Martial Improvisation Class with Mike Klinger

Cultivating Power not Force
Sunday December 14 10am- 2pm

Martial Improvisation combines the principles of Aikido, Contact Improvisation and Feldenkrais to create a dynamic movement form. Through exercises in stillness, slow skeletal movements and partner work, the individual gains greater ease of movement, awareness, relaxation and insight into areas of tension. The movement form has been variously described as “Tai Chi’s push hands with the whole body” or an “Authentic Movement duet”. This “inside out” approach to movement cultivates calm, energy and facilitates ease of movement.

Mike Klinger has a Black Belt in Aikido, having studied 15 years with Kanai Sensei. He has a Masters degree in Movement Therapy. He has studied, taught and performed Contact Improvisation for 25 years. His studies with Feldenkrais movement include classes with Ruth Alon, Anat Baniel, Olivia Cheever and Bill Hutchinson. Additional movement form influences include Capoeira, Tai Chi and Shintaido.

To register, contact Paris Kiely,

Supported in part with a grant from Lowell Cultural Council and Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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