VGA/DNA02: Dream Zoo + Breault Wood Duo + Double Vision

Saturday October 22 8pm, donation gratefully received (passed on to the visiting artists)

Dream Zoo: [Brooklyn NY]
Valerie Kuehne – songs, cello, vox
Lucio Menegon – guitar
Jeff Young – violin
Sean Ali – bass, auxiliary percussion
Rick Breault – laptop and Elaine Wood – live video [Lowell]
Double Vision: [Boston, Lowell]
Joe Burgio, Betty Wang – movement
Wisteriax – cello, electronics
Dr T, Walter Wright – live video
Loren Groenendaal – movement, flandrew fleisenberg – percussion
open jam, other performers are free to join in.

The second of four performances, part of the current exhibit, VGA / DNA. The evening kicks off with the surreal music of Dream Zoo featuring outstanding musicians and interpreters of the subconscious. Followed by Rick and Elaine, whose sound and video pieces grow stronger with each performance. Finally a set by Double Vision, two video artists share the screen with improvised music by Wisteriax and movement by Joe Burgio and Betty Wang (bodydrama). Dr T and I, first performed together at the VOIX in Lowell in 1994. The VOIX was the first venue where I performed video live with Maria Moran aka Zipperspy.
~ w2
Statutory Tape, available from RRRecords

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