Listening to Lowell: Soundwalk

Sunday September 19 11am-3pm, absolutely free.

Field recording workshop led by Rick Breault, NE Phonographers Union. Starts with a sound walk in downtown Lowell. Meet at the gallery. We will walk Lowell streets and paths, listen to and record sounds.Bring your recorders, headphones and your walking shoes!

Proposed 4 part series:
1.Soundwalk (Listen/Record)
Homework:listen to our recordings and take notes
2. Gather and listen to our recordings and make comments
Talk: Phonography/musique concrete
Homework: make a phonography or concrete piece
3.Present a piece at a listening party
4.Concert of collaborations

Field recording, sometimes also referred as phonography is the term used for any recording produced outside of a recording studio.

Field recordings can be either of two varieties. Field recording of natural sounds, also called phonography (a term chosen to illustrate its similarities to photography), was originally employed as a documentary adjunct to research work in the field and foley work for film. With the availability of high-quality portable recording equipment, it has subsequently become an evocative art in itself. Both processed and natural phonographic recordings (such as the Environments series) are available.

The New England Phonographers Union is a fluid congregation of sound artists and recordists who work with untreated and unprocessed recordings of the rich and varied sounds around them. Through the exploration and documentation of urban and rural public spaces, sound objects and events, the Union captures auditory phenomena otherwise lost, and reinterprets the particularity of individual places as a newly idealized sonic environment. Within a focused listening environment, the members present their recordings, both as collaborative improvisations and in composed frameworks.

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