Strotter Inst + Baker / Bisson Duo

Friday April 2 8pm, $5 donation at the door.

Strotter Inst aka Christoph Hess

Strotter Inst aka Christoph Hess – turntables [Switzerland]
Baker / Bisson Duo: [Manchester NH, Portland ME]
Josh Baker – bicycle wheel
Marc Bisson – prepared guitar, objects

After more than ten years of making music with turntables, tapes and loops the swiss based musician, artist, performer and architect Christoph Hess started in 1998 the project Strotter Inst. to concentrate just on the manipulation of turntables not using any records or sounds made by someone or something else.

Live, Strotter Inst. is generating dense sound- and rhythm structures by using five modified and manipulated Lenco turntables and various cut or scotched records. The music ranges from a low-fi rumble changing into concrete clicks and scrapes, followed by epic drones and multi-layered broken beats to fall back into tricky bass-meditations. The anachronistic machines have dual roles as objects and as instruments. The first live impact is as installations, then the sounds start to grab the listeners’ attention. The auditive level surpasses the visual one. Therefore, the optical comprehension of how the sound is generated plays an important role. In spite or probably because of the analogue creation the structures produce a contemporary and accurate atmosphere in space and time. Strotter Inst. prefers to play in the middle of the audience. The installation is set up especially for each room. Except for the PA, Strotter Inst. brings along all the material he uses. The basic structures for every gig are noted. The set is adapted for each rooms conditions and depends upon the uncertain behavior of the machines. So each live appearance becomes an acoustic original.

Produced by Walter.

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