XFest 2010: Improvised sound, visuals and movement.

Friday-Sunday February 26-28, FREE!

Seth Bailin, Forbes Graham, Kit Demos, Matt Plummer, Claire Elizabeth Barratt, Shayna Dulberger

The format of the festival is simple and challenging: 15 visiting artists and 70 local artists perform. On Friday and Saturday evening there are 10 half-hour sets that include one visiting artist and three local artists. Performers include musicians, and visual and movement artists. Every set is an improvisation; the artists are playing together for the first time.

Print out your own schedule as a .pdf or for all the info …

Visiting Artists:
Gordon Allen – trumpet [Montreal QC]
Claire Elizabeth Barratt – movement [Asheville NC, Chester UK]
Audrey Chen – cello, electronics, voice [Baltimore MD]
Shayna Dulberger – double bass [Brooklyn NY]
Mark Dwinell – monochord [Brooklyn NY]
Tom Hamilton – electronics [NYC]
Katt Hernandez - violin [Philadelphia PA, Malmo Sweden]
Katherine Liberovskaya – video [NYC]
Al Margolis – laptop [Chester NY]
Dave Miller – drums [Brooklyn NY]
Ras Moshe – sax, flute, bass clarinet [Brooklyn NY]
Emilie Mouchous – electronics [Montreal QC]
Viljam Nybacka – bass [Finland]
Matt Plummer – trombone [NYC]
Chris Welcome – guitar [Brooklyn NY]

Local Artists:
Mitchel K Ahern – homebrew instruments
Steve Albert – video
Matt Anderson aka Crank Sturgeon – noise, disruption
Josh Baker – bicycle wheel
Seth Bailin – sax
Marc Bisson – prepared guitar
Jennifer Brunelle – noise violin
Lou Bunk – objects
Joe Burgio – movement
Andrew Renault-Caragianes – guitar, bass, drums
Patrick Cassidy – drums
Deidre Christiansen – voice, electronics
Dylan Clark – guitar
Degan Clinton – guitar
Olivia Close – bass
Lou Cohen – laptop
Nick Colella – guitar
Gabriel Cruser – drums
Teresa Czepiel – movement
Eric Dahlman – trumpet
Mike Dailey – guitar, drums
Shawn Dailey – keyboards
Kit Demos – double bass, electronics
Brandon Downs – bass
Andy Eisenberg – percussion
Ben Farley – guitar
Corey Felt – live paint
Andy Fordyce – drums
Kevin Frenette – guitar
Mike Funaiole – analog synth
Andy Funaro – drums
Ellen Godena movement
Jon Glancy – drums
Forbes Graham – trumpet
Dave Gross – sax
Jennifer Hicks – movement
Josh Jefferson – sax
Paul Kafka-Gibbons – movement, voice
Karlheinz – electronics
Greg Kowalski – video
Stephanie Lak – voice
Karen Langlie – cello
Joe Livolsi – drums
Max Lord – analog synth
Whit Love – guitar
John McKusick – video
Johnny McLellan – drums
Joe Moffet – trumpet
Steve Norton – bass clarinet
Setheyny Pen – drums
Andrea Pensado – laptop
Andy Phelps – electronics
Matt Samolis – flute
Patrick Shaughnessy – keyboard
Skott Speare aka Id m Theft Able – voice, objects
Eric Stewart – guitar
Vic Rawlings – cello, electronics
Jessica Rylan – analog synth
Eric Sack – video
Angela Sawyer – objects
Jed Speare – laptop
Rick Stec – live paint
Lauren Strobel – trumpet
Crank Sturgeon – objects
Abram Taber – bass
Id m Theft Able – objects
Emile Tobenfeld – video
Frank Turek – sax
John Voigt – bass
Jingjing Zhou – piano

Friday February 26

8:00pm Gordon Allen – trumpet, Mitch Ahern – homebrew instruments, Josh Baker – bicycle wheel, Dave Gross – sax, Claire Elizabeth Barratt – movement
8:30pm Audrey Chen – cello, electronics & voice, Seth Bailin – percussion, Josh Jefferson – sax, Karlheinz – electronics
9:00pm Shayna Dulberger – double bass, Marc Bisson – prepared guitar, Jennifer Brunelle – noise violin, Stephanie Lak – keyboard, voice, Ellen Godena – movement
9:30pm Tom Hamilton – electronics, Mark Dwinell – monochord, Lou Cohen – laptop, Karen Langlie – cello & electronics
10:00pm Katt Hernandez – violin, Andrew Renault-Caragianes – bass, Joe Livolsi – drums, Max Lord – electronics, Teresa Czepiel – movement
10:30pm Al Margolis – laptop, Patrick Cassidy – drums, Deidre Christiansen – voice, Whit Love – guitar
11:00pm Dave Miller – drums, Ras Moshe – sax, Degan Clinton – guitar, Steve Norton – bass clarinet, ??? – movement
11:30pm Matt Plummer – trombone, Olivia Close – bass, Joe Moffet – trumpet, John McLellan – drums
12:00am Chris Welcome – guitar, Lou Bunk – objects, Nick Colella – guitar, Kit Demos – double bass, Setheyny Pen – drums, Joe Burgio – movement
12:30am Emilie Mouchous – electronics, Dylan Clark – guitar, Andrea Pensado – laptop, Andy Phelps – electronics
Dr T – video 8-10:30pm, Steve Albert, Eric Sack and John McKusick – video 10:30pm-1am

Saturday February 27

10:00am Sound Workshop with Jon Glancy & Abram Taber.

12:00 noon Pancake Breakfast (Y Sok Woodward)

2:00pm Al Margolis – laptop, Tom Hamilton – electronics, Jed Speare – laptop, Gordon Allen – trumpet, ??? – movement
2:45pm Shayna Dulberger – double bass, Joshua Jefferson – sax, Andy Eisenberg – percussion, Joe Burgio, Paul Kafka-Gibbons – movement
3:30pm Audrey Chen – cello, electronics & voice, Katt Hernandez – violin, Id m Theft Able – objects & voice, Emilie Mouchous – electronics, Claire Elizabeth Barratt – movement
4:15pm Dave Miller – drums, Ras Moshe – sax, Matt Plummer – trombone, Chris Welcome – guitar, Viljam Nybacka – bass, Joe Burgio – movement
Corey Felt, Rick Stec, Mike Dailey, Setheyny Pen – live painting

6:00pm Dinner (Y Sok Woodward)

7:00pm Video Screening – Donald O’Finn.

8:00pm Emilie Mouchous – electronics, Gabriel Cruser – drums, Eric Dahlman – trumpet, Matt Samolis – flute, Joe Burgio – movement
8:30pm Chris Welcome – guitar, Mike Dailey – drums, Patrick Shaughnessy – keyboard, Eric Stewart – guitar
9:00pm Matt Plummer – trombone, Shawn Dailey – keyboard, Vic Rawlings – cello & electronics, Claire Elizabeth Barratt – movement
9:30pm Dave Miller – drums, Mark Dwinell – monochord, Brandon Downs – bass, Jessica Rylan – analog synth
10:00pm Al Margolis – laptop, Andy Eisenberg – percussion, Angela Sawyer – objects & voice, Jed Speare – laptop, ??? – movement
10:30pm Katt Hernandez – violin, Ben Farley – guitar, Lauren Strobel – trumpet, Crank Sturgeon – electronics & voice
11:00pm Tom Hamilton – electronics, Ras Moshe – sax, Andy Fordyce – drums, Abram Taber – bass
11:30pm Shayna Dulberger – double bass, Kevin Frenette – guitar, Mike Funaiole – analog synth, Id m Theft Able – objects & voice
12:00am Audrey Chen – cello, electronics & voice, Andy Funaro – drums, Frank Turek – sax, John Voigt – bass, ??? – movement
12:30am Gordon Allen – trumpet, Jon Glancy – drums, Forbes Graham – trumpet, Viljam Nybacka – bass, Jingjing Zhou – keyboard
Greg Kowalski, Katherine Liberovskaya – video 8pm-1am

Sunday February 28

10:00am Movement Workshop with Joe Burgio

12:00 noon Vegan Brunch (Olivia & Stephanie)

2:00pm Apocalypso Trio: Joe Burgio – movement, Shayna Dulberger, double bass, Walter Wright – analog synths
2:30pm Skinny Vinny: Joshua Jefferson – sax, Andy Eisenberg – percussion.
3:00pm birdorgan: Marc Bisson – prepared guitar, Deidre Christiansen – voice, Mike Funiole – analog synth, Mike Dailey – drums
3:30pm Ladderlegs: Eric Stewart – guitar & vocals, Ben Farley – guitar & vocals, Olivia Close – bass & vocals, Patrick Cassidy – drums
4:00pm Sinbusters: Nick Colella – guitar & vocals, Jennifer Brunelle – tambourine & vocals, Patrick Shaughnessy – keyboard & vocals, Seth Bailin – drums
4:30pm Jon Glancy & Abram Taber, structured improv (sign up, limited to 15 performers)

Supported by the Lowell Cultural Council and the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

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  1. 119 Gallery says:

    Thanks everyone for the best XFest evah! Please send links to your photos, videos &or sound files to artguy at 119 gallery dot org.

    I’m looking for long-term funding for the festival. If you have something nice to say about your experience at XFest, email me at teh address above. I will include your email in support of my grant applications.

    Thanks again, looking forward to next year