Killer BOB + Taiwan Typhoon + A Bit Much + Big Mess

Saturday November 12 8pm, donations always appreciated

Killer BOB: [Brooklyn NY]
Dave Scanlon- guitar, objects
Max Jaffe- drums, electronics
Rob Lundberg- bass, noises
Steven Lugerner- woodwinds
Mike Wilbur- tenor
Taiwan Typhoon: [Boston]
Larry Chiswick – vocals
Rob Gonella – guitar
Mike Ducot – guitar
Jon – bass
Damian Adshead – drums
A Bit Much: [Boston]
Clinton Degan – guitar, vocals
Abram Taber – bass
Jon Glancy – drums
Rock ‘n’ Roll is not dead. No, my friends, it’s just approaching that time of life appallingly similar to death: middle age. And A bit Much is Rock ‘n’ Roll’s mid-life crisis.
Big Mess: [Lowell]
Nicholas Wiedeman – guitar
Nicholas Egersheim – drums
Josh Tracy – bass

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