Bakery Meltdown & Benefit Concert

Friday April 13 7:30pm, donations for Skippy Sund’s project most welcome!

Skippy Sund will be presenting his writing project and accompanying train trip.

There will be a bake sale. Before and after the presentation there will be music from –

Tyler Bisson – voice, guitar [Lowell]
Jasper Som – voice, guitar [Lowell]
Bella Birds: [Lowell]
Pam Craven – voice, guitar
Zack Root – voice, bass guitar
Chris Forgione – drums

Hello I am Skippy, I am a Master of Philosophy, an avid reader, and games enthusiast (card, board, video). I am interested in the way that people interact with technology, how they interact with each other and the way they investigate and navigate the world around them.

This campaign can be summed up as a live blog of rail riding and couch surfing to better understand America and its peoples. The Trip will hit 18 cities across North America.

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