Never Follow Suit

Tuesday-Saturday May 18- June 16, 12noon–5pm
Opening reception: May 18, 7pm

Featuring work by Avesone, Adam Brandt, Jay Forsythe, Hot Boy Hert, Jackson Kelsey, M31, MAST, Monk, James Powow, KC Russell.

With an emphasis on self-gratification, Never Follow Suit is an exhibition that focuses on the craft of “style-writing”, other wise known to the rest of the world as graffiti. The line-up of artists involved showcase a wide variety in style through works of spray-painted aliases, paintings, photography, installation, and fond memories. A show that pays homage to the past and stresses the importance of a self-gratifying work ethic that resides in all of us. The title, “Never Follow Suit” derives from a song by the Radio Dept of the same title, which samples a scene from Style Wars, a documentary on the explosion of the hip-hop culture in the early 1980’s in New York City, in which a young writer named Skeme states, “All these other people who don’t write, they excluded, I don’t care about them – It’s for us.”

Curator: James Powow
Co-Curator: Setheyny Loeub-Pen


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