Friday May   7 7pm, Saturday May   8 7pm, Sunday May   9 6pm
Friday May 14 7pm, Saturday May 15 7pm, Sunday May 16 6pm
Tickets $15.00, reserve your seat here.

Poison, manipulation, intrigue, revenge … Charged with a mission by his father’s ghost, Hamlet must unravel his family’s mysteries, with spies always lurking. GAN-e-meed Theatre Project presents Shakespeare’s gripping classic in a passionate modern interpretation featuring an all-female cast. Joining the intrigue from 5 feet away, you are drawn into this universal tale of a very troubled family and the son whose struggles for truth may tear it apart.

Sam Cunha – Guildenstern/Marcellus
Meghan Dalton – Laertes
Linda Goetz – Polonius
Marie Polizzano – Ophelia
SerahRose Roth – Hamlet
Jessica Webb – Claudius
Rebecca Webber – Horatio
Jackie Davis – Gertrude
Kristina Szilagyi – Rosencrantz

The cast “is a very diverse group in terms of acting backgrounds, technique, sense of humor: but I definitely felt we were all coming from the same world of the play before we even started” says Becky Webber (Horatio) in a post on the rehearsal blog, findinghamlet.blogspot.com. “We’re just naturally an ensemble” she reflects about working with an all-woman cast.

Christopher James Webb – Director
Sam Quaintance – Stage Management
Barbara Craig – Lighting & Set Design
Elisabetta Polito – Costume Design
Angie Jepson – Fight Direction

Performing this classic in a small non-traditional space creates a strong sense of intimacy, as audience becomes complicit to and part of the spying all around Hamlet. “Our play is about relationships, about manipulation and revenge and truth, and about who is listening” says Webb. “There is no private space in the play for Hamlet, and that is vividly clear when the audience is 5 feet away.”

GAN-e-meed is taking the rare step of planning a production in two local cities. “We wanted to share this with a broader audience, and the best way to do that is to tour it. I live in the Lowell area and there is a real cultural revolution happening here. I want to contribute to that, in addition to bringing it to the Boston area” says Roth.

So why is a company whose mission is to advance the role of women in theatre doing Hamlet, rather than a play by a female playwright? “Because I wanted to” Roth says with a laugh. While Roth started as an actor, her last few years have been spent in education and directing. “Our fall production will be a contemporary play by a woman, but Hamlet is the reason I started this company. I wanted to play this role and eventually realized I had to make my own opportunity, and that a lot of other women are in the same boat. Christopher was a big supporter in the planning process and it became clear that he is the best director for the job. GAN-e-meed is about supporting women in creating theater that we are passionate about.”

“Our mission is not about “no boys allowed”- Shakespeare is included, as is Christopher” continues Roth. “It’s about opening doors for women artists. What greater opportunity than playing these meaty roles in one of the greatest plays in the English language?”

GAN-e-meed Theatre Project was founded in 2009 to advance the role of women in theater: the experienced and novice, young and old, artist and leader. To accomplish this, their seasons are created from shows proposed by female artists (actress, stage manager, designer, playwright, or director), and they promote the study of and visibility of gender bias within the theater community. GAN-e-meed Theatre Project hopes to be the catalyst to establishing gender equity in New England theater.

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