Saturday February 12 8pm, $5 donation much appreciated.

8:00pm doors
8:30pm Id m Theftable / Shea Mowat Duo [Somewhere else]
9:00pm Toydeath [Sydney Australia]

Cult circuit bending band Toydeath re-appropriate childrens’ electronic toys and wear human-sized cartoonish costumes to create a unique stage show. Toydeath produce live music from their tortured treasure-trove of modified toys including guitars, talking dolls and alphabet apples resulting in a surreal deluge of colour and craziness. Toydeath is part performance, part music and features hilarious toyworld pranksters: Big Judy, GiJoe and Super Dad.

Get ready for some hyperactive hootenanny as they unleash the contents of a toy box six-year-olds would kill for!

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