Friday – Sunday April 6-8, FREE

Doin’ It Together Fest 5, number 5, who wants to play? We dun this four times and then this is thee feefth.

Fri  April 6th – meet your band (people you’re gonna play music with), play your songs (open mic), eat a sandwich (food)
Sat April 7th – write your songs (with your band you met yesterday), play the show (the band you met yesterdaddy plays the songs you wrote today)
Sun April 8th – is Sunday and this event is over but there will be a heaping, teddybear picnic pile (picnic with bears)

Produced by Steph Lak, Olivia Close, and The Sock Hop.

Snatch Patch Kids: Ben Frassa – keys, guitar; Joe Brown – bass; Eric Amerman – drums

Penis Flytrap: Midgeridoo – vocals, objects; Abram Taber – bass, electronics; Walter Wright – electronics, drums

Paddy Parts: Gaetana – vocals; Kevin Dacey – ???; Olivia Close – bass; Ben Dickinson – ???

Moist Owlette: Alex Sargent – guitar; Johnny – guitar; Kristen Elisabeth – bass; Steph Lak – drums

Leather Dolphin Daddies Into The Future: Part DuVal: Gilbert – vocals; Sambo Fancypants – trombone, guitar; Jimmy Teague – ???; Andee Shalz – ???; Anthony Richerdz – drums

Primary Dick Sucker: Heather Noecker – keys, guitar, vocals; Patrick Flaherty – guitar, vocals; Michael F Dailey Jr – guitar, vocals; Mike Fun – analog synth; Brian Hogue – bass; Patrick McConnell – drums

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