Snap-Drag Drum Duo: Clinic and concert

Sunday April 1 2pm, donations most welcome!

Snap-Drag Drum Duo ~ experimental music for two drumkits
2:00pm – drum clinic
2:45pm – vegan potluck
3:00pm – Snap-Drag Drum Duo concert!
4:00pm – drummers’ improv

Snap-Drag Drum Duo is a collaborative project between professional percussionists Jessie Nelson (NYC) and Jane Boxall (VT). In 2012, the pair began exploring, composing and arranging new music for two drumkits. Snap-Drag’s repertoire ranges from ‘The Black Page’ by Frank Zappa to original compositions by Nelson and Boxall, ‘Seventh Heaven’ by Gary Chaffee and the Bjork song ‘Mutual Core’. Snap-Drag drum duo is dedicated to presenting fresh and adventurous art music that redefines and stretches the possibilities of drums and percussion.

Sunday April 1st at 119 Gallery, Snap-Drag present a performance and a drumkit clinic. This two-hour event comprises an unusual concert program of new and experimental music for two drumkits, including music by Zappa, Bjork and Chaffee, the Massachusetts premiere of Jane Boxall’s Particle Series and Jessie Nelson’s new compositions for Snap-Drag Drum Duo. Audience members are welcome to attend either the concert, the clinic or both.

Jane Boxall is a Vermont-based musician described as “in a genre of one” by Burlington’s SevenDays. Jane performs as a solo percussionist, with the VSO and its outreach ensemble Drumshtick, with Burlington punk band Doll Fight! and with piano-marimba ensemble Ricochet Duo. Jane plays and endorses Coe Percussion marimbas, District Drum Company snare drums and Vic Firth sticks and mallets. “… killer technique and inspired musicality” ~ Drum! magazine

Jessie Nelson is a versatile percussionist based out of New York City. She received her BA in Music from Arizona State University in 2006 and went on to gig with various jazz and theater groups in Phoenix, Arizona. In the fall of 2009, she moved to New York and began working in the Off Broadway and jazz scenes in New York while pursuing her MFA in Performance and Interactive Media Arts from Brooklyn College and finishing in May of 2011. She can be seen in the jazz clubs and on Off Broadway theater stages in New York as well as teaching private lessons to the next generation of percussionists.

Audio for Snap-Drag here, and here.
Video for Jane here.
Video for Jessie here.

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