Ecology: Our 7th Annual Members’ Exhibit

Tuesday July 12 – Saturday July 30 12noon-5pm
Reception: July 16 3-6pm

It’s summer. Plants are blooming. The weather is hot, sweaty and uniquely unpredictable. So much has happened this year – unexpected, catastrophic natural disasters, mass hysteria, and scientific influences.  Ecology is on many people’s minds. This year’s theme for 119’s 7th Annual Member’s show is
Ecology: Science / Nature.

With a range of materials, the 20 Artists in Ecology, each address our environment in different manners –

Astrodime Transit Authority, Bebe Beard, Ashley Cantrell, Rick Breault, Michael F Dailey Jr, Samatha Durant, Gilbert Gandia, Lillian  Graham, Jim  Jeffers, Denise  Manseau, Adam Norton, Dan Rocha, Bradford Rusick, Doug Sparks, Emile Tobenfeld, Michal Truelsen, Sarah  Wisniewski, Elaine Wood, Walter Wright, Dei Xhrist, Lineu Zadereski


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