T-Max “Why Do We Go to War?”

Saturday October 9 8pm, $5 donation.

T-Max [MA]
performs songs from “Why Do We Go to War?”
Melvern Taylor: [Lowell]
Melvern Taylor – ukulele
Matt Berlin – double bass

T-Max publishes “The Noise.” He has completed his solo venture of recording the 15 songs that make up the folk-rock opera “Why Do We Go to War?” The title track can be heard right here. T Max says, “My intent with this project is to open the eyes of the people who are afraid or unable to look at the reality of war.”

Melvern Taylor writes happy songs about miserable people. His instrument of choice is the ukulele. They go together like milk and cookies. He learned to play guitar with an Eagles song book. He started writing songs in the 7th grade. Mostly they were about dead cats or snooty Andover girls. Melvern and his band play shows quite a bit. If you happen to notice that they are playing near you, you should go check it out.

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