Herb Robertson Trio + Stephan Anstey

Friday April 16 8pm, $10 donation requested.

Herb Robertson Trio: [NJ]
Herb Robertson – trumpet
Dave Kaczorowski – bass
Adrian Valosin – drums
Stephan Anstey
is a poet, artist, and web designer. You know, the average type of person you’d never want to be stuck on an elevator with for any length of time.

Herb Robertson had to quit playing music for a short time in 1975 when the strain of performing nightly in a loud jazz-rock band caused him to temporarily lose his trumpet chops. Robertson altered his style, becoming a more lyrical and explorative player. In 1976 he started a rehearsal big band, also playing with some of the local avant-garde musicians in New Jersey. He met altoist Tim Berne in the late 1970s and first gained attention for his playing with Berne’s groups during 1981-87. His tonal distortions and use of mutes looked back to jazz’s past while his freer improvising was quite futuristic, fitting in very well with Berne’s passionate alto playing. He also became a member of bassist Mark Helias’ group.

Robertson, who first recorded as a sideman in 1982 and led his initial album in 1985, has since appeared on over 100 recording projects. As a leader he put together his own adventurous band in 1987 and has recorded for the JMT, Splasc (h), Leo, CIMP and Cadence labels. His groups since 1987 include The Double Infinitives, the Herb Robertson Brass Ensemble, and various all-star groups with Dominic Duval, Jay Rosen, Paul Smoker and Phil Haynes. He has worked with many of the major names of avant-garde and modern mainstream jazz including Ornette Coleman, Anthony Davis, Bobby Previte, David Sanborn, George Gruntz, Bill Frisell, Paul Motian, Lou Graissi’s Po’ Band, The Fonda-Stevens Group, Nexus, Barry Guy’s New Orchestra, Michael Moore, Terry Jenoure, Andy Laster, Judi Silvano, John Lindberg, Gerry Hemingway, Zlatko Kaucic, the Satoko Fujii big band, Marc Ducret, Simon Nabatov, Mark Feldman, Pierre Dorge’s New Jungle Orchestra, John Zorn, Roswell Rudd, Elliot Sharp, the Klaus Konig Orchestra, Rashied Ali, Ray Anderson, Paul Motian, Dewey Redman, Evan Parker, Agusti Fernandez, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Frank Gratkowski, Michiel Braam, Matthias Schubert, Mark Dresser, the Charlie Haden Music Liberation Orchestra …He has been cited as an important influence by Dave Douglas. Herb Robertson, who has composed music for dance, theater and documentary films, also plays valve trombone, tuba, the Eb alto horn and “little instruments.” He has performed at many European festivals and New York clubs. In 2005 he, along with Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez, started their own record label, RubyFlower Records, to promote avant-guard jazz and new music in its most extreme forms. Whether it is complex large group arrangements or free form duets, Herb Robertson brings his wide knowledge of jazz history along with his original voice and adventurous spirit to each session.

Adrian Valosin‘s training in modern classical composition makes him unique among jazz drummers. The eight years he spent performing with classical modernist Joel Thome reinforced his ear for compositional development, which he brings to his jazz improvisation. Following his tenure with Thome, Valosin joined the critically acclaimed Bern Nix Trio from 1994 to 2005. He has also performed with Oliver Lake, Herb Robertson, Harry Leahy, Ruth Wyand, Jack Six, Gary Mazzeropi, Gabriel Chang, Bill Zola, and others; and has performed at the Saratoga Jazz Festival, the Montreal Jazz Festival, the Toronto Jazz Festival, the National Gallery in Washington DC, the Smithsonian Institute and the following notable clubs in NYC: Jazz Standard, Bottom Line, Knitting Factory, Blue Note, Birdland, Five Spot.

Dave Kaczorowski has performed and/or recorded with: Herb Robertson, Sabir Mateen, Naoko Ono, Yaya Abdul Majid, Roger Prieto, Benjamin Tomassetti, Daniel Powell, Peter Kowald, Joe Baione, Vattel Cherry, Elliot Levin, Jane Wang, Terry McManus, Seth Meicht, Ravish Momin, and others. Dave has performed at the International Society of Bassists Convention, the Atlantic City Music Festival, Philadelphia Clef Club, the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, University of Pennsylvania Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts, Perkins Center for the Performing Arts, the Cherry Lane Theatre in NYC, Knitting Factory, Baltimore Creative Arts Alliance, as well as many other East Coast performance spaces and jazz clubs.

“This trio of in-the-moment composers is a perfect setting for Robertson’s aggressive extended techniques and forceful horn manipulations … Kaczorowski and Valosin are strong promoters of forward motion and creativity, two qualities needed when running with a beast like the fabulous Robertson.” – Ken Weiss, Cadence Magazine April 2009

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One Response to Herb Robertson Trio + Stephan Anstey

  1. 119 Gallery says:

    Avante Garde Jazz on an April Night (15/30)

    first I feel nothing.
    the hunter’s horn calls
    the fox flees
    i sit and hope
    i find the music

    next I feel something
    the bass pulls the beat
    and the drums follow
    the fox whimpers
    i sit quietly then
    i find the music

    finally I feel everything
    the drums shave away time
    and the bass reveals this place
    to the slicing rage of the horn
    the fox is limp
    I slide into the night
    part of the music

    — Stephan Anstey