Winners of the 3rd Annual Juried Exhibit
July 15- Aug 9 Tuesday- Saturday 12noon- 5pm

Leafland, ALien 2007

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One Response to Lien/Rocha/Tobenfeld

  1. 119 Gallery says:

    Alyshia Lien enjoys exploring nature and all its wonders. Alyshia incorporates her poetry into her art-making process and experiments with mixed-media paintings and sculpture. With a new found affinity to video and improvised movement, she has performed and collaborated with various artists at local events, fund raisers and benefits. In addition, Alyshia is always brewing spontaneous performance and installation ideas and configuring the juxtaposition of multi-media conglomeration of all the world, or at least of her many artistic endeavors.

    Dan Rocha appreciates the challenges of working with collage. “I deal with illusion, depth and colors and the qualities they emote,” he says, “I find that rewarding when I can make it into a unified piece.” He adds that he’s deeply inspired by the emotive and spiritual qualities a painting evokes. “Painting for me is more about an idea,” he says, “more specifically the idea of a contemplative object. It is an object that carries with it a reflective quality on the nature of beauty.” Dan received his BFA from Massart and an MFA from Cambridge College with a thesis on human response to color.

    Emile Tobenfeld (Dr T)’s artistic sensibility is strongly influenced by his education (a PhD in Physics) and his fascination with improvisation in all forms. His sonic and visual experiments apply a scientist’s and photographer’s eye for texture, geometry, form, and the interaction of light and surface, a strong sense of collage, and an abiding curiosity about technology’s use in creating music and visual art. Dr T is best known for the innovative sequencing software he wrote for Dr T’s Music Software. His current ‘day job’ is writing video effects software for BorisFx, much of which he uses in his own work.