Jed Speare & Forrest Larson

Saturday January 9 8pm, $10 donation requested

Jed Speare and Forrest Larson have a unique duo that combines processed field-recorded sound with short-wave radio frequencies and tone-generating oscillators. They have performed together at Outpost 186 and Frantasia Festival.

Jed Speare is an artist and arts manager working in a variety of media and settings. Initially trained in music composition, he has presented sound, performance, video, installation, conceptual, multimedia and community-based works locally, nationally, and internationally in festivals and locales such as San Francisco, Amsterdam, Canada, Taiwan, Croatia, Czech Republic, Poland, Belarus, Bulgaria, France, and Italy. In Boston, Jed has been known primarily as a member of the Mobius Artists Group since 1995 and as the Co- Director and Director of Mobius from 1996 through 2004. He recently became Director again in July 2009. He has also been Director of Studio Soto in Boston since 2006.

Forrest Larson, composer/electronic musician, has had a life-long love of old pre-digital analog electronic instruments, and of collecting of “found sounds” from both natural as well as urban landscapes. Simple or “primitive” analog devices such as oscillators, stomp box filters and shortwave radios are of particular interest. His work includes both strictly composed music and live improvised electronic music. Some of his formal compositions combine electronic/found sounds and live acoustic instruments, including pieces for cello and tuba. Seabird Fantasy for winds, percussion, which incorporates sounds of seabirds, was written on commission from the MIT Wind Ensemble. He composed the music for Constellation Suite, three short abstract animated films by Kate Matson, using found sounds. Currently he is working on collaborative improvisation projects with sound artist Jed Speare, and the digeridoo player & percussionist David Brown (Providence, RI). He has also written music for string orchestra as well as works for unaccompanied violin, viola and cello. His music has been performed locally at various venues in the Boston area such as Mobius, Outpost 186, MIT, Brandeis University, at the experimental music series CTRL+ALT+REPEAT in Providence, RI., and Frantasia Festival of Music and Arts (ME.)

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