Workshop with Laurie Amat

Saturday, March 24 10am-4pm

Laurie Amat explores the boundless possibilities of the human voice, breath and body in performance and recording.

Ms. Amat’s approach to singing is informed by the power of the voice as an instrument to convey the purest and most direct human emotions. She has been called “The Voice on Everyone’s Lips”. Music performances by Ms. Amat traverse a wide range and include modern chamber and opera works, experimental structured and improvised solo and ensemble works, punk rock and popular song. Her acoustic improvisational voicework has to small salons, alternative spaces, clubs and underground pubs, galleries and museums, symphony halls and cathedrals, castles, movie palaces, bunkers, tunnels, cisterns and even steel wine vats.

She has recently begun to expand the possibilities where natural vocal experimentation meets the technical advantages of contemporary sound-altering instruments. The result is a successful and riveting blending of the pure voice with the electronic manipulation of sounds that supports the emotional element in her music.

10:00am – sign in, coffee and discussion
10:30am – workshop begins
12:30pm – lunch break
2:00pm – workshop resumes
4:00pm – workshop ends

The workshop is limited to 12 people and preregistration is required. The fee is $5-25 per person, on a sliding scale.
To preregister email to artguy @ 119gallery . org

Sound and video here.

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