Celebrity Archetype Worship

Saturday September 10 8pm, donation much appreciated!
An evening of poetry and performance featuring:

Derek Fenner
Mitch Ahern
unnamed band: [Lowell]
Stephanie Lak – voice processing
Walter Wright – electronics, drums

Derek Fenner (the protagonist) worshiped at the altar of Katie Couric from 2001-2008, when he was initiated in the left hand path of the Twelfth Judicial Circuit of New York. He then took a sabbatical to the Monastery of the Seven Rays, where he took the oath and position that everything in the world “already is” what it is supposed to be—nothing is remote; no thing can ever be fully lost or taken away.

For one night only, Derek Fenner will revive his Gnostic mass for Katie Couric in an effort to engage people in the real truth—It’s hard to fall when you’re already on your knees, praying.

Derek Fenner is an artist, writer, publisher, and juvenile justice educator. He is the author of My Favorite Color is Red (Bootstrap Press 2005), I Know Longer Believe in the Sun: Love Letters to Katie Couric (Boostrap Press 2009), and Wild Schemes (Lew Gallery 2010). He is currently finishing his second novel, I Know Longer Believe in the Northern Lights: Love Letters to Sarah Palin. He has lived in downtown Lowell since 2007.

Mitchel Ahern is a print maker, writer and performance artist. He has invented a variety of electro-acoustic musical instruments including the Lid, the Crutch, the Electroluxopipeophone, and the Leaf-Springoleon. Mitchel performs on these instruments solo and in groups such as the The Invented Thing Quartet, PKD, the dadallama performance company and Ursonate Urchestra, in venues including the Knitting Factory, AS220, Zeitgeist, the Middle East, the Rat and galleries such as King Hooper and Gallery 119.

He also writes performance art pieces such as Stalingrad, Martha Stewart in the Underworld, and Perky Pat Layouts which he performs solo and with a variety of participating artists.

Mitchel is an active printmaker creating multiple-block mono-prints using linoleum block alphabets and illustrations he designs and cuts himself. Projects include The Angry Dishtowels, The Articles of the Robot Rescue League, the On The Road Kerouac Scrolls, Gettysburg Scroll and the 108 Defilements of Buddhism which he has shown at the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln MA and in galleries such as 516 Arts in Albuquerque NM, Atlantic Works Gallery in East Boston, Lincoln Arts Project in Waltham, Gallery 119 in Lowell, Galatea in Boston and Outpost Gallery in Cambridge.

He is an artist member of Gallery 119 and Atlantic Works.

Booked by Walter.

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