Soriah with Ashkelon Sain + Ajda the Turkish Queen

Friday July 30 8pm, donation at the door.

The unique vision of the Portland musician and ritual artist known as SORIAH draws from performance and musical traditions both ancient and modern–raga, shamanism, the revisionist arts of electro-acoustics, noise, butoh, and free improvisation.

Soriah is a practitioner of traditional Tuvan (Mongolian) throat singing, in which two or more pitches are sung as overtones. While the underpinnings of Soriah’s music reach back to Centr…al Asia, he traces his roots back to his father’s homeland of Mexico. His explorations of the cities and wilderness of Mexico and research into the Aztec mysteries have deeply affected his pan-cultural ethos.

Through costume, movement and mediation, Soriah evokes an otherworld of profound mystical import. Since 2008, Soriah has collaborated with musician/ producer ASHEKELON SAIN, bringing their work to a higher level of artistic and spiritual expression. Soriah and Ashkelon Sain will perform at 119 Gallery in Lowell on July 30 and at Lindsay Chapel at First Church of Cambridge on July 31. On Sunday afternoon, August 1, Soriah will lead a workshop in Tuvan throat singing at the YMCA in Cambridge.

Ajda the Turkish Queen is a vocalist and multi-instrumentalist originally from Houston, Texas. An unconventional approach to writing and playing music has led Ajda to experiment with unique instrumentation, gratifying the natural desire to collect numerous instruments that afford her an arsenal of sounds. Many of her instruments were gifts, or somehow randomly appeared in her life. Her current focus lies with her band Black Fortress of Opium, and in solo endeavors. “[A] powerful, often sultry voice accompanied only by a mandolin…lulling you into a sort of dream state”-Kevin Renick, Playback StL.

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