The House of 1000 Dust Catchers

Tuesday January 12 – Saturday February 13, 12noon – 5pm
Reception Saturday January 16, 6-9pm

photo by Setheyny Pen

Items and Ephemera from the collection of Marc Bisson and Dei Xhrist
with additional treasures provided by Dave Bacon

The majority of these pieces are second hand; garage sales, ex-garage sales, swap meets, second hand stores, friends with no use or lost storage space. The majority of these pieces were mass produced; part of a collection, variations on a popular theme, some sort of necessary element to complete a group, cheap efforts to fulfill a casual demand.

Marc and I find appeal in things that, out of their original context, are bizarre, horrible, silly, poorly executed, distorted, patinaed. There is a mix of pathos and brilliance; what kind of production environment birthed some of these figures? At the very least, everything here is the result of someone’s endeavors. We’ll never know their names but we can at least preserve their fruitiest of labors from the trash bin for a little longer.

We would like to thank Dave Bacon for lending a few boxes of his most easily reached toys and soup boxes. Dave is an auction and thrift store trawler with a predilection for stacking things and standing calmly as gravity overcomes his precarious towers. He can be reached at

Dei Xhrist and Marc Bisson
The House of Goings-On, Manchester, NH.

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