Andrew Bernstein & friends

Friday June 17 8pm, donations greatly appreciated.

Andrew Bernstein – multi-instrumentalist [Baltimore MD]
Owen Gardner – cello, guitar, electronics [Baltimore MD]
Max Eibacher – electronics [Baltimore MD]
bodydrama: [Boston, Cambridge, Jamaica Plain, Lowell]
Joe Burgio, Betty Wang – movement
Lou Cohen – laptop
Matt Samolis – flute
Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin
Walter Wright – electronics

Andrew Bernstein is a Baltimore, MD based musician and instrumental and electronic composer. He composes music that is driven by the exploration of acoustic phenomena, poly-rhythmic textures, just intonation tuning systems, and the limitless possibilities of DIY computer music. A versatile performer and improvisor, he plays saxophone, clarinet, guitar, percussion, keyboard and custom built electronic instruments. As well as performing solo electro-acoustic music he has played with the groups Teeth Mountain, The Dan Deacon Ensemble, White Life, and Horse Lords and is on the board of the High Zero Foundation.

Owen Gardner uses cello, modified electric guitar and electronics to create stark, unpolished explorations of sonic phenomena. Informed both by his intuitive study of acoustics and formal study of music history and ethnomusicology, using strategies culled from early Minimalism and experimental improvised music, Owen investigates and problematizes the relationship between composition and improvisation. In addition to his solo work Owen has collaborated with a wide variety of groups including Black Vatican, Matmos, Second Nature and Teeth Mountain.

Max Eilbacher currently resides in West Baltimore, he has at one time or currently performs music with many bands and people from Baltimore and afar. But more importantly in his free time he wanders the old railroad tracks of sanity and takes swims in the beautiful rivers surrounding him. Lush green synthesizers of birds sway overhead but meanwhile he forgets how to play the keyboard and tries not to sniff glue. It sometimes works, remembering those chords that is. More recently he has be performing with video and electronic instruments.

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