben’s expenses)
If you have one, bring a sound recorder device 8^)

To register please contact

Benjamin Miller’s Graphic Score Workshops:
A demonstration and exchange of ideas on creative scoring and improvisation using graphic scores, found sound and external operations. (No Experience Necessary)

00:15hr:min Presentation: Miller’s past influences, Cage, Stockhausen, found sound, music concrete, spontaneous improvisation, electronic & 12-tone music, psych & punk rock. This includes playing recorded excerpts of what Miller has done from the mid-70’s to present.

01:45hr:min Hands-on Workshop using found sound (cellophane/paper, various materials and home-made instruments), external operations (dice, stopwatch) and simple graphic scores.
• Students perform & record using found sound and simple Graphic Scores
• Students record onto lo-budget Tape Decks and a Casio SK1 8-bit sampler
• Students draw to music as source material for their own Graphic Scores
• Students create, interpret, perform & record their own Graphic Scores in a collaborative manner using prerecorded found sound, radio and record player.

Here’s some pics.

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