XFest 2011

Friday-Sunday March 4-6, FREE

119 Gallery presents XFest 2011, a festival of improvised music, visuals, movement, and poetry. The format of the festival is simple and challenging: 20 visiting artists and 40 local artists perform. On Friday and Saturday evening there are 10 half-hour sets that feature one or two visiting artists with local artists. New this year, on Saturday afternoon visiting and local poets read with the musicians.

“Improvisation can give us the skills to deal with many social and aesthetic issues of the twenty-first century. Although we have become adept at talking about aesthetic hybridity, cultural alerity, crossing borders (both earthly and cyber), and global fusion; few of us have really studied what physical and intellectual practice will make our bodies and minds ready for this brave new world … Improvisation can lead us out of our habitual responses by opening up alternative experiences – new physical sensations and appetites … Although this practice begins with attentiveness to corporeal experience it also develops a mental flexibility that can provide an intellectual map with which to chart new pathways for negotiating awkward and difficult crossings.” — Ann Cooper Albright, Taken By Surprise

119 Gallery promotes contemporary and new media art, innovative ideas and cutting-edge techniques with a rich program of exhibitions, performances and community-based arts services. We welcome people of all ages, backgrounds and means to explore and experience new, innovative art.?

The first day of XFest. It begins in the evening with 10 1/2hr sets. Visiting artists/performers are grouped with local artists/performers. The process is somewhat random. The general rule is that you play with people you have never played with before. A number of sets include movement and all the sets have live video.

  8:00pm Dustin Carlson – guitar, Forbes Graham – trumpet, Josh Baker – bicycle wheels
  8:30pm David Grollman – snare drum, Al Margolis – laptop, Id m Theft Able – voice & objects
  9:00pm A-J Cornell – objects, Dave Miller – drums, Stephanie Lak – voice & surprises
  9:30pm Dave Ross – guitar, Andrea Pensado – laptop, Lou Cohen – laptop
10:00pm Ras Moshe – reeds, Ben Farley – keyboard, Marc Bisson – guitar & objects
10:30pm Emilie Mouchous – objects, [open slot], Steve Norton – reeds
11:00pm Valerie Kuehne – cello, Setheyny Pen – drums, Olivia Close – guitar
11:30pm Tom Hamilton – analog synth, Alex Obert – bass, Lou Bunk – acoustic flimflamerie
12:00am Derek Beckvold – baritone sax, Rick Breault – laptop, Johnny McLellan – drums
12:30am Lucio Menegon – guitar, Morgan Evans-Weiler – violin, Angela Sawyer – suitcase of acoustic delights
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Teresa Czepiel and Betty Wang – movement, Dr T and HEXbeam – live video

The second and the busiest day of the festival, at noon Y Sok Woodward, hosts brunch. In the afternoon Jazz & Poetry, a new collaboration between musicians and poets with artists drawing and painting live to the words and music. Following the afternoon session, Y hosts a Potluck Dinner. Again, the evening features 10 1/2hr sets. In each visiting artist/performers are grouped with local artist/performers. A number of sets include movement and all the sets will have live video.

12:00noon Brunch

  2:00pm Andrew Eisenberg – percussion, Gordon Marshall – reading
  2:45pm Dave Miller – drums, Alex Obert – bass, Dave Ross – guitar, Dave Robinson and Ryan Gallagher - reading
  3:30pm Johnny McLellan – drums, Shayna Dulberger – bass, Chris Welcome - guitar, Ruth Lepson and Derek Fenner – reading
  4:15pm Emilie Mouchous – objects, A-J Cornell – objects, Id m Theft Able – reading
  5:00pm Prehistoric Horse: Lucio Megenon – guitar, Valerie Kuehne – cello, David Grollman – snare drum
Michael F Dailey Jr, Gilbert Gandia, Alyshia Lien, Setheyny Pen – live art

  6:00pm Potluck Dinner

  8:00pm Al Margolis – laptop, Nick Egersheim – we will see, Dei Xhrist – voice processing
  8:30pm Dustin Carlson – guitar, Dave Ross – guitar, Shawn Dailey – keyboard
  9:00pm Lucio Menegon – guitar, Mike Funaiole – analog synth, Nick Colella - guitar
  9:30pm Chris Welcome -guitar, Michael F Dailey Jr – drums, Jed Speare – laptop
10:00pm David Grollman – snare drum, Eric Dahlman – trumpet, Ryan Scott – guitar
10:30pm A-J Cornell – objects, Alex Obert – bass, Crank Sturgeon – himself
11:00pm Shayna Dulberger – bass, Kit Demos – bass, Abram Taber – bass
11:30pm Tom Hamilton – analog synth, Ras Moshe – reeds, Kevin Frenette – guitar
12:00am Emilie Mouchous – objects, Andrew Eisenberg – percussion, Frank Turek – reeds
12:30am Valerie Kuehne – cello, Dave Miller – drums, Jules Vasylenko – bamboozle
Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Joe Burgio, Teresa Czepiel and Betty Wang – movement, Greg Kowalski and Eric Sack – video

The final day of the festival begins with brunch. The afternoon features bands.

12:00noon Brunch (Y, Angie and the SockHop)

  2:00pm Abram Taber & friends
  2:45pm MeowMart: Stephanie Lak – keyboards, guitar, bass, vocals, Olivia Close – bass, drums (and friend(s))
  3:30pm Loup-Garou: Satan – drums, AlterWalter – electronics (and special guest(s))
  4:15pm Crank Sturgeon: (A1 fish band, REY POO)
  5:00pm BiRdOrGaN: Marc Bisson – guitar & objects, Michael F Dailey Jr – drums & mayhem, Mike Fun – analog synth, DeiX – voice processing with Greg Kowalski – video

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One Response to XFest 2011

  1. 119 Gallery says:

    This will be one exciting weekend here at 119. This is the 3rd year and it’s getting better and better. Any living, compassionate life form who cares about experimental sounds/images or free improvisation absolutely needs to be here!