Nicola Ragusa

TONITE Monday December 7 8pm, absolutely free

Nikola Ragusa – solo flute [Windsor ON]

Nikola Ragusa, a great flutist from Windsor, Canada is passing through Lowell. His rep is very contemporary, just coming out of a performance series of modern flute pieces, including pieces for flute and electronics:

Ian Clarke – TRK’s for Flute and Electronics
Eve Beglarian – I Will Not Be Sad in This World for Flute and Tape
Varese – Density 21.5 for Solo Flute
Phillip Glass – Serenade for Flute
Paul Horn – Selected Works
Robert Dick – Fish are Jumping
Kathleen Hoover – Kokopeli for Solo Flute
Bach – Suite in G Major for Solo Flute (Trans. From Cello Suite)
Robert Dick – Lookout for Solo Flute
A.Jolivet – Incantation V – “at the chief’s funeral to obtain safe passage for his soul”
Debussy – Syrinx
Yury Obyedov – Andantino

Presented by Lindsey Sherman, UMass Lowell, Department of Music.

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