Larson / Bat-Shimon Duo

Saturday November 13 8pm, donations always appreciated!

Larson / Bat-Shimon Duo:
Forrest Larson – analog electronics
Yael Bat-Shimon – violin

The duo explores ideas of resonance and difference in their distinct respective sound sources.

A fundamental inspiration for of Forrest Larson‘s music comes from listening to and collecting “found sounds” from both natural as well as urban landscapes. The other-worldly sounds of old pre-digital analog electronic instruments and unusual noises found on the shortwave radio spectrum also of are of deep interest as well. In his instrumental works, he explores the coloristic and lyrical possibilities of non-tonal harmonies. He has written music for string orchestra, wind ensemble as well as works for unaccompanied violin, viola and cello. Some of his works combine electronic sounds and live acoustic instruments. Recent pieces, include The Crows Return, for flute and recorded sound (premiered April 2010 by Sue-Ellen Hershman-Tcherepnin, Boston, Ma.), and Nocturnal Reflection, for tuba and recorded sound ) premiered by Philip VanOuse, Oakland, CA.)

His music has been performed at MIT, Brandeis University, Berklee College of Music, Carnegie-Mellon University, Washington and Jefferson University (PA), Mansfield University (PA), Southern Oregon University, California Institute for the Arts, and in Providence, RI, Ithaca NY, and Iceland. Three films by Kate Matson titled Constellation Suite for which he composed the music, are to be shown March 2010 on Screen Compositions 6, at Experimental Media in New York.

In recent years he has worked intensively on live analog electronic music performance, using shortwave radios, oscillators and signal processors. He has collaborated with sound artist Jed Speare and performs in the Sonic Sandbox Trio (David Brown didgeridoo & percussion, Todd Brunel, clarinet and bass clarinet). Forrest Larson has performed live electronic music at Firehouse 13 (Providence, RI), Frantasia Festival of Music and Art (Livermore Falls, ME.), Outpost 186 (Cambridge, Ma.), 119 Gallery (Lowell, Ma.). In October 2010 he performed with David Brown at the Providence First Works Festival.

As a violist, Forrest Larson has played in the New England Philharmonic, Boston Chamber Ensemble, Commonwealth Vintage Dance Orchestra, and a variety of other chamber groups.

Yael Bat-Shimon, described by The Boston Globe as an adventurous contemporary violinist whose improvisational work draws on her classical training as well as non-Western musical traditions, has
performed for audiences from Paris, France to Cambridge, MA. Her music was featured in the Fall 2008 edition of the arts and culture e-zine “Zingology,” which called her improvisations fiery interpretations of European and American folk traditions squarely anchored on her classical training. In addition to her fascination with the interplay between Western and non-Western musical traditions, Yael is deeply influenced by the work of contemporary painters and dancers. She has worked extensively with choreographers in the collaborative creation of improvised works, often playing the dual role of musician and mover on stage. A Harvard graduate, she has also studied violin performance and contemporary improvisation at the Peabody Institute of Music in Baltimore and the New England Conservatory in Boston. Yael Bat-Shimon’s first CD, “When Way Opens: Live Improvisations,” was released in March of 2010.

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