Tribal Celebration

Thursday, Nov 5 8pm, $5 donation requested.

return to the road in the USA and Europe to support a holy trinity of new releases. Their newest effort, “IV War Haka,” is an epic tale of tribal war, invoking the warrior spirit of the Maori and Benin voodoo magic.

Jonathan Saldanha and Gustavo Costa
are two of the most diverse and prolific members of the Portuguese experimental music community. Their unpredictable incarnations have run the gamut invoking elements of free jazz, hip hop, world music, noise and beyond.

The Points North
Their new album “I Saw Across The Sound” is the product of the eighteen months Chris North Alspach, Regina Peterson and Dylan Clark have spent playing together – contemplating their location in the Eastern Seaboard’s northernmost major city, connecting with local literary traditions, and interpreting their rural central Massachusetts childhoods. Vocal harmonies, flute melodies, and bass drum thumps carry the listener through New England ghost-country folk songs.

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  1. 119 Gallery says:

    Sikhara, a Sanskrit word translating literally to “mountain peak”, refers to the rising tower in the Hindu temple architecture of North India. Sikhara over the sanctum sanctorum where the presiding deity is enshrined is the most prominent and visible part of a Hindu temple of North India.

    Band members:

    Scott Nydegger occupies himself with a wide variety of activities,having toured with such acts as Steve Mackay’s Radon Ensemble (a rotating band for which Nydegger serves as a musical director) Damo Suzuki’s Network, Mecanosphere, Master Musicians of Hop-Frog, and Temple of Bon Matin. These numerous collaborations have been documented by such labels as Bar La Muerte (Italy) Chrome Peeler (New York) Samboat (France) and Bulb (USA).

    In the studio, he has worked as an engineer, producer and guest musician including projects such as Steve Mackay’s Michigan and Arcturus, the USA is a Monster cdr Weedblood, contributing to Serbia’s Jewy Saboty and co-producing a series of releases in co-operation with the Fonoteca Municpal Lisboa. Healming the Radon Booking agencecy, Nydegger has orchestrated a malestrom of tours in the USA and Europe, for artists such as Jean Louis Costes, Z’EV and Ovo. Despite the inherint nomadic-ness of Sikhara, Nydegger has roughly established headquarters between¨Paris, France and Nashville, TN.

    Yann Geoffriaud earned a reputation as one of Europe’s fastest drummers during his time with fast core unit George Bitch Jr. Before their implosion, the group became one of the most recognized bands in the genre, giving memorable performances on some of central Europe’s most important festivals. For his infusion into the sound of Sikhara, he has adapted techniques including double kick bass drum and contact mic vocals into an un-categorizable style that has shaped the very nature of Sikhara’s current sound. Yet Sikhara is but one branch of his ever increasing field of musical projects. He has collaborated with Henry Barnes of Man is the Bastard/Amps for Christ, is the recurring drummer of Koonda Holaa and has commenced diverse explorations into electronic sounds. In the rare moment he is not touring or traveling, Geoffriaud maintains sort of homesteads in Paris and Bordeaux.

    Sasha Drumure is a percussionist and multi-instrumentalist with a lengthy history of musical activity. He was first pulled into the Sikhara fold in 2002 while leading the tribal duo Samadi along with Marcus Wolf of Crash Worship, Blood Axis and Waldteufel. After years of occasional appearances in Sikhara, he came on as a full time member for the 2008 “Anduni” tour of the United States. He appears on Sikhara’s upcoming releases and will continue touring both sides of the Atlantic in a 3 man line-up with Nydegger/Geoffriaud. In addition to Sikhara, Drumure unveils his solo project Monster Black Centipede with the debut offering “Bedbugs”

    Samburu.mp3 from IV War Haka