VGA/DNA01: dZig dZag + the BopAnts

Saturday October 15 8pm, donations always welcome.

dZig dZag: Ben Frassa – guitar loops; Steve Norton – sopranino, bass clarinet; Walter Wright – video
BopAnts: Marc Bisson – guitar; Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin; Walter Wright – video
Joe Burgio – movement
open jam, other performers are free to join in.

The first of four performances, part of the current exhibit, VGA / DNA. Two of the groups I played with after moving to Lowell were dZig dZag and the BopAnts. I performed live video. Ben Frassa will sit in for Joe Brown, and Morgan Evans-Weiler for Katt Hernandez. dZig dZag was local and appeared several time on LTC’s Studio@. The BopAnts became an important part of the Boston Improv scene. We played regularly at the “old” Zeitgeist, and even did a short tour out to the MIchiana Improvisational Music Festival in South Bend IN. I have resuscitated my Video Shredder for this gig.

Steve Norton gave a short speech introducing the BopAnts (he had thought it was pronounced ‘bow pants’).

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